New method of space pillow maintenance method of space pillow recommendation


Good sleep quality can bring good energy to our work and study, then there is a good and suitable pillow that can bring us a comfortable sleep environment and enable us to enter the dreamland. Let’s understand the maintenance methods of the space pillow together with the new products of space pillows.

Maintenance of space pillows

1. Slow bomb back to memory series products, which are chemical and biological products. New products will be accompanied by different degrees of odor problems. It is a conventional phenomenon and does not affect use and health.

2. Because everyone is used to the traditional pillow type and height, it may feel unaccustomed to use the product in the early stage, which is normal. Usually it will gradually adapt after 3-5 days, and it is clear that the cervical spine is clearly felt in the early morning and during the day;

太空枕头的保养方法 太空枕头新品推荐

3. Do not expose to the sun in the sun. The exposure in the sun may change the chemical and physical characteristics of the memory pillow core, which will cause the memory effect to be weakened or lost;

太空枕头的保养方法 太空枕头新品推荐

4. Do not need to be cleaned in the core of memory cotton products. Do not stir in the washing machine;

太空枕头的保养方法 太空枕头新品推荐

5. The coat can be removed and easy to clean, and can be washed by hand.

New product recommendation of space pillow

Mrs. Qiao Die -shaped space memory pillow slowly rebounds the cervical spine pillow core to help sleep, solid cervical health pillow cervical spine pillow J20 KE 188 yuan

太空枕头的保养方法 太空枕头新品推荐

Suibao PM-E12 Bamboo Charcoal Space Cotton Memory Pillow Memory Pillow Slow Back Health Memory Memory Cotton Pillow Protective Cervical Cervices 60×35 262 yuan

Shizhu Home Textile Memory Pillow to help sleep cervical spine health pillow core slow back to memory pillow bamboo fiber memory pillow 59 yuan

SINOMAXA/Sano Space Pillow TV-12-healthy Sleep Sleeping Cervical Pillow Cervical Remembrance Pillow Cotton Health 55*36 618 yuan

After reading this maintenance method about space pillows and the newly recommended articles recommended by space pillows, do you have a certain understanding of it? I hope it will be helpful to you.