The messenger bag that is most suitable for boys, multi -layer positions are practical, waterproofing fabrics, outstanding face value


Girls’ bags are never too much.


Periodi bags, stick bags, bucket bags, packaging bags, underarms, envelope bags and other various bags.

But it is not difficult to find on the street. Most boys only have only one year.


can choose?

Code of the agricultural atmosphere coming …

What’s more, the weather is getting hotter,

The back of the back is just a warm baby walking.


It is impossible for the package to not carry it, and there is no sense of security if you do not carry it.

And all kinds of charging cables, charging treasures, mobile hard disks, iPad, Switch are not easy to bring!

So at this time you need this

Tajezzo tracer’s multi -faceted crossbody bag.

Practical capacity, multi -layer positions, waterproof coating fabrics, outstanding appearance

, Very suitable for boys.

Some people think that the black bag is too dull and boring, but the method of this cross -body bag is broken.

Polyfront design with geometric cutting.

The backpack line is full, full of the coolness of the future and the coolness of technology

, The edges are full of cold temperament of “don’t get close”.

Whether you go to work or go out and go shopping, there are “masculinity” after the back,

The unique streets are not bad.

Especially in the summer, it is relatively simple to wear boys.

At this time, a high -value -valued back is sideways in the middle, which can make the entire shape immediately immediately.


The shoulder bag is not only a high face value, but also a variety of backgrounds.

You can choose during commuting

Cross -body back

Casual and not frivolous.

The thick line strap outlines a wide back curve, and it is difficult to walk on the street without turning.

Generally, it can be used as a backpack of the chest bag, and the face value design will not be too low.


And this bag is very suitable for going out on weekends and used it as a chest bag.


It is easy to get the hands, and the most important thing is to protect the property


, Let the thief be unable to start.

It can also digest all kinds of clothes to wear, and can also be concave. It is a handsome and handsome guy!

In addition, this bag also has a unique hands -on design. When you travel on a business trip and pass a security check, it is not convenient to cross the hand and can hold it on your hand.


Suddenly the business man full of texture, the unique design adds a calm and leisure.

The most surprising thing is,

There are anti -light strips on the bottom side of the messenger bag

As a safety warning for night travel.

When traveling on a rainy night, the tide is glowing, and it is particularly safe on the back.

In addition to the high value and good match, the most important thing is it


Over large capacity storage space, up to 10+ pockets.

How can it be installed, look at the actual measurement of the editor: mobile phones, keychains, chargers, charging treasures, lighters, umbrellas, etc.

There are three layers in the back of the backpack,

And there is a dedicated digital partition, even 10.5 -inch iPad can be easily installed.


The middle layer of the backpack is also designed with a fast position, magnetic opening and closing, and use.

You can place high -frequency use objects such as key, access card, subway card, and charging treasure.

The zipper of the backpack is also very smooth and not stuck

After all, nothing can be easily realized than one step when taking things.


The face value and practicality are not enough, it is still very hard verification,

Anti -collision, waterproof, anti -theft, “three anti -” pack!

Backpack adopts three material -in -form shell structures,

The outer PU material shaped the skin texture, the middle SBS material effectively increased the protective and rebound of the hard shell, and the inner fabric material was flexible and wear -resistant.

The three -layer structure forms high -quality protective arched tough bodies

, Daily squeezing subway and buses can also calmly respond.

And the hard shell material is waterproof and dry, and the soft fabric is equipped with TPU waterproof coating, which is easy to prevent rainproof.


Note: When the surface of the bag is dirty, wipe it with a wet paper towel, alcohol



Organic solvent and surface waterproof coating


React the corrosion surface, avoid using it.

The size of the backpack is 410mm* 90mm* 210mm.


The design of the small body and the shoulder strap on the backpack


Follow the principle of ergonomics


The angle of the rotation of the shoulder strap is adapted, and it can rotate according to different bodies.

The details of some columns are more comfortable and unreasonable when they are carrying.

In addition to fit the body curve,

The rear thickened cotton net is soft and decompressed, comfortable and breathable.

Tajezzo founder is a very outstanding industrial designer, “Tao-Design” from China’s TOP 10 design company.

Because I like to study space, riding and fitness in my spare time, the tracer is born.

Create products that are both fashionable and practical.


Tajezzo tracer’s polygonal meseped bag 249 yuan

, Can be memorized all year round, and MAN has a model!


What are you waiting for? Come in and see it ↓↓↓

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TAJEzzo schedules Poly series scutum crossbody bag

¥ 249