Hai Tong is exposed into the fragrance of the curtain, the Hai Tonghua in the ancient poems, the flowers bloom, the elegant aroma


In the middle of the late spring, the tung tungs on the road were blooming, the breeze blew, and the scent of aroma came, which was intoxicating. Hai Tong, also known as mountain alum, Qili Xiang, Shanrui, white flowers, exuding a faint fragrance, elegant and solemn.


The tung flowers in the ancient poems are flourishing, and the fragrance is clear!


On April 4, Wu Zhongli’s family Hai Tonghua flowers Wu Bocheng will not work


Song-Zhang Ye


Cui Ganting returns to spring, and when it is drunk and open.

There are few people in the car without car, and they still read good poems before the wind.

Qinfu presented Hai Tongfu poetry and dynamic husbands and sons and sons.


Song-Zhang Xiaoxiang


Tong Tong Cui Gai embraced the fragrance of the sky, and no one in the poor alley was also self -contained.

Can lead the four sons of poetry, and do not teach the good scenery.

Early summer

Song-Lu You


Huaiyin Qingrun Wheat Wind is cool, and a pillow is leaking long.

Shanzheng Xiqing became a household language, and Hai Tong was exposed into the curtain.


Jiujiu is often resigned, and tea is even more likely.

Yunbei Yunnan moved and traveled, and quickly shouted small vertical lighting.


Dongshan Chunsiqi

Qing-Qiu Fengjia


Yunyu Fengquan entered the picture, and the water curtain pavilion was lonely.

Hai Tong Hua Fa Mountain is cooked, and the drizzle of spring forest is called 鹁鸪.


Leizhou Lu Gongquan


Qing-Ma Zongzheng


It is quite smoky to rain, and I take care of the tea.

It seems that the autumn depth is not available, and the Hai Tonghua puts the sun west.

In the early summer, there are four firsts


Qing-Liu is

Hai Tonghua has the highest branches, and Biyu’s Wei Fang tree is late.

Fen Shui should be silent, but Lantian remembers the most.

The city of the city was fine, and the guns were known to the sky.

There is always a homeland that is not available, and Songyang Sword Water Mo Pingyi.


Ruan Lang Gui-Before the window


Qing-Dong Yuankai

The money is only older. There is no crow.

Don’t come a few degrees of sea tung flowers. Acknowledged him in front of the window.

The mirror was embroidered. Make -up gauze.

Who is a spring color? Xiaoxia Xia Xia.

Spring Day

Modern-Wu Yanyin


Listening to the sorrow under the sea tung window, the folks gathered together.

He is like Jiangnan’s death, and he will not look at the wall flowers.