The owner is a puppy strap by himself, let the big teddy carry the small teddy


Have you ever seen the dog’s back? The owner carrys the dog on his chest or back, suitable for dogs with older age, young, not suitable for up and down stairs, or when the dogs are dangerous.


Just like this.

The Vietnamese man Tran raised two teddy Tony and Tiny. Two months ago, two Teddy became parents and gave birth to a nest. Except for a puppy, the others were adopted by the owner’s relatives. The leaving puppy is named …. Yes, it’s the beginning of T: Teddy!

Teddy is a teddy bear doll at all!

Usually, the owner Tran likes to go out with a pet dog. In order to ensure the safety of pets, he will use his pet belt with beloved Tony or Tiny. But now there is a puppy, how can we take them out of the outing? So, Tran thought of a “puppy strap” method!


Tran found the old denim jacket and scissors, and made a pet strap suitable for puppy dogs. Of course, he is not a tailor. After several mistakes and repeated modifications, after repairing and replenishing, he finally made a perfect finished product.


Materials of little dog straps.



The cutest thing is that the “little dog strap” is not back to the owner Tran, but for the dog father Tony! On the other hand, the little dog Teddy does not reject the feeling of being carried by his father’s back, and it is often comfortable to fall asleep ~ (Really a little dog, envy)

Teddy looks full of enjoyment, not to mention I thought it was a fake doll, super cute ~

The family can be together when they go out, so happy.

Of course, this is just because Teddy is still small. As long as Teddy grows enough, he can walk outside, and the owner will let it explore the world with his own feet.