The velvet is too advanced in early autumn


If you use a fabric to represent autumn

The first thing that thought of is velvet

If there is a single product that allows you


That must be velvet

From ancient times to the present, velvet is all gorgeous and advanced synonymous

Scarlett in “The Beauty of the Chaos” hit a dark green velvet skirt

Beauty makes people unable to move

And the heroine Rose of “Titanic”

This green stone blue velvet skirt shape

Live and new classic undefeated

Velvet has a unique texture and gloss

It has always been regarded as a symbol of elegant charm

It is also the best representative of retro style


Gorgeous and fashionable velvet items appear in major shows

From the fairy skirt to the pants, there are all high -level models


Beauty is simply irresistible

Fashionable actresses in various ways also keep up with fashion trends

One after another put on the velvet single product to shape

For example, Ni Ni was contracted by various velvet suits


Exquisite and retro

There is a unique charm

Lin Yuner put on a velvet skirt to shoot the cover blockbuster

Is a little fairy who is retro

Retro wind flushing 2019

The velvet swept the fashion circle again


Especially early autumn


It’s the season of velvet


How should I choose the velvet?


There are two most popular velvet this year


One is a bottoming shirt, the other is a sweater

The bottoming shirt is very versatile

And the velvet fabric is very thin

Can enlarge the advantages of curves

Velvet bottoming shirts can choose beautiful styles

Put in your coat jacket

Will be more young


For example, the blogger Aimee Song that everyone is very familiar with


I chose a girl pink bottoming shirt

High -level and advanced

Except for personal models

Loose oversize model

Also good choice

But try not to try the fat on the upper body

Velvet fabrics are usually thick


It’s easy to look strong in the upper body

So tight models are more suitable


The second is a velvet sweater

The street fan and gorgeous sense are perfectly fused


The popular Hadid sisters flowers are also circled by it

The most recommended daily velvet sweaters to daily wear

Noble, cold, cool, handsome and unruly


Everyone wears very stylish

And dark green velvet sweater


Beautiful and atmospheric dark green

Can highlight the unique luster of velvet


Interpretation of gorgeous and trendy street style

Of course, there are noble velvet shirts

The elegance and velvet fabrics comes with the shirt

It’s just a natural pair

Whether it is worn alone or as an inner

It can show good dressing skills


Velvet suit

The velvet items that are the least picked in daily life and are the best control

It is a velvet jacket

No matter how ordinary jacket styles


As long as it is combined with velvet fabric

You can immediately become advanced retro and delicate

The velvet suit is the most suitable for daily life


It will not grab the mirror too much

But it will secretly highlight your taste


Because the suit jacket itself comes with a retro label

With the velvet fabric is more advanced


Fashionables all like to use it to make shapes

Ink green and wine red have always been a representative color of high -level sense

Sure enough, dark green+velvet = advanced feeling


It is more fashionable with earrings with the same color

In the workplace


Many times you need to wear a suit suit


The temperament of velvet material is very different

The gas field can also wear a retro atmosphere

Daily matching is recommended to mix and match casual style


Such as jeans, sneakers, etc.

The retro handsome is not reduced but added again


A little casual and free -looking temperament

Except for the conventional suit

Ultra -long suit or jacket is also very hot

There is a trace of restraint and more casual sense of leisure


Velvet skirt

On the major shows

We can always see the velvet dress

It has the delicate touch, pendant and gloss

All other fabrics cannot be comparable

Start with “Beauty in Chaos”

Green velvet skirt


It has become a must -have list of all charming women


When you need to support the scene

Don’t have to have a complicated match

A velvet dress is enough


Dark -colored low -key bright colors are eye -catching


I want to wear more lively everyday

Recommended velvet skirt+knit sweater stacking combination


The sense of hierarchy is clear and eye -catching

The velvet is too advanced in early autumn