Chasing a lot of business people: Do you have a baby who is cheap than the store?


Their inner heart is very tangled: is a hammer to buy and sell in the traffic dividend, or return to the supply chain, put this control, fight the tips?


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“Let the knife!”


The sound is passed from the opposite meeting room. Li Ming, who just walked to the half-way meeting, said with his colleagues: “Run!” “The merchants who were punished came to spend a lot of saying”, such a thrilling scene he only saw it in the media report, yourself The experience is still the first time.

“The order delivery speed on the platform must be in 48 hours, low price is fast, but the merchant is likely to ship is not in time, can’t catch up with the sales of the front end. I have encountered a small second to add inventory, causing us to produce. “Another small six analysis of the merchant.

There is also something that the merchant spits did not reach some of the platforms that were fined, this is one of the hearts of their heart. But in the face of huge order and crazy growth, they are reluctant to brake.

Relying on super low priced group of houses, as well as the viral spread of many brainstorming, this settlement has gradually built a GMV over 100 billion e-commerce platform, and grows a batch “Sale Home”.

In the spring of 2018, spelling the latest official data, saying that there are 300 million users, millions of merchants. Aurora big data said that a lot of penetration has surpassed Jingdong.


Li Ming and Xiao Six are e-commerce veterans, almost trying to have an emerging e-commerce platform, and a lot of merchants who have settled in a lot of groups. There are 26 spendom stores under small six, and the annual sales have soared by 30 million yuan two years ago to 100 million yuan.

In this grassland of this newly born, the merchants are like a hidden beast that has been trapped, all the way. But the road is not just irritating and excitement on the road, and it is like shadow.

“The previous 16.9 yuan a pair of imitation Adi’s sneakers sold 10 million pairs. But use the rubber that has recovered countless times, it is very stinky.” “Low price is no brand concept.” … their heart Very tangled, how to accept your own products to the platform that is full of low-priced goods: Is it a hammer sale in the traffic dividend, or returned to the competitive track of the giving control chain, put this control, and fight the operation skills?

Xiao Wang, who is covered:

It is cheap than the store.


“If Taobao hits the market, now, it is now a lot of impact on the market.”

Last year, Wang Fengping, who took more than ten years, finally ushered in the peak of career. He looked at thousands of square items, and it was taken away by agents almost overnight.

Wang Fengping is Yiwu, from 2002, starting this industry, mainly focusing on underwear, body clothes, pantyhose, etc. Initially, inventory mainly comes from overcapacity, “inventory, either sell, it is too expensive, sell it.” So, it is depressed, and it can only relieve funds with low price. pressure.

Before speaking, many of these stocks sank to ground channels, such as rural markets, stalls, etc. After 2016, inventory gradually flowed to a platform for a lot of low-cost powerful platforms.

Wang Fengping recalled, “The weather is cold, very burst last year. But the business of the goods to get the goods is unhappy, the fish dragon is mixed, as long as there is inventory, I will never look at the brand. Anyway, there are no more than a lot of returns.”

And many of the secrets of super low prices are hidden here. Wang Fengping calculates a bill, and the closing plant usually sells to the people who receive inventories at a price below the cost price, which will add a small profit. In this case, even if it is in the business hand, it still does not have the cost price, sometimes “more than the store is cheap”.

In fact, the factory is covered with a water depth and a road. What is good, what is a secondary goods, only professional receipt experts have the right to speak. Wang Fengping has planted countless fingers, often bought back a batch of pretend to be inventory, and can only be self-denier.

Last year, a lot of merchants sold 3 million pairs of stockings, with an average price of less than 2 yuan.


Stockings are a very hot category for spelling.

But in stock is also sold. Wang Fengping’s collection career with the end of the sentence. And many merchants in the aforementioned speeches, now the cost price of each pair of socks is 3-4 yuan.

Once, super cheap may have good goods, but now, it is different.

Making a brand Li Ming:

Just want to accept it

If the stock is sold, it is good news for people who are making a brand. “No one turns a price war. There are a lot of cheap enough, let the Amoy system to distinguish it.”

This man selling stockings, wearing an orange trend sweater, the hair is dyed in linen, trapped in a parental blue sofa.

As a small boss of a stockings brand, Li Ming clear the brand, and willing to spend “quite” funds to create a brand. This makes him a matter of pragmatic and savvy business people. Of course, it is of course one. More importantly, the local commodity is known worldwide, the foundry is everywhere, and the brand is being used by the bosses. It is widely considered to be burning. Money thing.

For more than 20 years, Li Ming’s brand has expanded the diversified sales channel, witnessed the different e-commerce platforms to fall in the wave of Internet. In this two years, a lot of platforms also caught his attention, many agents were looking for him to get a lot of money.


As a brand, Li Ming often ran to the headquarters meeting, almost maintaining the frequency of once a month, “listening to the high-level platform development strategy, which product is discussed, how to ensure low price, etc.”

However, he still puts the main battlefield in Tmall, and there is no more operations. “The traffic is very large, but it will hurt the brand. I have a brand burden, worried that the brand image is more difficult to establish.”

Therefore, each time close contact is like accepting a soul torture. “Tmall is not easy to maintain a good price system, will cause disorders because of many low prices. So can only be closed, new products will not sell more than a lot of money.”

Factory main old Week:

Seeking an inner balance

Special “three treasures” – paper towels, underwear, stockings are being red explosion models with unprecedented speeds. These standards are characterized by the short supply chain, and the flow rate is fast. Today, you can ship a lot of money tomorrow.

Take a lot of paper towel explosions

Some main source of supplies, a large-scale supply plant, and more agents sell more from their own factories, and they have been in tangling.

Yiwu Adhesma costumes are one of the largest founders in the thermal underwear industry. It has created the overall industrial chain closure from the yarn to sales, and the price is the lowest price, which is very competitive.

In 2017, the production capacity of this factory thermal underwear reached 8 million sets, with a daily delivery of more than 2,000 orders, it also integrated the surrounding courier and pressed the price to the lowest. Today, in order to assist in the attack, Ashma is adding machines every month.

In some similar factories, it is hidden in mystery. “First Financial Weekly” interviewed a factory description: “More than 20 workers are running from 7 o’clock to 11 o’clock, and 3,000 units will be up to 3,000 per day. It is necessary to reduce costs to deduct from raw materials: sample The cloth cost of the clothes may be 12 yuan one meter, and it is changed to 9 yuan; the trace is changed to a thinner, the number of pins is less; the wash plant is also cheap, the quality inspection link can be skilled. Final 10,000 pieces of demand, divided into a few dials in three days, finally arrived out. “

We also heard such a situation from a factory: “The workers have the same size, they know which platform is produced.” Socks for spelling a lot of supplies can be almost the same feeling with brand socks, but in fact, raw materials The quality can be described as the difference in heaven, and the purchase price can also be more than two or three times.

In the case of “low price is equal to the quality difference”, Zhou Ping is more willing to fix it as “low price is cost-effective”. “The low price is no brand concept,” he thought for a while, “I need to consider how to adapt to different grades of consumers, seek an inner balance.”

Whether you can cross this step, accept your own products to a platform that is full of low-priced goods, does need a balance. The factory can adjust the production and adjust the raw materials for different consumers, but to adjust their hearts, hinder greater.

In contrast, there is a lot of high-ascensic justifiables with a seamless underwear plant. He also often heard the sales myth, but clearer the logic behind myth. “The previous 16.9 yuan is a pair of Adi’s sneakers, sold 10 million pairs. But use the rubber that has been recovered countless times, it is very smelling one day.”

His seamless underwear cost is between 20-60, 40 yuan, more than 100 products, about more than 100, one single production only 2 million pieces. “Mid-high-end positioning, stocks are too shallow, not suitable for supply! We will choose higher profit margins.”

Later, Xiaomanyu:

I can do even if it is.

How much is the merchants to make more?

“It took more than one year of thermal underwear for a long time, but a set only earned 3 yuan, a year of 2 million yuan, more than Tmall, Vipshop.” When these words, Zhou Ping’s expression is flat, tone Sent stability, like a thing that is normal.

But so little, in front of young people, there is still a huge attraction.

Xiaosheng, the birth of 93 years, this year’s goal is 2 million. To do this, you can buy a good house in Yiwu, maybe you can help him change a better car.

Xiao Ye’s fight, the delivery point

Flatful business zero thresholds into the station – zero into the resident, zero commission, zero dock point. Merchants have nothing to do with just logistics, there is goods. “You can even find a suitable factory to help you.” Xiao He said.

It’s hard to imagine, this is the scene before going to the event. At noon, there were only one person in the warehouse in Xiaoshu, and there were another 4-5 person’s station. These personnel have been able to meet a lot of activities, on activities, and packaging and delivery. As for the audit mechanism of the event, just guarantees enough depths and low prices, “there is not much requirement for product quality.”

Whether it is a thermal underwear or a sock, these long periodic products, sales rankings are closely related to traffic. At present, there are about 200 orders per day, and each loss is a number of yuan, and it is maintained.

Xiao He hopes, after the sales are ranked, it can bring big-wave traffic, and finally help him make a lot of money.

What should I do after crazy low?

In order to ensure the supply chain, the merchants who have entered the year of Xiaoxiao will give priority to the Chinese and large factories like Ashima. “The big factory guarantees production capacity, and there will be gaps.”

The group means that a large number of users and orders are rapidly incorporated, and the reverse stimulates the production chain of upstream supply chains, driving cost reduction, and achieving price advantage. But in this way, dozens of small factories, or a few people’s family workshop, naturally in an extremely passive position.

Therefore, spelling a lot of things to eliminate middlemen, with the previous model to help the supply side to achieve C2M reverse customization. At least in the moment, this is still a slightly ideal goal.

In more than two years, many businesses facing the universal dilemma are, no one dares to do. Today, when they finally have the opportunity to produce new products, but spelling a lot of low-cost mechanisms, it is still a high voltage line.

More than one business is concerned: “This year is basically new goods, but the same price quality is poor. Next, may only press the factory and brand, slowly price increase or the quality of the quality. Finally, the new goods are cut off, and some even do it is a defective, and the goods will be less and less. “


One business explains two reasons for low prices: First, the score is reduced, and the other is that the merchant is willing to have a low price to win the ranking. In the last 1.5-meter-specific mat price is 30.3 yuan, this specification of the same style product in Nantong’s wholesale price for network sales is 36 yuan, Taobao merchant price is usually 43-50 yuan.

Sometimes it is difficult to say, this is the progress of the C2M mode in the industrial 4.0 era, or retreat.

One of the bosses of “Bao Nas” brand said that he also understood a lot of current situations. “The platform must have a braid, before it can be negotiated with others, in order to talk to the brand.”

Today’s capital creation, Xu Xin received 36 anni interviews, praise a lot of founders Huang Zhen is indeed very cow, and it also proposes his own questions. “Every retail revolution, the final value can create new value. Is value, delivery home consumers are super cool is worth it. What is the value of a lot of creation? Is it happier? Is it happier? Is it cheap? “

Perhaps, after crazy low prices, the merchants have to strive to poke the bubbles, returning to the finals of the giving chain, and hurt the game, and fight the competitive track of the operation skills.


“I do a lot, but I have never been to buy. I am never 10 pieces, I will not buy 1 piece of sock.” Xiao He did a smoke, so that I took a bite, the high temperature burning cigarette center is very fast It turns into a bit ash, “the business world is cruel.”


(Li Ming, Xiao Six, Zhou Ping, Xiaoyu, is a famous name.)