Eight unforgettable candy snacks in childhood are absolutely unforgettable, because they are super “unpleasant”


In childhood, the most hopeful thing is the Spring Festival, because you can sit at home and eat a variety of snacks and candy, watching TV to eat sugar, it is the most pleasant thing for childhood. There are relatives and friends every day at home in the Spring Festival, and my parents are rare to have time to reprimand us. When you are young, are you favorite for the New Year;

But during the Chinese New Year, the candy and snacks at home are not dominated by our own. We eat what parents buy. Although they also dislike them, they are better than nothing. Some strange flavors of candy snacks have been eaten too much. Later, every time I encounter those extraordinary candy, it is not surprising;

Today, we will share with you this opportunity to share with you the 8 most memorable candy in childhood. I wonder if you have eaten it? Absolutely unforgettable, because they are super “unpleasant”;


1. Durian fudge

When I was young, when I ate it for the first time, I vomited, and the unpleasant smell of durian fudge, I still have a little nausea, do you have that kind of “Oli” like me? the taste of;

I still remember that when I was young, my relatives at home went abroad to travel abroad. When I came back, I brought us back this kind of durian fudge. I heard that the price was not cheap. Most of the interests, barely ate one, spit it out just now, really don’t like it;

Later, there were fruits such as durian in the supermarket, and the people around them ate more durians. They slowly used this taste, and then when they ate this kind of durian fudge, they suddenly found out that it was still very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very found was very very very very very very very very very very very very. Really, the taste of durian is really rich;


Two, five kernel moon cakes


Wuren moon cakes are delicious, I really don’t think, but this flavor moon cake is in my parents’ eyes. It is huge and delicious. It seems that many elders in the family like it. Strangely, the older the age, the more I like it;

I am more strange. The head of the rock sugar in Wuren moon cakes is not small, and I still have a bit of teeth. It feels like there are many nuts in this moon cake, such as: seeds, peanuts, rock sugar, etc., but I really do n’t like it;

I like to eat bean paste stuffing the most. When I was young, I also like the kind of salted egg yolk in the bean paste filling. Growing up slowly, I suddenly found that eating moon cakes is really greasy;

Third, ginger sugar

The brief understanding is the sugar marinated by ginger and cut into pieces. The taste is really memorable. I never understand that when I was a kid, the candy snacks on the coffee table were so ugly. The more hot, I do n’t understand, is there necessary for ginger to make sugar?

Fourth, jump sugar

When I was young, I just came into contact with this kind of candy. It still felt very interesting. When we were young, we were called jumping sugar. When we ate a little, put it in the mouth, just like the candy danced in the mouth, very interesting, but it was the young age at that time. , I feel interesting, grow up a little bit, I feel that this kind of candy is the most boring;


5. Winter melon sugar


When I was young, I felt that I could only eat one a day when I was young. When I first entered, I felt that it was okay. It was soft and there was a kind of melon. Feel the feeling of eating fat;

When I was young, the New Year at home, this kind of melon sugar and ginger candy must be bought every year, and I do n’t know why? I don’t feel that they don’t particularly like it at home, and parents eat less, but they buy it every year;

Six, Monkey King Dan

I ca n’t find the picture of this year. When it comes to this kind of snack, everyone must be impressed by the “mouse shit”. The candy in the small particles inside is very small or black. There is a taste of Chinese herbal medicine, which tastes strange. Some children now have never seen it;

Seven, Dragon Beard Crispy

There are a lot of small grids in a small box, and there are several piles of dragon beard crispy, and it is not delicious. It feels very fun. There are many sugar powder on the dragon must be very much. , Giant Sweet, I ca n’t hold it directly with my hands, but I have a plastic fork. When I was young, I was finished after the Spring Festival.

Eight, crispy candy

When I was young, I could eat this kind of crispy sugar when I went to the banquet, or when I went to the banquet, I would stick to the teeth when eating a few more. I don’t know if everyone has experienced it. Anyway, I will experience it. Anyway Very sweet, but there is no way. When I was young, there was no better candy and snacks, I could only eat these;

In the end, I still want to say a few words. Now go to the supermarket, all kinds of snacks, candy, bread, and biscuits are dazzling. Today, children are really happy. When I was young The 8 types introduced above are not the same, but they are at least candy and snacks. Now they want to come, it’s hard to forget, because they are super “unpalatable”;

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