310,000 yuan to build 75 renovation has graduated, it doesn’t matter the style


Author of this article: Mo Han 0305

【Buy a house】

At present, there are two rooms and two rooms with a house of more than 80 square meters. At the end of 15 years, I bought a house with my husband. The procrastination was seen until February 16th, and the pregnancy was found at the end of the month. The house prices have been raised at this moment, but compared with the surrounding cities, it is quite depressed. At that time, many real estate had a delayed delivery and developers. The real estate was considered a developer of the central enterprise. The planned kindergarten and primary school next to the community. As a gift for yourself and children.

City: Jiangsu Third Line, artificially expensive


Building area: 136 square meters

Internal area: 125 square meters


Decoration budget: 300,000, including all hard installed and soft home appliance furniture.


Decoration final account: At present, there are still 4 air conditioners (1 cabinet machine and 3 hanging) and two TVs. They are not bought. 3W5 is reserved, a total of about 310,000 (including all small pieces such as mattress quilt, cup, chopsticks, dishes, etc.).

[About style]

I had a series of personality -style works before I lived well. After reading it, I did not have to frame myself to death, just coordinate the match. It really does not work, but also the name of “mix and match”.

European, American, (new) Chinese -style owners who do not recommend budgets are selected. Overall feels that these styles are more difficult to control and grasp. On the one hand, it is easy to run off. On the one hand, these styles costs are relatively high in design, building materials, and so on.

As for the 75 points given by the title, it is indeed not particularly satisfied, one is that the budget is limited; It was originally not ready to buy. At present, the coffee table is likely to be used as a horn in the later period, which will affect the overall effect.

【About Decoration Preparation】

What are the principles

At the beginning, I negotiated with the male host’s following to prevent the later contradictions from occurring

1. Don’t find acquaintances. I was eliminated from the half -pack project of the decoration company to knock on the wall, because the demolition and reform requirements can be determined after determining the design drawing. There is no technical content. Finally, I found the demolition and modified master through the relatives. It is half of the decoration company. In addition, all half -pack projects and building materials are purchased by me and the male owner. In order to avoid eating the rebate, they are all selected a few of them, and send it to the designer to confirm the style.

Unless they are really close people, otherwise, looking for each other’s decoration is mostly a rhythm.

2. There must be only one person as a master. The male owner’s steel straight male aesthetic is clear, and he is intoxicating and unable to extricate himself. There is a strange work with the Lantern Lantern. Only when I was tangled, let him choose, and finally removed the one he chose. The rest was the final correct answer.


Other members of the family do not participate in any decision at the aesthetic level. The age layer can determine aesthetic preferences. Unless parents are engaged in related industries, the guidance really has no reference value, but it cannot be hardened with the elders, so they simply do not solicit their opinions.

Because the house prices were acceptable at that time, I could bear it for buying a house, and the decoration money was slowly made up, so in this regard, it was considered straight.

3. Budget determines the aesthetic level. Because there are only 30W budgets, many big -names are excluded when buying building materials, and brands such as Simick and Delu do not look at it at all. Otherwise, the bottom pants are not enough for me to spend.

Decoration company 0R guerrilla

I didn’t hesitate to this point. I still chose the decoration company. I did n’t have time to buy this and buy it with the guerrilla team. I really can’t take them if they are dismantling.

The price difference between the private order of the decoration company and the project manager is about 30%.

What is the idea

Original apartment (Chaoxiang: ↑ East)

At the same time, I contacted the three decoration companies at the same time and made several requirements:

1. The dual balcony and east balcony on the south side can be retained;

2. Because the work unit is far away from the current living, I plan to move in the kindergarten after two years. At that time, the main three -family home will live. Essence As a multi -function room in the second room Chao South, it is mainly used in study rooms, baby activity rooms, etc.;

3. Because of the relationship between layers (no) (money), do not do land heating and central air conditioners, and keep all external positions. (Layer height 2.75m)

Finally, the designer was finalized with the following design:

Design fixed manuscript (Chaoxiang: ↑ East)


The main change is:

1. East balcony and living room are opened, so that the total length of the guest restaurant reaches more than 9 meters;

2. Due to the load -bearing wall, the wall of the master bedroom and the small study room cannot be dismantled, and it is made into a fake suit;

3. Disassemble and modification of the secondary lying wall, make double -sided cabinets;

4. The wet and wet is separated, and the wall of the wet area is shifted, so that some space is given to the tatami room in the north.

Starting in early 2018, the dismantling and reform before the lunar calendar, and the hydropower began in mid -March after the year. Because it was not in a hurry, things were slowly swallowed, plus some links and weather effects. The graduation photo was taken on December 17, and it was also to participate in a local forum.


The following is distinguished by space, respectively


【living room】

About lamps

There are beams after the original balcony knocks off. The dining room is full of 10 cm, and the surrounding area is 25 cm to reserve the light belt groove. Because the overall layer height is not allowed, the living room is designed with non -main lights. Each 2322R 9W shooting lights on each side of the wall. In the middle, 2 Setton 1401K-1 12W downlights are installed.

No brain 4000K, brightness can meet the needs of life.

There is only a picture taken in the furniture the night before, and you will see it.


In addition, reminded that the main light without saving money is true …

TV background part

About 5.4 meters in length

On the side of the TV background of the original balcony, there is a sewer connected to the upstairs water pipe to contact the neighbors upstairs. The other party said that they intend to install the sink here and need to keep the water leakage. Finally, after communicating with the designer, a 80 -centimeter wide -top door opening cabinet was made. There was a 30cm wide open cabinet and a 3M -long wall -mounted TV cabinet next to the house. The list was opened and the board was sealed and sent to the scene, and the KD board master was assembled on the wall. (Of course, after the goose is finished, I did not install the pool upstairs, and the floor tiles buried this floor drain directly)


Because the socket reserved on the TV background wall did not consider the height of the TV cabinet hanging on the wall, after the determination of the plan, it was replaced and adjusted to ensure that the drawer in the TV cabinet was in the drawer.


Finally, the open cabinet and TV cabinet can be installed and installed with the KD board. The four pumping noodles of the stand cabinet door and the TV cabinet are double -decorations set up in the whole house.

Sofa background part

Like the TV background, it is about 5.4 meters.

Because the living room connects the original balcony, the air -conditioning outer position is retained after destroying the overallness of the original wall surface. The KD board has a decorative stitching and corresponds to the TV background.

The sofa does not use a common 1+2+3 combination, because the cabinet -type air conditioner is also placed in the later period, and the concubine sofa is not considered. The dark green rocking chair, the three -person sofa, and the two -piece casual chair are purchased from the three shops of Taobao.

Ink green rock chair 11.11 purchase price is about 770 yuan

Three -person sofa 11.11 purchase price is about 3650 yuan

Gray casual chair purchases from my heart choice, 11.11 purchase price is about 1140 yuan


Taobao heart selection of Nordic Jane Casual Holding a sofa rocking chair single lazy sofa lounge chair rocking chair 1999 yuan

Tmall selection


Except for the Word Brother’s dark green rock chair, the other five pillows are presented by curtain merchants. Color material is the same as living room curtains and tatami room curtains.


From the beginning of the decoration, I planned to buy it online, and finally to the soft dressing stage very fatigue. I found a curtain factory in cooperation with a local decoration company. The whole house made a total of 3,500 yuan. Including 30 meters, 22 meters, 25 meters. Give 5 pillow sleeves and paper towel boxes.

Curtain list

About green plants

At the beginning, I planned to buy in the richest man’s home, but finally dragged it, and I was afraid that the weather could not stand on the road. Go directly to the Huamu market to buy.

Paradise birds are about 1.7 meters high, selling 160 yuan. San Tail Aoi is about 1.4-1.5 meters and sells 70 yuan.

The cement basin is a round basin of 42*42cm and 32*30, which is also bought by the flower and wood market. Two two total of 140 yuan.


The above two big green plants finally received 360 yuan.

After coming back to the richest man, I still bought it for my own cost. At least I saved me to buy the soil.

The coffee table is two rounds of 60*60 and 40*40. North American black walnut wood and wood wax oil can be painted separately. The goods taken from the manufacturer. After the hand, the male owner was installed on the ground, scratched the big desktop, and was so angry that he had nothing to say.


The chief of the guest restaurant is 9 meters 6. Because it is the relationship between the east household, the lighting effect on top -faced paint is very demanding. At the beginning, the standard process of the decoration company was rolling, but the effect was very bad. The drum printing was obvious, and the effect was not significantly improved. Eventually re -polished to the putty layer, improve the standard and re -apply, and spray again. Although it improves, it also has a blended seal.


Below you can see from the window position, the top surface is still seal.

The top surface spraying effect is still bad


The first phase of the owner reported that the fire door of the developer had a smell, the quality of the internal filling was not closed, and the door was still leaking. It’s my most annoying vermilion. During the tile, the richest man spent more than 2,000 to buy a door, which was full of its face value.

The size of the pits is 2250*950. This size is a non -standard.


I couldn’t swallow this tone … I shouted the tile master to seal the door for 10 cm according to the closest standard size.

The dismantling of the old door is a charging project, and the old door is actually no one. Ask others to deal with them, and they have to give others money.


So I found the door that the master who knocked and knocked on the wall. My hydropower master helped me carry the old door away. I lock him the keys and locks on the old door without charging the fee.

Top Love Anti -theft Door Safety Door Double Locking Gate Mother Door Mother Door Customized Gate Fingerprint Lock 1480 yuan

Come back to the two large cabinets at the door, and live a lot of the same model. I will fine -tune the designer custom designer based on the size of the house.

The original wall on the left was removed and moved to the second place. At that time, in order to sound insulation, I insisted on using the brick wall, but I did not know that the faint brick could not be loaded. The use of a faint brick and the red brick was used. In the end, the whole house and the project manager were connected to the scene and added a layer of woodworking plate+1 layer of gypsum board to successfully compress my shoe cabinet deep into the shoes.

Without a new style, I was too lazy to do housework, and designed the open cabinet as little as possible, so each cabinet added a set of boxes, and the door of the cabinet was doubled.

The refrigerator was Mao Ning’s Bosch/Bosch KMF46A66TI 452 liters, which was bought at 5900. Remember that the warranty period is calculated from the date of installation, and the installation will be calculated according to the date of purchase six months from the date of purchase.

Bosch/Bosch KMF46A66TI 452 liters of frequency frequency -free house refrigerated and freezing four -open door refrigerator 8999 yuan


The table and living room round combination was bought by a manufacturer, because without dealers, they needed to arrange workers to go to the site to pick up and install it. The installation fee of 1 meter and 6 tables contains about 2200.

The dining chair is equipped with two models. The bench is a 1M5 North American black walnut, but the physical stool surface is two whole wood stitching. The color distinction is too obvious. It is not recommended. It is not a link here. The price is 1000+

The quality of the two black back chairs is not very good, but the price is cheap and there is nothing to pick. In fact, the style is a beautiful country, and it is more concise to find two. The price plus the freight is 300/handle. The solid wood chairs on Taobao are generally sold on dual -number. If you buy a single purchase, the price may be increased.

The lantern is the cottage lamp of the classic Danish designer of Taobao Rotten Street, 150/cup, and there are many merchants in the same model. There are no technical content. I picked a shop with good price preferential evaluation.


The custom -made cabinet in the whole house, unfortunately there is no design high and low countertops, the sink bending is indeed a bit tired, and the sink I bought is particularly deep … It is difficult to say.


The cabinet is always about 6m growing, and the width on the right side is only 50cm. At that time, I asked the whole house to leave me a groove at the bottom of the cabinet and installed a T5 lamp lamp belt. Because the thickness of the board was only 1.8cm, the left slot was only 1.8 1.8 CM, the lamp tube is 3.2cm thick, the lamp tube is exposed and the direct sight of the lamp is very unfriendly to me like me. Finally, a 5cm wide floor is stuck on the side of the lamp groove to cover the ugliness.


The front filter was installed under the sink, because I was a person who stayed behind and had a huge sense of crisis. Two circuits were deliberately made in order to use another pipeline in front of damage to avoid affecting daily life.

The water heater is the energy rate GQ-16E4AFEX (natural gas) (JSQ31-E4), which was bought at 2850. The installation is also exhausted, depending on another original


NORITZ 16-liter Intelligent Equipment Hennight Temperature Hennitarian-based one-click energy-saving gas-saving gas water heater GQ-16E4AFEX (natural gas) (JSQ31-E4) 3598 yuan 3598 yuan


The smoke stove was the Fang Tai EM71T+HC26BE bought by JD.com. At that time, 4299 gave two double -standing pots, and the previously stored home appliance card enjoyed a 10 % discount.

FOTILE range hood cooker cooker hoods gas stove suite European -style hood smoke smoke set EM71T+HC26BE (natural gas) 6099 yuan


In terms of lamps, in fact, I bought 4 Yeelight square lamps (30*30) at first. It was just that the old home kitchen lamp was broken. I changed it to use it. As a result, I found that there was a significant delay and the experience was not good. In the later period, 5 cookers were installed with integrated ceilings. Seton 12501K-01 5W.

Tmall selection

Tmall selection





Because the price of pure copper can’t be accepted because of the price of pure copper, most of them bought aluminum. The service is good.

I bought the tableware shelves, pot lid racks and drain baskets.

Black -free punching space aluminum kitchen storage shelf wall hanging shelves storage seasoning knife shelf pot lid hardware pendant 74 yuan

Tmall selection


The wooden frame next to the water heater was originally used to put a microwave oven. During the installation process, the hydropower master actually told me that the load -bearing wall of the developer is a porous brick. The root bracket is a bit unscrupulous now.


【Foreign Guard】


The exterior partition and the kitchen movement is made by a merchant. At present, the price of the popular Changhong glass is similar to what I do. However, considering the lighting and permeability, the most conventional white glass was selected.


The leading and Taichung basin is Farnsha’s (Taobao) FP4698+F1515C


Because the dry area does not belong to the independent space, and does not consider excessive storage, just install a oak shelf under the round mirror, 60cm long.

P.S. All the racks in my house are punching. Refuse nail gum.

Free punching solid wooden walls, wall hanging wall hanging wall bedrooms, partitions decoration living room TV wall, 36 yuan

The narrow -frame brass mirror bought by the round mirror is 80cm diameter and less than 300 yuan. IKEA’s Stockholm is expensive.


Because of the location of the water pipe, the front light cannot be installed in the middle. The picture is not obvious, and it is actually a few centimeters. Bronze lamps and bronze mirrors are really equipped with ducks ~

In addition, the two bathroom cabinets in my family are hanging walls. Some friends who plan to have this plan remembers the hydropower stage to let the master leave the water as a wall.

【Master bedroom】

The master bedroom is composed of bathrooms, small study and bedrooms.

Let’s talk about the bedroom first.

The walls of the whole house are full of lacquers of the Haijie with multi -music lacquer. Among them, the guest restaurant and the tatami on the north side are random patterns.

In fact, the glass fiber cloth is pasted with glutinous rice adhesive, and then brush the bottom and two sides of paint. A better plant fiber cloth, the price is a lot higher.


Details as follow:

Character pattern

I think it is different from person to person. During the construction process, because of paint construction problems, the merchant and I had been torn off. As a result, it was torn off. At that time, it was summer. I torn the cloth by my own hands. After that, it will be fine. The process of posting and no itch after painting appeared.


The common construction order is: skirting lines → wall materials. My old residence wall is wallpaper. After five years, it has to varying degrees.

In fact, there are already narrow -edge storage bars to be applied to the actual decoration. However, correspondingly, if you choose such a narrow -edge barrier, you must be required to be strictly controlled by the floor tiles from the wall from the wall. The lacquer stages of the wall also need to be in place. Later floor installation must also be controlled within 1cm.

Nowadays, even the level of workers is uneven. Many workers do not have the requirements of the owner of the industry. According to my temper, I have to quarrel again.


Finally, if you buy the 7.5cm wide tablet foot kicking line, wait for the wall of the wall to find someone to install it. The material+labor cost is about 12 yuan per meter. There is no way to be completely flattened by the wall. Finally, when you play the gap between the foot and the gap of the wall, you can perfectly cover the ugliness.

Generally, it is not a customized skirting line. If you place an order from the floor dealer or the wooden door dealer, you will have less than 20 or 30. In fact, most of the goods are also taken at skirting merchants. Only a few customized are produced by floor dealers or woodenmen.

In addition, there are actually a lot of floor pressure bars. The width can be wider from 6mm to 5cm. It is best to buy small samples before the floor installation. It is very convenient to buy a glue installation.

I went to the market and asked on the market that a 1cm wide T -shaped T -shaped bars sell me for 10 yuan, which is much cheaper than the price given by floor merchants. But I can’t get it in my car …

The bed is an old model designed by tomatoes. Many new models have been released on Double Eleven this year. At that time, it was shipped in less than ten days after the order, and it was quite fast. The starting price was 2900.

Because I can’t stand the ash under the bed, this time I have a tall bed at home to ensure that the floor sweeping robot can pass. Slin Berlimgi with a mattress. At that time, a gift card was superimposed, about 2900 started.

There are 2 bedside tables, one of which is the Heroharity corner of IKEA, and the price of 199 is quite satisfactory. The four feet are difficult to level, and I added two pads themselves.

The other is a drawer with a flip cover on the oak. After the mattress is placed, it seems that it seems to buy the wrong place. The position of the top surface is too narrow.

I remember that there was a saying that the bed could not be diagonally. The air conditioner could not knock on the air conditioner. Finding the project manager cut off the right angles, so that the aisle was slightly spacious, and it would not hit.

Small study

The small study room is more white, but I just let the whole house make a desk, because I do n’t like the practice of supporting the floor in the middle, and I feel particularly bulky. After a few months of installation of this desk, a deformation visible to the naked eye appeared: downward bending.

In the later period, Taobao bought Older’s table leg support, which solved the problem.

You can see that my balcony is only used by the balcony. The main thing is that the old man came to the heart of the girl’s heart, and no longer considered a small problem such as shading.

Considering that the wood grain of the same space is best not to be too big, let the whole house be customized as templates with the same pattern as the desk table. I installed it myself.


This hand armrest chair is still very comfortable. The disadvantage is that the armrest is raised under the table, but it is relatively spacious here, so it also has little effect.


Internal guard

The basin and the faucet are Gaogi. Internal health independent space will consider actual storage, so the mirror cabinet is customized, and 3 drawers are added with the cabinet.

The shower room was used to make a niche in the free position of the room. It is best to pay attention to the niches.

[Second bedroom]


The color of the wall … Don’t you understand, should it be a mint green? Intersection Intersection AB color matching is very light gray.

Visha’s bed, narrow panel stitching on the bedside, the physical color is actually a bit mixed. It is not tangled in the price of the price. The customer service is really warm and fried. The price of the bed was reduced, and the customer service was very polite to me. This attitude was really convincing. It’s just that after the mattress is placed, it seems that the back is a bit short … It seems that two large cushions have to be added in the later period.

The bedside table was bought by Taobao C shop. At that time, there were more than 400 special offers.

Favorite is the main lamp of the second bedroom, especially childish. Put a close -up of selfishness.

【Tatami Room】


The naked eye can be visible to the network line panel not installed yet …


In fact, those who plan to install the AP panel may not live next year, and even the crystal head is too lazy to pretend. There is no chance to find a small capable party to save me as a disabled party.

This tatami is quite practical. So far, 6 boxes of paper have been placed in it, and 3 boxes of wine have several boxes of debris.

Solve the storage and bedroom functions of small spaces.

Regret the little details

I wrote one afternoon and finally summarized.


1. The kitchen does not do high and low tables, and it is very unfriendly to me.


2. I did not insist on refusing to use the threshold stone. This is relatively high in connection, such as tile tiles and floor installations require a unified height, and so on. But the face value can not be improved a little bit.

3. Forget the surveillance socket. It seems that I have heard that there is a network cable. I did n’t remember who said that I had to reserve a network cable in the ceiling. I did it, but I stayed in the center of the guest restaurant. You have to study in detail.

In fact, there are still many regrets, and it is a bit of a bad budget. Objective situation restrictions, so it cannot be regarded as regret.

Tmall selection