“Bible Story” ~ Christ martyr’s cross


Christ martyr’s cross

The place where Jesus was crucified, in the north of Jerusalem.

“Each of him” means “Skeleton Land”, not only because the mountain looks like a skull from a distance, but because it is the execution ground that Roman suppresss and executes Jews. The death penalty of the cross is used for alien people under Rome, not for Romans. This is the most cruel death penalty. People who are crucified on the cross will die after suffering a long time, and they will have the intention of showing the public.


According to regulations, those who were sentenced to the cross should be carried by the cross to the execution ground under the escort of Bing Ding. But Jesus has been beaten and tortured many times, and has been struggling. The Roman soldiers grabbed a Gulina named “Simon” from the countryside, forcing him to carry the cross for Jesus to the mountains. This Simon was Luhan’s father, and later their family became the believers of Jesus.

Jesus was whipped

Jesus who was worn on the crown

On the way leading to each other, many people followed Jesus, and some of them were crying in pain for him. Jesus turned around and said to them: “The woman who has withdrawn the cold, don’t cry for me, cry as herself and their children. Because the days are coming, people must say: Well, blessed! ‘At that time, people would say to Dashan:’ Fall on my body! ‘Say to Xiaoshan:’ cover us! ‘These things are on the trees with juice. Woolen cloth?”

People would not understand at the time that Jesus said that “the day is coming”, which refers to a disaster that will come to Jerusalem in 70 AD. The Jewish nation is like a dead tree, and it is difficult to withstand the ravage and destruction of the Romans.

Many people who are familiar with Jesus and women who follow him from Galilee have also followed under the cross. Among them, Jesus’ mother Mary, Mary of the Dara, Mary, Xiaoya and Johisye’s mother, Merida’s mother, and Sarrmy. Among the disciples of Jesus, only John was followed by the cross.

When they reached the mountains, the soldiers took the bold bold wine for Jesus to drink. Jesus tasted and refused to drink again. He would rather soberly drink the bitter cup that he took from his father to redeem human beings, and he did not want to drink anesthesia that could reduce the pain when he was nailed. The soldiers nailed Jesus to the cross, and there were two robbers with him, one nailed to his left, and one nailed to his right.

Prador wrote a name on the three texts of Hebrew, Roman, and Hilini on one brand, and then hung on Jesus’ head. People Jesus. “

Jewish priest said to Pilate: “Don’t write the” Jewish king “, and write‘ he said he is the king of Jewish. ’”

On behalf of Jesus, the west gate of the cross

On the way to the execution ground


Pilate said, “I have written it. I can’t change it anymore.”

Since the soldiers were nailed to the cross, they were divided into four copies of his clothes, one serving each soldier, and his lilies. This lily was not sewed, which was woven from the upper and lower pieces. If it is not easy to tear the points, they say, “Don’t tear it away, just look at who you can.” This is what you should check: “They divide my coat and get my lilies for my lilies.果 兵. “The soldiers did it really.

Jesus’ mother Maria stood under the cross, and at this moment, she was like a knife. Jesus saw the disciples he loved, John stood under the cross, and decided to entrust his mother to him. He said to his mother, “Woman [illustration], look at your son!” He said to the disciples again, “Look at your mother!” From then on, John took Mary to his home as a mother.

Those who came to watch and pass by, some people ridiculed Jesus and said, “You demolish the temple like this, and you can save yourself! If you are the son of God, come down from the cross!”

The priest and the elder and the elders teased him like this, “He saved others and could not save himself. He was the king of Israel. Now he can get out of the cross and we believe him. He can save him now, because he once said: ‘I am the son of God.’ “

Jesus ignored the ridicule of those people, and prayed for the soldiers who nailed him on the cross, “Father, forgive them. Because they did what they did, they didn’t know.”

One of the two prisoners who were nail, one of them heard, and ridiculed him, “Aren’t you Christ? Can you save yourself and us!”

After listening to the other prisoner, he blamed him and said, “You are not afraid of God in the same one, are we not afraid of God? We should be because we have done it with what we have done, but this person has not done a bad one. thing.”


Jesus nailed to the cross


Jesus on the cross

After talking about Jesus: “Jesus, when your country comes, please remember me!”


Jesus said to him, “I really tell you that you are going to be in the paradise today.”

From 12 noon to 3 pm, the sun became dark, and it was dark everywhere. At more than three in the afternoon, Jesus had been nailed to the cross for six hours. He shouted: “Eli, Eli, Ramasa’s major nibs?” Meaning, “My God, my God! Why do you abandon me? “

Someone standing there, some heard: “This person calls it!”

At this time, it was the moment when the Temple of Jerusalem was preparing for the crowded section to slaughter the lamb. Jesus knew that all kinds of things had become. In order to fulfill the words of the scriptures, he said, “I’m thirsty.”

One utensil was filled with vinegar and placed there, and they took the sea velvet dipped in vinegar and tied it to the Achyranthes’ grass, and sent it to his mouth, saying, “Wait, see Elijah to save him. “

Jesus tasted the vinegar, and said, “It is done!” This means that God’s redeeming human beings has achieved great achievements. After saying this, he was broken.

At the moment of Jesus’s breath, the mantle in the temple was cracked in half from top to bottom. Then, the ground shook, and the rock collapsed. The grave was also opened, and most of the saints of the saints stood up again.