Knowing cold and warm, intelligent control, Philips smart voiceless leaf cold and cold fan experience


Foreword: In your understanding, the most suitable season for electric fans may be summer. Blow the electric fan in the hot summer, let the gentle wind blow through your hair ends, and let the wind leaves of the electric fan disperse your sweat.

However, the electric fan is not only used in summer. The electric fan can be used all year round. You don’t have to be surprised. What I want to talk about with you is the new Philips smart voice without cold and cold fan, and I also need to tell you that How can it be universal all year round?

Exquisite appearance, light up life

After opening our Philips smart voiceless leaf cold and cold fan, I really have some surprises because it is indeed a bit high (its data: as high as 114cm and the bottom width of 30cm).


So, after I got it, I would worry about whether it would affect my family decoration, after all, it was placed at home. However, after standing it up, you find that you put it in any place, it seems to be very fit.

The fuselage uses a black -gray design. The overall design is very technological. It is placed in any place at home. It will not appear to be disobedient. It will feel that it will feel that it is polishing. Use. Its air outlet length is 63cm, which also occupies 3/4 of the overall body. Its control is located at the lower part of the air outlet.


The layout of the control site can allow us to easily control, especially it has LED LCD display. This touch -type central operation is simple and convenient.

Among this Philips smart leaf cold and cold fan, its whole, I feel that the curved design is well used, including a tray -type arc inlet, and the round design at the bottom.

In my opinion, this is a very artistic design concept, because we don’t need to worry, it will seem very abrupt in a certain corner.

Four seasons common, warm and cold self -knowledge

If you think that it can only dry our sweat, then you ignore technological progress. Philips, a new intelligent voice, has a cold and cold fan, which will indeed change your cognition.

First of all, in the hot summer, it has 9 gears that can be adjusted. We can constantly adjust our wind speed. Generally speaking, our own electric fan has about three gears, mid -range, low and high -end.

And on the new Philips leafless cold and cold fan, it has 9 -speed cold wind gear, and the power of the fan has reached 30W. You can freely adjust your comfortable wind. In summer, you can let the high -speed cold wind of 9 gear blow away you quickly. The heat on your body can also use a soft cold wind to make you breeze and dispel heat.

In fact, you should find that it is different from other electric fans. This kind of leaf -free electric fan has a air outlet of 63cm. Naturally, under the cold wind of the nine gear, it can also bring greater strong winds.

In the cold winter, what I must mention here is that when I was testing, I was because the temperature was relatively high. However, in order to test me a more interesting experience, how strong its warm air is. I wet a napkin paper, and then turned on its warm air stall. (It provides two hot air, one gear is 1200W, and the other is 2200W)

Regardless of the hot wind, the napkins quickly volatilized its moisture and quickly returned.

This is just a simple experiment. In fact, we know this electric fan. The grid inhalation of the grid at the bottom can inhale the air -conditioning into the body and blow into the PTC heating body through the DC inverter fans to blow out the hot air. I believe everyone will not question. As an old -fashioned company, this warm and warm fan, with high -quality PTC ceramic heating bodies, and Hybridheat heating technology, can increase the efficiency of electric heating conversion by 30%. You can easily feel this kind of warm air This experience brought to us.

2 gear wind adjustment:


Just now, I mentioned that the four seasons are appropriate. If it is just winter or summer, then such a warm and warm electric fan is not worthy of me to describe these 4 words. In fact, on this Philips intelligent leafless cold and cold fan, if it is said that in winter, it gives us a warmer warm wind, and it gives us a cooler cold wind in summer. , Effective circular indoor air makes the overall environment more comfortable. Especially for friends with children at home, the indoor air with a flow cycle is necessary for children’s health.

Multi -control, enjoy intelligent

If you think a electric fan brings us simple buttons. So. You ignore the technical development and ignore the characteristics of a big brand like Philips.


What surprised me was that in this Philips smart leafless cold and cold fan, the control it gave me completely changed my view of it. Because it has a variety of modes for operation, it can be said that you can meet the experience of different users in various ways. Whether it is a parent, or a child in our family, they can easily control this cold and warm fan.


Body control.


In the appearance of the fuselage, we shared this Philips leafless cold and warm fan. It provided by the control layout of the fuselage. In the middle of the fuselage, we can control it through keys. Whether it is warm or cold, and we can tell us how much and temperature are the temperature.


Remote control.

However, Philips does not meet the design of body control. I think it makes me feel surprised that it also adds remote control, that is, the control of the conventional directional remote control through remote control control.

We can easily control 360 degrees of remote control, even in 5 meters remote control.

Such a small remote control can help us better control our warm and warm fan!

APP intelligent.


In today’s smart home, we are increasingly feeling that using mobile phones to control motor is a necessary choice. And now in this Philips smart voiceless leaf cold and cold fan, you can control it through your mobile phone!

We can download the Xiaojing Fish APP in the mobile phone to control our device through the APP. You can regulate the conditions of freedom, cold wind or warm wind. You can even control it through voice. It can be said that this intelligent experience has indeed changed our perception of modern electric fans. This is an electric fan that belongs to our young people.

We are thinking about a scene now. If you live at home alone, especially in the cold winter, if you can control our Philips heater through the APP in advance, so that even if you go home, your home will not be your home. The cold, but warm.


A variety of functions, enjoy the experience

I always think that an electric fan, if it only brings us the effect of the electric fan. Well, it can only be an electric fan. And Philips Smart Voice has no cold and cold fan, which does change our cognition. The four seasons are suitable and enjoy the comfort. This text description is very suitable on this warm and warm fan.

And there is no leaves to make wind. For children, this is a very good design. We often worry that the leaf fan will affect the health of the child. The leafless fan is not directly facing the wind, but it helps the child’s health. This device uses DC frequency conversion. This sound absorption effect it brings can not only reduce noise, but also improve the quality of sleeping for the elderly or children.

In addition, its multiple control capabilities allow us to solve the complex problems we worry about, exquisite appearance, small occupation area, and can make it better adapt to the home environment! I think these contents seem to be able to tell you why I agree with Philips Smart Voice -free cold and cold fan!