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Halo, everyone who likes fashion should know how important any fashion items are for the fashion industry. In fact, fashion is the same. Fashion enters the media, enters the public’s vision, and develops very quickly. The scoop table is a good example. Entering the fashion industry, the popularity and influence of the scalp watch reaches a new height.

Good propaganda is still important for the sales and popularity of fashion items, and Mojin Company is also inseparable from this link. In 1950, the calendar of the calendar+independent second hand was released. , Mojin Watch joined the Swiss MSR Group and became one of the lead brands of MSR Group; in 2002, the Moan table retrieved independent operating rights and re -entered the brilliant stage of the Swiss watch industry. In 2007, Mo Tattoo Company The foundation of international network sales in more than 60 countries and regions around the world has laid the foundation; in 2008, Mo Tattoo Company reached an agreement with Japan, Canada and the United States. So far, 50 specialty stores have been opened in Japan. Specialty stores and so on …

The scatter table is also more attentive in cooperation and marketing. In 1950, Mo Tattoo Company published advertisements in various professional watch magazines. After World War II, I started to participate in major funding projects. In addition, the caravan watch has a great relationship with the car. The famous racer Pierre has also participated in a lot of races with a car pattern. Tattoo brand ambassador.


In addition to sponsorship and promotion, Mo Tattoo Company also focused on cooperation. In 1955, they joined forces with Dutch Airlines to work in the uniforms of the air. The focus of.


In the end, Xiaobian has a small question. Where did you hear the watches? Welcome to discuss the comment area together!