There is a fashion called “wool sweater+plus velvet”, which is warm and generous, especially suitable for ordinary people to learn from


What kind of items will you choose when the weather is relatively cold? The choice of most people will mainly be a heavy jacket, but it ignores the choice of inside. It is also recommended that you try wool sweaters with fleece pants. These two items are the most practical basic items.

Even if it is combined to match, the style will not appear too ordinary, and it can also achieve warmth. Let the amateur wear the same color. How to match it, let’s take a look at these knowledge points to further enhance the personal image to further enhance the personal image Bar!

What are the advantages of wool sweater with pants?

• Double the warmth effect

Many girls’ daily matching will not choose thick fashion. Generally, the fabric will choose a thinner inner match for the first choice for matching, but the sweater is matched with pants. The thickness of these two items is not exaggerated. Essence

Not only can the matching effect be kept warm, but it will also make the dress look diverse. It is not difficult to improve the temperament. With pants and wool sweater, you will find that you don’t need to wear a thick dress. It may just be paired with an ordinary jacket, and you have a good warmth effect.

• Lower matching


If you choose other pants, you may face a variety of choices, but you choose to add pants, you will find that this kind of pants, there is no gap with the basic pants, many colors are versatile.


For example, coffee color, or black and white, these colors not only have classic personality, but also make the style look more grade. With a basic cashmere sweater, it can show the most fashionable state.


No matter what kind of occasion, choose a basic color and pants, and it will become easier to wear. For example, you can choose a loose sweater, with a black pants. Simple and practical, it is very suitable for some Xiaobai to try.

If it is a workplace, you can choose a sharp and fashionable coffee color and pants. This kind of pants make people feel more fashionable. The most important thing is to create a neutral style and make it look different.

There are a lot of velvet pants, which are mainly slimming. Occasionally try straight styles. You will find that you can unlock more new styles and make the match look more decent.


2. Girls who are not good at matching, you can try these matching solutions


• Fisherman Hat+Green Wool sweater+white pants


If you just match the sweater and pants, the style will look too ordinary, but on this basis, add a fisherman hat.


I believe that you will become more fashionable, and the style will change. It is not necessarily based on the basic style. It can also create a lazy style, or even other fashion styles.

• Duck tongue cap plus wool sweater+pants pants

Wool sweater and velvet straight pants are fashion king. Although these two single products are simple in design, they can make the style look more atmospheric.

Based on this, it is matched with a peaked cap, which can also achieve age -reducing effects. For girls with a little older age, this matching method is more practical.

Practical items will naturally have a lot of advantages waiting for us to discover. If you find a suitable matching method, these practical items will become our matching assistant and make your dress more and more fashionable. Do you think you think What styles will cashmere with velvet pants?

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