The lifting table and chair and eye protection lights are here


At 9 am on August 18th, at the Youth Road Campus of Xuzhou Higher Middle School, the reporter saw the bright classroom, and the new and beautiful adjustable tables and chairs had been installed.

According to the “Implementation Plan for Comprehensive Prevention and Control of Children and Adolescents” jointly issued by the eight departments such as the Ministry of Education, Xuzhou Education Technology Equipment Center launched the “Following Basic Equipment to help healthy growth” project, equipped with health lighting and adjustable heights for municipal schools. The three basic education equipment of the desk and chair and the smart blackboard plans to gradually eliminate and update the basic equipment directly affiliated with Xuzhou school within three years to provide students with a good learning environment and protect the visual health of children.

Adjustable desks and chairs enter the classroom of directly affiliated schools

“This year’s summer equipment center is equipped with 850 sets of new desk desk chairs to the school.” Xue Liangqing, assistant to the principal of Xuzhou Senior Middle School, introduced that the past desk and chairs were all old -style wood, because the time was relatively long and the damage was serious. And the biggest disadvantage of the old -fashioned desks and chairs is that they are all unified size and cannot be adjusted according to the differences between students’ bodies. Now, the newly equipped class can be adjusted at any time, which is very flexible.

In the classroom, Wang Ning, the director of the school’s general affairs department, demonstrated the adjustment method of the new class. The reporter saw a total of five gears in the new desk and chairs, and each gear was three centimeters. It is very simple to operate, as long as the screw is released to the corresponding gear and then fixed. Director Wang said: “The new desks and chairs look very light, but the weight is very high, and the students are safe. Considering that when sitting on the back of the table during the exam, many students’ legs are uncomfortable. A hollow design on the back is convenient for teachers to monitor the exams, and students can play better. “

Xue Liangqing introduced that at present, the school’s junior high school has all been replaced to a new type of adjustable class. The high school is also equipped with 400 new sets of classes, and the remaining 1,000 desks and chairs are in place for the summer vacation next year.

Xu Yanjuan, Xuzhou Education Technology Equipment Center, said: “This year, we plan to equip 12 schools directly under the city. Table chairs. “

During the summer vacation, 12 schools directly under the city complete replacement

In the summer vacation this year, in addition to promoting the use of new types of adjustable classes in some schools, our city also promotes the use of healthy energy -saving eye protection lights (that is, LED panel lights) in some schools, further improves the conditions for the school classroom lighting, protects students’ vision, controls control New incidence of myopia and improve myopia students’ vision.

In Xuzhou No. 13 Middle School, workers are under construction. The reporter saw 9 healthy energy -saving eye protection lights and 3 blackboard lights installed in each classroom. After turning on the power, the soft lights are shrouded in the desktop and blackboard. “Eye protection lights have the advantages of light decay, noise, low power consumption, and long life. Compared with the” fluorescent lamp ‘commonly used in previous schools, it has an unspeakable superiority. It meets the needs of the healthy growth of modern students. “Xu Yanjuan said.

Li Qing, director of the General Affairs Office of the 13th Middle School of Xuzhou City, introduced: “At present, 23 classes in the school have replaced this new LED new lighting light. The advantage of this light is that the illumination is relatively uniform, the lights are softer, and each one in the classroom. The table and each desktop are the same. The degree of students is the same. It can play a good role in protecting the students’ vision. It is expected that all installations will be completed before August 20. “

Xu Yanjuan said that this summer, 159 classrooms in 12 schools directly under the city completed the replacement of healthy lighting, including science and technology middle school, Dongyuan Middle School, Xiyuan Middle School, etc.

It is planned to achieve full coverage of high -quality basic education equipment directly under the school within three years

It is understood that the current school classrooms directly under the school generally use traditional fluorescent lamp lighting, with low illness, high color temperature, frequent flash, serious glare, and blue light harm. Traditional desks and chairs do not have a chair back. Sitting can produce discomfort and soreness, and even cause spinal bending, and cannot adjust the height, and it is not suitable for students’ height differences. These are the factors that endanger the physical and mental development of primary and secondary school students.

“Protecting the physical and mental health of primary and secondary school students is not only family, schools, and social responsibilities, but also the responsibility of the competent education department.” Xu Yanjuan said, “Pay attention to basic equipment and help healthy growth” project invested 6.768 million yuan for health lighting, can be used for health lighting, can be available, can Adjust the three basic education equipment of high -level desks and chairs and smart blackboards. Among them, 3.2424 million yuan will benefit 16 schools to improve the desk and chairs of 331 classrooms; 3.526 million yuan will benefit 14 schools to improve the lighting of 159 classrooms and some classroom blackboards. Xu Yanjuan said that at this point, the health lighting coverage rate of 31 schools directly under the city has reached 40%, and the 10th Middle School, Xinyuan Middle School, 35th Middle School, and High School Northern Middle School have achieved all -school coverage of high -level desks and chairs.

In the next step, our city will increase investment, make funds in multiple ways and channels, and plan to achieve the full coverage of high -quality basic education equipment directly under the school within three years to help primary and secondary students grow physical and mental health.

Xu Bao Rong Media Reporter Li Xiaoluo

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