Monday trading analysis


Today, the broader market fluctuates a small fall, the market is okay, the TCL volume rises, Yiyang wear three lines, start the signal start, follow.Jinan Guo’s discipline increased and exceeded the 5th line, which can be followed.BOE has exceeded the 10 -day line and can be followed.Mid -light lightning prevention exceeds the 30 -day line, and the amount is not enough to fluctuate.Tianyu information collects the cross stars and turns strong, watching.Hebang biological red, beyond the 5th, wait and see.Zijin Mining Collection Red 5 days offline, wait and see.Luoyang’s molybdenum collection of crossings, turning strong and weaker, offline, wait and see.Xinhe Cheng Ganzhong Star has become stronger, and on the 5th online, pay attention.Let the wine industry collect long feet, turn strong and weaker, and look at it on the 5th, wait and see.COSCO Maritime Control, Yuanxing Energy, Meidi, Meimei, the northern rare earth breaks the 5 -day line, watching.The northern rare earth was sold, and it was sold at more than 6 points, and the end was sold again.Investment is risky, for reference only, thank you!