Buy online! The same dress is two thousand in the blink of an eye.


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Captive! These institutions in Jiangxi recruit people! And here is recruiting net red anchors!


Heavy! The 26 counties and cities in Jiangxi welcome great opportunities! The country gives money policies! Do you have your hometown?

Two days ago


Ms. Li in Qingdao goes to Tmall

I want to buy the clothes for my husband to change the season

She is optimistic about a 398 yuan jacket first

However, when visiting another store

she! thorough! end! Ling! chaos! It’s!

Men is still that man


Why is it more expensive to turn around?

After the incident is going online

Some people in the industry revealed amazing secrets …

This news


Strongly recommend the prodigal woman to read patiently

Report two links

As a result, the expensive one disappeared

This 398 yuan jacket

“FIRS Shanshan” Santeng specialty store


2796 yuan


It is from Fatong flagship store

Look at the model of the model

From styling to clothing

Even the folds on the clothes are the same

Who stole it?

“FIRS Shan Shan” customer service name


The photo was taken by my own model

Fa Tuo’s customer service represents

Genuine of your own product guarantee

Did not directly respond to the model photo problem

The reporter helped Ms. Li report

When you query the next day

“FIRS Shan Shan” still contains

Fatong’s link has shown that it does not exist


Actually what Ms. Li encountered

There are a lot on Taobao

Xiaobian wants to buy the same model Song Zhongji


Go to Taobao to search ↓↓


Ouba is still Oba

The price of clothes is nearly 700 yuan

Industry insiders exposed the shady self -exposure

Xiao Bian was angry after listening to the chin

The same dress, the same model

There are so much price difference


So this is not only a question of stealing maps

After the reporter posted the message online

Immediately attracted thousands of netizens comments

Many online shop owners come from the inside story

Sitting firmly

The first shady is here



Many industry netizens said that in many cases, the same product, a certain or some store has a high price. The purpose is not to sell goods, but to help the stores that really sell the goods to complete the sales.

Of course, if someone is “unfortunate” to choose a high -priced store, the owner is naturally welcomed. Except for the real shops, the rest are its vest shops.

Netizens “Beauty Pay” encountered this situation. He bought shorts on the Internet. After the seller was shipped, he found another short panties with the same strip, and the price was much cheaper.


So he placed the order from this, thinking about two changes. As a result, after the two shorts arrived, not only did the products exactly the same, but even the seller’s store address and contact phone number was the same.

what is this?

After the frequent goods are more than three,

Believe in the editor of a penny and one penny

Usually you choose the expensive one

Can I only treat it by unlucky?

Don’t cry first

The second shady is here


Jinan netizen “Feitian Pig”, who operated a online shop by himself.


He left a message saying that the photos of his online store were often stolen. Many times, the front feet were uploaded, and the back feet were all around. Some even replicated the store name.

Why do some online shops steal pictures? Taking clothing stores as an example, many online stores do not have a stable supply source at all. They often sell and sell, and the goods are stringed through various channels, and then earn the difference at a high price price.

His own shop has encountered feedback from customers many times, and the other party’s purchase was not placed through his store.

“That is to say, other online shops use our photos, and then after a customer places an order, they directly use customer information to place an order in our store to buy goods, and be a two -handed hand.”

hold onto

After watching the last black curtain

There is also an online store, the purpose is to maintain the brand’s price image. In fact, it is mainly based on offline sales.

To promote offline sales

, Online deliberately set up a high price. Online products are basically not sold. The offline price is discounted at the original price as the original price, and the offline sales are eventually promoted.

Look at these netizens and Taobao customer service

Chat record


I really kneel …

What did you say


“The eyes are closed and open ???????????”

Big brother, why are you so sincere


I can’t pick it up with this

Your attitude

I’m embarrassed to scold you

Are you sure not

Sumid the seller?

Brother, thank you for not being slaughtered

Both go down and stick to the front line post

Such an employee can’t find the lantern

What can I say after reading these editors

Can’t afford it, can’t afford it