How can I set a router without a computer? Teach you a detailed method of setting a wireless router with your mobile phone


Hello everyone, welcome to my headline: I will help you with a computer failure. The wireless router has become an indispensable part of our lives. Whether it is a laptop or a mobile phone, you need to pass the wireless


Connect to the Internet. When we applied for a broadband account and bought a new router, but without a computer, how can we set up a wireless router to connect to the mobile phone? Today I will tell you to use a mobile phone to set the wireless router.


First connect the power supply of the router, and then connect the network cable to the router


Mouth, at this time the router

The mouth indicator flashes, indicating that the router signal is normal.


Open the mobile phone settings and find the wireless and network on the network


, Click the opening button. At this time, the mobile phone will search the signal of the router. We find a wireless wireless signal without passwords

Access points, click the connection to successfully connect the router.


Open the browser that comes with the phone and enter in the address bar

When we visit this URL, we will open the setting interface of the router. Then we enter the account number and password of the router, the default is


Essence We log in to the router settings interface.

4. 4..

Find, set the guidance of the left sidebar, click the setting wizard, and then click Next to select in the pop -up internet dialog box


The Internet method, then click the next step. Enter the Internet account and Internet password when you apply for broadband, pass the password twice to confirm, and then click Next. Wireless setting wizard dialog box appears, above


Enter the name of the wireless router in the input box. Below


Enter the password of the wireless router in the password input box. Click the next step, set the settings, click to complete, exit the setting wizard.


Find the system tool, there is a restarted router, click the restarted router, the router will automatically restart. At this time, the setting of the router is completed, and we can use the mobile phone to enter the router password to connect to the Internet.


We turn on the phone

, Click on, start searching the router, find the name of your own router, and then click in, enter the password of the settings, click to connect, and the phone can go online normally. We can open the browser and common software test mobile phones to go online.

Okay, let’s talk about it today. If you have any questions, you can pay attention to my headline: I will help you with computer failure. After paying attention, I can give me a private message, and I will reply to everyone patiently. I hope to solve the problem of computer failure. Welcome everyone, follow, like, comment, collect, forward.