The acne strategy is on the agenda. What is the brand of acne mask?


At the age of Fenghua Zhengmao, he could “eat by his face”, but the acne was unprepared, making it “pearl and dust.” With acne on the face, can we use a mask? How to choose when using the mask? Which brand of acne mask is better?


The stratum corneum barrier of the acne explosion is damaged, the skin becomes sensitive and fragile, and we can easily use the efficacy skin care products, but we can still “arrange” some of the hydrating masks with streamlining components. For example, the sodium hyaluronic acid sodium hyaluronic acid repair film (referred to as the white film), its core component is sodium hyaluronate with scientific reinforcement, high safety; cotton non -spinning film, soft and skin -friendly, not no skin, no, not Can cause secondary stimulation to the skin. When the acne erupted, we can use the white film to moisturize and hydrate, balance the skin water and oil, and repair the skin barrier.


The stable skin period is a good time to prevent acne “sweeping down”. During this period, we can use acne masks. The new product that has just been launched “Yaerjia Clear Skin Skin Repair Patch”, scientific with white willow bark extract, salicylic acid and other oil-controlled exfoliating ingredients. , Clampstroke extract (strong tough skin barrier barrier) and sodium hyaluronate (moisturizing and hydration), the formula is streamlined, and the safety is high; the new “aloe” membrane cloth brings the “guardian power” to the skin to help improve the improvement of improvement In the red zone of the skin, acne and acne, reducing the possibility of recurrence of acne.

If your skin resistance is better, you can also try the eggshell film -apply the salicylic acid fruit acid mask, which is a gel -coated mask, which is scientific of salicylic acid and five kinds of fruit acid science science Complex, other ingredients such as glycyrrhizes, red -free alcohol, sodium hyaluronate, and weak acid stimulation, gently remove old keratin, help oil control, and care for skin barriers. The eggshell membrane can be used all on the face, or it can be applied to the acne affected area targeted acne.


It should be noted that not all acne is suitable for “skin care self -healing”, such as inflammatory skin lesions and severe acne. It is best to go to the hospital for system treatment. In addition to daily care, we must also pay attention to continuous sun protection and reasonable diet. Fried foods, heavy sugar foods, dairy products and irritating foods must be eaten less. As for which brand of acne mask, I recommend self -use brand -Yaerjia, and the skin care products with streamlined ingredients are really fragrant! Of course, there are other easy -to -use brands, please leave a message in the comment area!