The city of Suqian has gathered to make breakthroughs and won the first season of “opening the door”


(Quick News reporter Hong Lei)

At the important moment when the phased victory of the new crown pneumonia’s epidemic and the gradual return of economic and social development, the order of economic and social development gradually returned to normal. Last month, Suqian held a conference on the city’s high -quality development summary and business environment construction conference, the city’s high -quality development of the industrial economy and the investment promotion. The two global meetings of the Investment Conference issued a mobilization order to strive to seize the prevention and control of the epidemic and the development of economic and social development to the city.

Adhering to Gongxing City and the project as the king, Suqian took the lead in the industrial economy to resume the comprehensive recovery of the economy and society. In the first quarter of this year, the construction of major industrial projects in the city achieved “opening the door”, with 62 new projects, with a total investment of 28.14 billion yuan; 32 newly completed projects, completing an investment of 9.09 billion yuan.

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Grasp the project construction to promote high quality development

The project is an important engine to drive economic development, which is related to development stamina, related to the overall situation and long -term. Seizing the project construction is to seize the “bull nose” that promotes high -quality development. This year, Suqian Juli Project recruits a breakthrough, the project promotion has been accelerated, and the quality of the project is re -improved to ensure that the high -quality development starts to attract large projects and build large projects, and reflect the effectiveness of high -quality development to industrial transformation. Improvement.

On March 10, the city’s high -quality development summary and commendation and business environment construction conference was held. Zhang Aijun, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, pointed out that it is necessary to take the new development concept as the command stick, and adhere to the proper assessment methods to promote the introduction of major projects to the introduction of major projects. Breakthrough promotes the acceleration of project construction with the correct assessment method, promotes the improvement of project construction with correctly, and improves the efficiency of project construction, making the assessment orientation of high -quality development more vivid. He emphasized that it is necessary to use a good business environment as a home treasure, so that Suqian becomes a new round of high -quality development of hot land. Focus on facilitation and create a more efficient business environment; focus on the rule of law and create a more fair business environment; focus on standardization and create a more affinity business environment. Focusing on the word “for”, to actively act and take the initiative, really want to be before the corporate needs, before the corporate project is blocked, and resolves before the corporate complaints; focus on the word “responsibility”, to dare to take responsibility and perform their duties; Focusing on the word “excellent” to achieve high -quality service and excellent performance.

Wang Hao, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. He emphasized that we must firmly grasp the city’s high -quality development focus and direction this year, highlight the distinctive orientation of new development concepts, and strive to improve the level of development through the transformation of the development method. At present, the city’s epidemic situation is stable and controllable. All localities and departments must follow the trend and pursue the victory. They will resolutely grab the losses affected by the epidemic. The capacity of the production capacity has been grabbed; pay close attention to attracting investment, grab the delayed contracts; pay close attention to the operation scheduling, grab the good momentum back, and strive to capture the prevention and control of the epidemic and high -quality development.

On March 17, the city accelerated the high -quality development of the industrial economy and the investment promotion conference. Zhang Aijun emphasized that it is necessary to adhere to the transformation into the outline, the project is king, ecology, and innovation, and vigorously support the development of enterprises, to cross the difficulties with the enterprise, and make every effort to promote the high -quality development of the industrial economy of Suqian. Investment and project construction is the “lifeline” of economic work. It is not too much attention. It is necessary to quickly carry out the “Project Construction Speed ​​and Protective Year” activity, accelerate the promotion of the “355” project of China Merchants, and must strive to focus on investment promotion, expand investment, and build projects in seconds, and set off a new wave of project recruitment with the dare action.

Wang Hao attended the meeting and delivered a speech. He pointed out that we must adhere to the unwavering concept of industrial markets and make every effort to promote the high -quality development of the industrial economy. Highlighting precision investment promotion, in accordance with the requirements of the year’s “investment targets unchanged, the number of activities, the number of activities, and the project quality is not reduced”, further compact the responsibility chain, improve the accuracy, attack the large project, increase the conversion rate, and expand the results of the investment.

After two global meetings, on March 18, the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government immediately held the “Suqian Merchants Cloud Promotion” activity, which showed not only the confidence of the economic development and epidemic prevention and control of the economic development and epidemic situation, but also showed that Suqian promoted the investment promotion. The “constant chain” and the “constant line” of the “continuous chain” and serve companies. At the event, Zhang Aijun delivered a speech and Wang Hao’s investment environment. The 27 projects signed a contract with a total investment of 29.76 billion yuan, of which 2 foreign projects had 240 million US dollars.

Fighting the construction of major projects “opening the door”

At the construction site of the Longheng New Energy Project of the Economic and Technological Development Zone in Suqian, I saw the roar of the engineering machinery. The workers worked nervously and carried out the foundation of the battery production workshop. The project plans to invest a total investment of 10.2 billion yuan and a total construction area of ​​580,000 square meters. It will build an annual output of 10GW single -crystal battery, 5GW photovoltaic section, and 5GW photovoltaic components.

As a tens of billions of projects attracted by Suqian, Longheng New Energy Project is a vivid example of accelerating the construction of major projects in our city. Last month, all parts of the city further strengthened the consciousness of “grabbing” and the style of “fighting”, and went all out to promote the construction of major projects and strive to seize the “opening of the door” in the first season.

In Liyang County, the Ruitai Precision Technology Project will be fully completed and put into operation at the end of this year. This is the fourth project invested by Ruisheng Technology Group in the county. The project plans to invest 500 million US dollars to engage in the production mobile communication system related components and new electronic components. The products mainly sell global well -known communications technology companies. Essence

In Siyang County, infrastructure is underway. The total investment of this project is 600 million yuan, and the planned construction area is 50,000 square meters. New water -spraying machines, bombers, front -road production lines and related production equipment are mainly produced. After the production, the annual output value can be achieved by 500 million yuan and the taxation of more than 20 million yuan.

In Sucheng District, Tao Di Industrial Project planned a total investment of 1.2 billion yuan, with a total construction area of ​​about 154,500 square meters. 324 production equipment and other production equipment such as sewing machines, sewing machines, and pattern machines were purchased. At present, the project is undergoing the main body of the factory building. After all completion and commissioning, the annual output of 990,000 pieces of clothing is produced.



In accordance with the requirements of “the target is unchanged, the standards are not reduced, and the construction period is not delayed”, this year, the city focuses on the “five rates” of the promotion agreement conversion rate, contract performance rate, project operating rate, capital in place, and efficiency of production. Ten billion -level projects and 273 major industrial projects, continue to implement the work promotion mechanism of “monthly reporting, seasonal observation, and annual evaluation”, fully launched the project construction conference battle, make every effort to grab time, grab the progress, and grab the work period to ensure that the project starts early, and the project starts early. Early construction and early production. As of now, among the 273 major industrial projects implemented by the plan this year, the projects that have been transferred last year have been fully resumed, and new projects have started.

Business environment and project construction mutual promotion and progress

Long Heng New Energy Project is fast -landing and promotion, which is closely related to refined help services. “Help to do it, we fight with the enterprise. While supervising the prevention and control of the epidemic, it only took less than a month to assist in completing the project registration, environmental assessment, and land leveling. Qin Tao, deputy director of the China Merchants Bureau of Suqian Economic and Technological Development Zone.

At present, all parts of the city and departments in the city vigorously carry forward the “three truths” style, in accordance with the requirements of the “three before” before the corporate project is blocked before the corporate project is blocked, and the corporate complaints are solved. Helping the construction of escort projects to help changes in style and optimize the business environment.

The reporter learned from the Municipal Business Office that last year, the city continued to deepen the reform of key areas to promote the optimization of the business environment of the entire life cycle of the enterprise. The top three.

The Municipal Market Supervision Bureau piloted the reform of the “Enterprise Opening the entire process of online” in the country, established a “full -chain” approval platform to achieve the completion of the enterprise’s 0.5 working days; Investigation and Demonstration “and” Real Estate Registration and Sharing relevant departments information “are two national pilots. The national real estate registration information sharing integrated site will be held in our city; the municipal local financial regulatory bureau and the Bank of China and the Banking Insurance Supervision Bureau actively promote the expansion of credit investment in financial institutions The scale of banking institutions exceeded 300 billion yuan for the first time, and the online financing platform financing response time was shortened to 0.57 days, ranking first in the province … Carrying out the construction of the business environment. Taxation, bankruptcy, credit creation and other characteristic highlight work, promoting enterprises to improve the quality and efficiency of the business environment of the entire life cycle of the enterprise, and ensure the high -quality development of the economy with a high -quality business environment.

This year, Suqian will continue to focus on the “Five Five Fives and Five Excellent” standards, adhere to the goal orientation, problem -oriented, strengthen collaboration and cooperation, strengthen assessment and evaluation, and ensure that the marketing indicators of the business environment will be ranked in the province. Environmental building has become the most competitive development element in Suqian.


As the leading department of the city’s business environment and the construction of major projects, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission takes the business environment monitoring and evaluation as the starting point, refine the evaluation index system and task decomposition table, highlight the entire process, strengthen the process monitoring and annual assessment, condense the condensing, condense All departments have worked together to work together. Specifically, in -depth development of benchmarks, promote the speed and efficiency of the entire process of enterprise -related services, actively explore and optimize the “Suqian path” of the business environment, and strive to form a number of institutional results; continue to promote key reforms Full coverage, zero -cost of enterprises, the approval of the project construction projects, quality and efficiency increase, optimizing the reform matters of enterprises to obtain water use of water and electricity services to achieve practical results; strive to expand social participation, improve the joint camps such as government departments, market entities, and the public. The institutional mechanism of business environment construction further enhances social participation and satisfaction; strengthen supervision and evaluation, optimize the business environment assessment methods, and promote the comprehensive implementation of the goals of the optimal business environment.

The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission stated that the city’s development and reform system will further practice the “three true” style, adhere to the “three previous” requirements, take the lead in the construction of the business environment and the construction of major projects, and strive to form simultaneous advancement, mutual promotion and advancement. The vivid situation, accelerate the promotion of Suqian’s high -quality development of the “Six Increases and Sixths”, especially the “strong development of project growth”.

Editor -in -chief Zhang Hainan