Xiaomi Mi Family LCD small blackboard, new toys of bear children


Recently, I chatted with a friend. Speaking of the problems of two children at home, she talked with me. It was not the imagination of her sister and sisters in turns to play, or played with this beautiful picture together. On the contrary, as long as one person picks up a kind of toy, if there is only one toy, there is only one ending, that is to grab and cry! Every day, chickens and dogs are restless!

I laughed at it. I said why don’t you buy two? My friend smiled bitterly and said, there are two things in the same thing, and they always feel very wasteful. And the toys are fortunately, sometimes the mobile phone and the iPad must be grabbed. You ca n’t buy two? Everyone knows that electronic products are not good for children, but children still like to play.


I remembered the small blackboard I bought before. My daughter liked it very much and recommended her. I did not expect that now there is a new product, Xiaomi Mi Family LCD small blackboard, or a suit! Intersection Cry moved! Finally someone came to help the second child! The friend watched the order decisively.

▲ Is this picture on the outer packaging really for children? I was a little ashamed, but I also reflected the audience of this little blackboard. The excellent performance is really great, it is also sure to attract Bao Da Bao Da!

▲ I saw two small blackboards, large 13 inches, small 10.5 inches, and the same size as iPad and iPad mini. The shell of the small blackboard is ABS thick shell, which feels comfortable and durable. The display screen uses a customized liquid crystal film formula. The green handwriting is clear and eye -catching.

▲ The small blackboard is equipped with a writing pen, which can be magnetically sucked at the frame. I feel more convenient than my belt. After all, the children’s small hands are sometimes not easy to get in the straps. This is sucking!


▲ Just suck it after using it. Even if you pick it up, it is not easy to drop.

▲ Comparison of size, the design is simply the iPad replica, but it is a LCD screen, which has no harm to the child’s eyes.

▲ The circular button is to clear the key. No matter what you write, it is cleared as soon as possible. Compared with the ordinary blackboard, there is no dust, no pollution, and no effect on the child’s health.

▲ The 7mm ultra -thin body, less than 0.2kg weight, whether it is a baby traveling or a mother’s office, will not become a burden. There is a lock button next to it. If it is locked, it cannot be cleared, so that during the writing process, it can prevent it from being erased. Otherwise, if the large content is deleted, it will really be distressed.

▲ The small blackboard uses a battery, does not involve charging, etc. The children are safer to use it. Moreover, it is basically not power. Only when the screen content is removed can it use a very small amount of electricity. According to the amount of button battery, it is basically a battery a year.

As soon as the things arrived, the two younger sisters took my house and my young lady. The children are happy, and even the mothers are beside it.

▲ First arrange the daily arrangement of the gourmet life home. When writing, it is found that the original font can change the thickness according to the pressure. How about the proper arrangement of the life of the family, is there a very happy feeling?

▲ Not only children like it, but adults can also use their hearts. Unexpectedly, the small blackboard that was originally defined as a child toy became my latest item. Whether it is used to list plans, write a detailed form, or arrange homework for children, it is enough to be competent. Mijia LCD small blackboard has become the new favorite of our family!


▲ Even if it is only used for graffiti, the children’s performance is very interesting.


With this little blackboard, the children did not want to play mobile phones or watch the iPad all night. They were all painting. My sister said that I wanted to write Tang poetry. My sister said that I want to draw rabbits. The vision of vision has no damage at all, so we are also relieved to let the children play.



No dust pollution, light pollution, safe and environmentally friendly, lightweight and portable.




It is not convenient to eliminate the handwriting, and to erase it is full erase.


In terms of improvement:

1. It is best to achieve local eradication, which is more human.

2. You can launch a color version, and children will prefer.


3. You can consider turning into a magnetic small blackboard, which can be sucked on the refrigerator, and the use will be wider.