After pregnancy, these 2 pairs of shoes like it again, and the pregnant mother must put it away.


When I went out yesterday, I met Xiao Liu, a pregnant mother in the same community in front of the community. Seeing Xiao Liu’s belly about 6 months, he was wearing a pair of high heels about 5 cm in his feet. Due to professional habits, I said that pregnancy is still wearing such high heels. Xiao Liu said that since I was pregnant a lot, I have always liked high -heeled shoes. I used to wear high heels no matter where I went there, 8 cm, 10 cm of fine heels were small for me. I was pregnant, so I changed to a thick heel of no more than 5 cm. I was not tired to wear it. Well, many women in life have an inexplicable obsession with high heels. However, Sister Sister, I want to remind you here that you like these two pairs of shoes after pregnancy, and the pregnant mother must put it away.


High heel


As I said, many women have obsession with high heels. I used to know a pregnant mother who was engaged in public relations work. After pregnancy, I still wore high heels to run back and forth to negotiate with customers. It didn’t take long for her legs to be edema, and ordinary shoes could not be worn. There is no way, only resignation of tires at home.

After pregnancy, as the pregnancy week increases, the stomach of the pregnant mother is getting larger every day. In order to keep the body balance when wearing high heels, the body will involuntarily move forward. It will also aggravate the symptoms of back pain for pregnant mothers. In addition, pregnant mothers wear high heels, which will make the body too much forward. This can easily compress the abdomen and affect the normal blood oxygen supply of the fetus, which is not conducive to providing a healthy growth environment for the fetus. At the same time, pregnant mothers often wear high heels, which will also affect blood circulation in the legs, leading to worsening lower limb swelling.

Shoelaces shoes

Many women’s shoes need shoelaces, such as sneakers, Martin boots, etc. There will be shoelaces. It looks fashionable and beautiful. Most people like it. But even if you like it after pregnancy, you have to put it away, especially in the third trimester, the belly is getting bigger and bigger. It is very inconvenient to bend the shoelaces when the pregnant mother is bent over. The pregnant mother did not find it, and it was easy to be tripped by the shoelaces, so the consequences were very serious.

So after pregnancy, like high heels, shoes with lace, and human character drag, don’t wear your husband’s shoes.

Suggestion: After pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s feet will be edema, and the pregnant mother should choose the appropriate pregnant women’s shoes according to the size of the feet. Don’t heel high heels, but you can’t be flat to the end. You can buy a height of not more than 3 cm, soft, light, breathable, non -slip, easy to wear and take off.


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