The “Speed Frozen” mode turns on the “heavy weapon” hot -selling “heavy weapon”


The newspaper (Reporter Wang Shaofang) The cold wave came.Good sale.

In the shopping malls and stores near Nanjing Road and Guiyang Road, some sales staff told reporters: “Because of the cold wave, there are more people who have recently bought lamb pants and tops.(Artificial breeding) The hat made of Mao is selling particularly well this year. “A salesperson said frankly:” The cold supplies of these materials in the winter of previous years are not very good, but this year, because of weather, it has become a stewed goods. “

In a leather shop, the shop owner pointed at a few mink hair (artificial breeding) jacket hanging on the wall and said, “These 4 pieces are left now, this winter is sold too fast this winter.”

The reporter browsed some online shopping platforms, and many shop owners selling fur said that this year’s shipments are faster than previous years.

Source: Tonight News