Lei Jiayin Cheng Cheng shake velvet enthusiasts, two stacks look warm, 38 -year -old has the consciousness of middle -aged people.


Share the most classic fashion wear, so that you can be high -level in the four seasons. Women never lack attraction, only lack the skills of stimulating charm, and will wear it to make you a tasteful elegant woman!



Middle -aged men should also wear warm and stylish. Do n’t stare at down jackets and cotton clothes in winter. The style of winter clothing can be richer and richer. The charm of the trend on the body.

The men who Benwi will gradually show the middle -aged temperament. If you don’t want to enter the elderly state in advance, you must pay attention to dressing and matching, improve the exquisite sense of dress, and show your understanding and control of the trend.

The forms of trendy wearing are diverse, but not every kind of dazzling. Many items are simple and low -key. The fashion charm is gradually emitted. Come and see Lei Jiayin.

Lei Jiayin’s temperament is simple but dressed very well. Lei Jiayin became a shake velvet enthusiast, and the two stacks looked very warm. At the age of 38, he had the consciousness of middle -aged people.

Fashionable charm of fluffy velvet


The design of the velvet inside

When the shake -grained down clothing has a simple and personal characteristics, it should pay attention to the warm design so that the bottoming effect can be fully exerted. So except

Self -cultivation

In addition, the velvet inside


It is also high to ensure warm and comfortable dressing.


The main color, the edge is



The colors are warm, which can show the characteristics of winter wear, and the color matching makes the dress show delicateness, avoid single color monotonous, abrupt, and simple to wear, but it looks quite design.

Design of a velvet jacket

The jacket design is much easier than the inside,



Maintain the design characteristics of the traditional jacket, comfortable and generous, and very tolerant. The silhouette jacket is not only bloated, but also shows comfort, and has a certain looseness.

Black design shows the characteristics of men’s wear, rigorous and atmospheric, avoiding childishness. Sleeve





, Exquisite and fashionable performance, although the zipper is not large, it has played



The matching effect of sports pants

The stacking of the fluffy jacket and the inside shows



In terms of style, the top shows the fluffy and bulging visual effects, which increases the width of the upper body. At this time

Wide version

The charm of the figure of the body will be affected.

Sports pants are different, the sports pants are loose, but it is not publicized, the pants feet are

Bias inwardly

In the high degree of cleanliness, it can increase the sense of tall and slenderness, and avoid the overall matching and shortness of fat.

Two stacks of velvet can improve the warmth effect. This combination can be worn instead of down jackets or cotton clothes. Even if the temperature is reduced, it can meet the requirements of wearing.

If you are worried that it is bloated or the actual temperature is not particularly low, then you can also stack the fleece and other clothing together, and integrate more trendy elements into the dress.

Stacking of velvet and jackets

The matching of velvet and jackets is fashionable

The velvet can be stacked through the basic jacket,

Windproof jacket

It also has an important role in winter. The effect of wind and warmth is outstanding. Although it is not thick, it is very practical. It can enhance the advantages of dressing with velvet.

You can try this kind of match if you don’t like men who are heavy, thin and simple.


Can highlight


, Make the styling look relaxed and stylish, and the effect of reducing age is obvious.

The trend design of color -fighting pants

The color matching design of the pants makes the trend of wear stronger,


Light -colored

Super light -colored

Denim blue is matched and used in the middle

White line

Divide the area, the color matching is extremely high.

The color of the pants and the color of the jacket can also correspond to it,



The freshness and vitality of the match appear together, wearing age and fashionable. The trousers are loose, and the style of Dad’s trousers shows a retro wearing atmosphere, and it enhances the dresses, casual and casual.

Fisherman’s fashion matching


The fisherman’s hat also plays an important role in the shape matching,

Fisherman’s hat

Can modify the face shape and reduce the age of age, so that the overall image shows the charm of the youth.

The color choice of the fisherman’s hat is very important. It is necessary to be able to match the overall shape.


Similarly, the combination is very attractive, and the harmony of the overall figure has improved.

Slim -fitting velvet is suitable for inside, and it can also be stacked with thin T -shirts or vests to enhance the warmth of dress. The appearance of the velvet can be superimposed with ordinary jackets or other fleece clothing, which has good matching effects.

The fleece is suitable for wearing items for men and women at the same time. In winter, wearing temperament will improve a lot. Great enhancement.

Master the season’s fashion elements and become exquisite tide people! If you do n’t play tall, you just talk about the most grounded drying skills to make you get closer and closer to fashion. Welcome to share fashion insights and understanding!