Summer shawl with a small wrap with a inventory to teach you to wear a summer temperament fan


Summer has come, and the sun protection work is going to catch again. If you believe in beauty, you must know that sunscreen is one of the ways to prevent skin cancer and aging and aging. Let’s take a look at how to match the versatile and sunscreen summer shawl.

夏装小披肩搭配盘点 教你穿出夏季气质范儿

The weather is getting hot. You can wear all kinds of beautiful clothes and pay attention to sunscreen. In addition to applying sunscreen every day, hard sunscreen is also necessary. The following editors introduce the big sister to the three -in -summer shawl. Common methods of matching.

1. Small shawl+vest+shorts

In the summer, some girls want to wear vests, and they feel a little embarrassed, so add a small shawl and a denim shorts with the lower body.

Second, small shawl+suspender dress

In this hot summer, it will be sweaty and afraid of being dark, and it will feel cold when turning on the air conditioner in the room, so the small shawl in summer is very necessary. The suspender dress is a popular element of this summer. Girls can wear a cool camisole dress as an inner dress. When the sun is fierce or put on a small shawl in the air -conditioned room, or some girls have worship meat, choose a thin piece Small shawls, this seems to be vibrant nor exposed some small fat on the arm.

夏装小披肩搭配盘点 教你穿出夏季气质范儿

Third, small shawl+skirt

The small shawl is actually a very gentle and temperamental item. Xiaobian recommends that girls must have a small shawl to match a gentle half skirt, such as chiffon skirt, floral skirt, etc. They are all gentle popular items.

In the hot summer, small shawls can not only sunscreen, resist the hot ultraviolet rays, but also very versatile. It can be matched with many popular items. It is a versatile item that girls should have in the wardrobe. Moreover, girls should pay attention to keeping warm and raising. Even in the summer, they cannot keep themselves very refreshing. A small shawl can be taken out when it is cold. Is it very intimate?