“Dream of Red Mansions” color series of red petals mulberry silk scarves


Plant dye scarf


Zhuhong is a traditional Chinese color name, which is between orange and red. Made by an opaque cinnabar. Also known as lead Zhu, Zhu Se, Dan color. It is a traditional Chinese red pigment. The printed mud used in Chinese seals is basically chocolate cinnabar paste, and cinnabar paint also uses Chinese red paint. In Taoism culture, it is regarded as life and eternal colors.

The color of the Chinese calligraphy, calligraphy and mounting painting table is based on chocolate, cinnabar, purple -red, big red, and red.

Chuman -red is often represented in Chinese architecture.

Zhu Qi is also a representative of Chinese colors. These can be made with cinnabar supplements with other dyeing materials.

“A Dream of Red Mansions” -Fifty-three times: Ning Guofu paralleled from the gate, the gate, the hall, the hall, the warm pavilion, the inner hall, the inner three gate, and the inner inner door, until the main hall, the main entrance was opened. The next step of the red candles on both sides, the two golden dragons were ordered.

“Dream of Red Mansions” -The eighty-one round: The people here take him. Search around, and found a box, a man with ivory carved inside. He did not wear clothes, two demon kings, and seven red embroidered needles. He was sent to Jinyi Mansion immediately and asked the hidden things of many officials and women of the officials of the officials, so he knew the camp and copied it in his house.


As a traditional Chinese color, Zhuhong has been circulating. It is still one of the main colors.


After sorting the color of “Dream of Red Mansions”, I had an idea to choose some of the “Dream of Red Mansions” for practical product development and make artistic derivatives. It can also be regarded as a new life to the color of the Red Mansion.

This silk scarf, the material used is mulberry silk, which belongs to protein fiber, which is very suitable for coloring with natural dyes. The color is full and beautiful, and the fastness is good. The flower type is petals.

Scarf material: 100% mulberry silk

Dyeing skills: the cloud dyeing of the twistedness

Size; 190*106 cm


Dyes: Su Mu, Carmine, Tea, etc.

Dye: Hanfang Hand Dye, Guardian Museum

Brand: Yuranian

This scarf accepts private customization.

To learn the traditional natural plant dyeing skills, you can sign up to participate in the “Traditional Darum Professional Seminar” held in Beijing at the end of April next year

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Plant dye scarf

Plant dye scarf

Plant dye scarf