The warm and stylish European and American style wear, the “cotton jacket” is the most critical, the combination of ideas has been summarized


The streets of winter are the most popular mixing season. Some people are immersed in the laziness of the daily wind and cannot extricate themselves. Some people are immersed in the handsome coolness of European and American style. More people walk on the edge of fashion and capture the fashionable styling.


Compared to the laziness of the windy wind, the handsome and cool European and American style is more warm and stylish, and it is more suitable for some cold girls and tall girls. How to create a warm and stylish style of European and American style, the choice of “cotton jacket” is the most critical. The combination of ideas has summarized it. Let’s look at the beautiful baby.


One: Cotton coat is mainly classic high -end color

Color is the most intuitive language that expresses your unique feelings to you. Each color has its own unique style. In the European and American style, cotton jackets are more based on classic advanced colors.

The so -called classic high -grade color is mainly black and white and gray, which can also be mixed with color such as khaki, dark brown, caramel, dark green, jujube red. The biggest feature is that the saturation of the color is very high, with a restrained style in the richness, and its own handsome effect.

European and American wind wearing is always stronger and more visually strong. Therefore, even the choice of cotton jackets is more classic high -end color. Like a black cotton jacket, thick windproof, the version is more stiff. Combine a pair of dark blue jeans, handsome and eye -catching.

While the black is cold and sharp, it also has a dull and depressed posture. Therefore, white, brown, caramel, can also be filled with the European and American style, becoming more popular color elements. White and black have the same wonderful work. It is cold and high -level, elegant and dignified, and it is also the most basic versatile classic color.

Relatively speaking, brown and caramel colors are more temperature, and it is softer visually. The upper body effect is warm and atmospheric. This kind of temperature still needs to combine classic black and white to highlight the strength and domineering of European and American style.

Two: Cotton coats are loose and well

The European and American style is a more domineering route. Therefore, the choice of cotton jackets is relatively loose and tailored, and it will not have a sexy tight effect visually. The upper body is more elegant and comfortable, it is a versatile and inclusive style.

The European and American style is always more casual. Strong and domineering, but it will not look tedious. This is also inseparable from the tailoring of the cotton jacket. The European and American style cotton jackets will be more relaxed on the version.

The loose cotton jacket is not only more tolerant, but also more handsome. It is this loose and tailoring that creates a more handsome and domineering shape. Even in daily wear, the upper body is very comfortable and generous.


Leather jackets and cotton trench coats are common cotton jackets in European and American style. The handsomeness and chic of leather coats are also in line with the positioning of European and American style. The heroic appearance shows domineering and chic. The cotton trench coat is even more chic on the version, which can show a chic gas field.

Whether it is a leather jacket or a cotton trench coat, in the European and American style, it still needs to adhere to the loose and tailoring. Appropriate loose tailoring, enhancing fashion, increased fashion, and also enhance the handsome and domineering beauty.

Three: Add handsome elements to cotton clothes

The European and American style is handsome and handsome. Therefore, in the choice of cotton jackets, the design is also very critical. Adding handsome elements, such as rivets, metal chains, personalized tailoring, etc., can increase the handsomeness of cotton clothes.

Although the autumn and winter season, cotton jackets are very common. But what if you can wear a cotton jacket out of your unique style? This is a personalized element, and the details in detail are very important. The fur coat, with a handsome locomotive style, combined with red pointed high -heeled shoes, the air field is cold and gorgeous, it is a proper handsome European and American style.


The brown cotton coat, with a bit of warmth and softness, makes the sun in winter warmer. In fact, this brown cotton jacket just embellishes the modification of metal buttons, which becomes even more brilliant, full of European and American style.

In the cotton jacket, adding handsome elements can make the overall style more biased towards European and American temperament. But how can we make the simple and neat cotton coat not feel mixed and match? We also need to combine with various styles to better echo in color and style.

For example, the loose woolen suit does not have any handsome elements, but just combines a sharp gray suit pants to present the cool European and American style. In fact, the handsome elements can also be added on the overall shape, and it is not only possible to work on the cotton jacket.

Four: The contrasting color of cotton clothes, the temperament is even more picky


In the European and American style, the choice of cotton clothes is important, but the style of style cannot be ignored. So if you want to wear fashionable European and American style, the contrasting color matching of cotton clothes is also very important. With the combination of contrasting, you can make your temperament more outstanding.

The brown cotton jacket, combined with black or white inside, is a classic contrast. The classic contrasting color matching is high -level but not tedious, and also has a high -level cold and beautiful beauty. In daily matching, more people like this high -style match, so in the European and American style, you can also continue to use the combination of contrasting colors to highlight the high -level aura.

For example, a brown cotton jacket, a combination of black bottoming shirt, or a white bottoming shirt, is a relatively simple and basic style. The color matching, color contrast is clearer, the overall style is very chic and fashionable, and the aura is more sharp.


Although the classic contrasting color matching, although it is a bit tedious, it can also outline the European and American style aura. If you want a more colorful shape, we can also learn from the color matching of bright colors. For example, the cotton jacket of denim blue, combined with brick red inside, is a common bright color matching. The color pair is stronger and the visual effect is clearer.

The combination of contrast is not just the matching of the coat and inside. At the same time, it can be a color impact in the design of the jacket itself. For example, the brown cotton jacket is decorated with red line modification, which naturally forms a contrasting color matching, and the overall style is more fashionable and handsome.

Well, the above is the fashion information shared by Xiao Crazy today. Now do you know how to create a warm and stylish European and American style? I will share the fashion trendy knowledge every day, hurry up and pay attention! (Original text, picture source network. If there is any infringement, please contact it.)





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