College graduates enter the sprint period, and the job fair of Shanghai Electrical Institute provides more than a thousand positions


Graduate graduates in 2021 entered the “sprint period”. The Shanghai Institute of Electric launched a offline campus job fair this week, with more than 60 companies on the spot, about 70 % of the employers from Xinzhuang Industrial Park and Lingang New Area, providing students with more than 1,100 positions.

Recruitment positions involve various fields such as equipment manufacturing, artificial intelligence, information technology, electronic electrical, education and training, and scientific and technological services. More than 2,000 students went to the site to submit their resumes. The on -site and enterprises reached a preliminary recording of 233 graduates. Many companies have participated in the school’s special recruitment lectures and hired motor graduates many times in a row. In -depth production and education integration.


With less than an hour at the beginning of the job fair, Wu Pengju, a fresh energy graduate of the new energy major, signed an employment agreement with a state -owned enterprise. He said that he had a clearer plan for his graduation work. Come to recruit a company in his hometown, the salary was appropriate, and after a comprehensive understanding of the company, he decided to sign the contract on the spot. “I don’t care too much about the salary or whether to consider whether it is hard, I want to accumulate more experience.”


In addition to fresh graduates, many junior students at the scene “advanced” to touch the market, understand the employment of the majors they learned, and conduct professional guidance consultation.

The party volunteers of the Employment Promotion Center of Minhang District set up stalls on the spot, providing policies such as vocational guidance and social practice of college students in college students. In addition to setting up on -site stalls, companies such as Zhengfan Technology, Yigong Plastic and other parks also conduct “live broadcasts”. The personnel department introduces compensation online, and the publicity videos of the company … watching more than 100,000 viewers.

The campus recruitment fairs are jointly organized by the Minhang District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the Shanghai Xinzhuang Industrial Zone Management Committee and the Shanghai Institute of Electric to promote Minhang’s “4+4”, that is, high -end equipment, artificial intelligence, new generation of information technology and biological creatures The four major industries such as pharmaceuticals and modern service industries such as international commerce, modern finance, cultural creativity, and scientific and technological services “” and the construction of a talent reserve of industries “and establish a channel for employment and recruitment of college graduates and employers to achieve talent training in colleges and universities and enterprises. This is also this. Minhang District’s first offline college graduate special job fair.

In order to expand the employment channels of graduates, the Shanghai Institute of Electric has held activities such as the 2021 graduate campus spring recruitment fair and the Shanghai-China-China City Joint Recruitment Fair in 2021. Large central enterprises, scientific research institutes, advanced manufacturing, Internet+, modern finance and service industries provide students with various types and levels of diverse choices, involving reinstallation manufacturing, ports, aerospace, ships, semiconductors, majors, and majors Equipment, chemical industry, automobiles, finance, logistics, fast consumer goods, catering, IT IoT, real estate, business, trade, education and training and other fields. A total of nearly 2,000 positions have been provided, attracting nearly 5,000 students.


In addition to traditional offline recruitment, Shanghai Electrical Institute also uses new forms to provide flexible and diverse online job fairs for fresh graduates of job search. The school also uses the WeChat public account “Shanghai Electrical College Employment Center” to release employment recruitment related information every day. As of now, 134 WeChat push has been released, which covers corporate recruitment information, recruitment fairs, and preaching.


Source: thoughtful