I choose these tops this spring, versatile, practical and fashionable, with pants and skirts look good


In the season when spring flowers bloom and grass long warblers, everyone wants to use dressing to improve the return rate, becoming a beautiful woman, but many people will get farther and farther from the target because of the wrong items. And those who choose the right product can stand out in the crowd even if they are matched with the skills.

Especially in the spring top, most of them are the protagonists in the shape. Whether they are paired with pants or skirts, the right top style can make us more effective. This time, let’s take a look at a few jackets worth starting in spring. It is versatile and fashionable. It looks good with pants and skirts!

One, shirt

No shirt is not spring. After the spring, the first item we prepared for ourselves believes that it must be a shirt. Whether you use a skirt or jeans or trousers, you can wear the desired effect. This is also the charm of shirts.


For middle -aged women, no matter how fancy the shirt style is, it is not as fancy than a white shirt. The clean and simple white shirt is difficult to reach any item, and add some such as V -neck, bubble sleeves, dolls, dolls, and dolls. Fashion designs such as collar and ribbon, white shirts can also change from capable and sharp to playful and casual.

French white shirts with playful atmosphere and blue jeans are perfect, but don’t forget to lift the waistline with the help of waist design, plugging under the underwalk, femininity.

If you like the simple and casual nature of white shirts, you can use blue straight jeans in terms of matching.

In addition, the shirt style is simple to keep it. Like the front hem of the front side or hem, it can be highlighted into jeans, which can highlight the casual atmosphere of the shape.

Second, sweater

The spring without a sweater is incomplete, especially in daily wear. The sweater can contract various pants and skirts, such as combined jeans, guards, casual wide -leg pants, or various knee skirts.


The sweater is the best choice for shaping casual fashion in spring, especially the loose sweater styles above, gray, beige, black, or khaki. You can choose a variety of favorite colors, with a long skirt to easily shape Sweet and sweet temperament.

If the sweater is dark, then you need to choose a fresher skirt color, such as blue, beige or white.


Choosing fresh and refined or soothing literary colors is a shortcut to improve the sweaters. In spring, compared to various dark colors, it is recommended that you choose color schemes such as blue and white, yellow+white or gray+khaki.

These color combinations are more easy to highlight your elegant and gentle temperament, and it is pleasing to the eye.

Third, knitted cardigan


In terms of versatile and practical, knitted cardigan does not lose to the sweater. In spring, knitted cardigan can also meet ordinary people’s pursuit of comfort.

In addition to beige, white, gray, or black knitted cardigan, you also recommend everyone to choose a color shirt, either bright yellow, cherry red style, or consider the Morandi color knitted cardigan, and use the color that is mixed with gray tone to enhance the static beauty. Essence

Such a knitted cardigan is suitable for matching or lowering the same color system, simple and temperament.

Fourth, suit


Girls who take the elegant and intellectual route, you can use a suit to create a look in spring, such as the navy blue west suit, rice white suit, or light gray suit, which are very versatile.

When a suit is paired with pants, it is recommended to use nine -point smoke pants or jeans to create a sense of fashion.

When matching skirts, you must choose some soft but high -quality styles, such as knitted dresses, acetate skirts or real silk skirts.

Mixing and matching is also a popular dressing skills in spring, especially the capable and neat jackets such as suits, mixing sweaters, striped shirts or T -shirts, which are more casual and casual as a whole.

But the sweater should not choose the silhouette, it will look strong in the suit, just a short sweater.

Five, vest


In the middle -aged women, if you want to wear a sharp fashion, you can also choose various vests, such as knitted vests, short vests in suits, or long vests in the suit.


Short vests are practical. The key to wearing a sense of fashion is to use it. First of all, it is best to choose items such as shirts and shirts and skirts to make the shape look more neat.

In addition, the color of the shirt should be chosen, and it will not make an error with dark or light -colored short vests.

If it is a long vest, then the simple and neat windbreaker vests and the suits of the suit are definitely the most ideal choice. With the same color tutor high -waisted cigarette pipes and trousers, it uses smooth color to create a high sense of thinness.

Whether wearing pants or skirts this spring, it is important to choose the right top. The above 5 types of top styles are worth starting. If you like it, you can use them to create workplace or out of the street!

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