Well -known actress was reported! Is this really “exposed”?


Source: Yangcheng Evening News

Because two videos

Well -known actor Li Bingbing was reported by a pediatrician


Li Bingbing settled in a short video platform

Two videos have been released one after another


After the video is released, it will cause controversy


Some netizens pointed out that Li Bingbing was wearing “too exposed”

Children should not


Pediatrician Mr. Ma

Even directly report to the platform

And passed the platform review

After checking the relevant account of Li Bingbing

Discover Li Bingbing

In two related videos

Wearing the same set of deep V low -neck clothes

After reporting the incident


There are many netizens’ behavior of reporting

He expressed support

But some netizens are in the message area

Pay about Mr. Ma

Some netizens think that the reporter is abducted morally

What age is it

I still can’t see V -neck clothes deep



The reporter Ma Ma responded in the comment area and said

I just talk about things

There is no personal prejudice to Li Bingbing

“I am a pediatrician

I have more contact with my children

Worried about being too exposed as a public figure

There are errors guidance “




Mr. Ma said in an interview with a reporter.

He likes Li Bingbing very much

At that time, I just felt that Li Bingbing was a public figure

Dressing is not proper, too exposed

Worried about adverse effects on teenagers

Mr. Ma said

His report on Li Bingbing video


Through the audit of the video platform smoothly

Platform reply

The video does contain illegal acts, and it has punished it

But according to the latest situation

Li Bingbing’s video has been unblocked

The platform has been reviewed and judged again

I think Li Bingbing’s clothing is fine


The reporter learned that the “Detailed Rules for the Review Standards for the Council of the Network Short Video” released by the China Network Audiovisual Program Service Association stipulates that “showing men and women’s organs, or only covered with limbs or small covers to cover the hidden parts of the human body and excessive clothes exposure “Content.

Among the first batch of online live group standards released in January 2019, it stipulates that “female anchors should not be too exposed, and anchors must not wear fun uniforms, sexy underwear, perspective clothes, etc., and must not wear underwear.”

Dear Yuan Fang, what do you think of this?