About the Blade 7000P Card Disassembly for Leisure Fish


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Maybe you may have to explain:

It is reported that more than 10 generations of graphics cards can be lit (I can use DP directly in 1063, other models are not tested)

The graphics card is limited to 32cm

The motherboard is Lenovo’s B550M, MATX, power supply is not beggar, the foundry is unknown, there is a picture below

It is reported that the backboard and screw model of the motherboard radiator are more special

4usb back, 1 Type-C, if you don’t have enough, you must pick up HUB

Must be JEDEC memory

, Eap itself with 8G 3200 *2 vest memory,

It is rumored that the compatibility is not very good, and the buyer is replaced

The front fan operates


Sound, but in

Within the scope of personal tolerance, I am not sure if an example

Case customization, the front switch is a custom interface, the switch/USB heard that it is a standard bar interface. The audio port jumping line heard that it is difficult to change the needle.

The RGB controller changes other motherboards and is basically useless

It is reported that overclocking can be used with RyzenMaster, I haven’t rectified this stuff

Class representative: higher customization, motherboard/radiator/RGB controller/chassis recommended packaging and selling

Reason for purchase


Around December 2018, a host of i3-8100 was equipped. At that time, the 8G 2400 pirate ship memory was close to 500, 1,000 yuan bought a 1063 piece from the seafood market. The frequency of use is not high. Recently, when the office is cleaned up, when the habit is more open,

Discover CPU performance bottlenecks, often 100%


, Then moved the idea of ​​changing the machine, I3 8100 intends to use it as Hei Synology.

After considering the matching of 12400, 5600X, 5600G, I watched the quotes of Aunt Zhang and the seafood market. For a long time, I finally found a full-time card removal of the blade 7000P. : 1800+200+400+300 = 2700, which has not been counted as its own AX200 wireless network card. In addition, there are 3 RGB fans, a CPU tower radiator, power supply, chassis, and adding these gadgets. Well, calculate two years of warranty,

Quite a good deal, why not look at it?

So …

Note that the warranty of 7000P is all

On -site warranty for 3 years

Most of the seafood markets are sold in mid -2021, and the warranty is around 2024.


Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang

seafood market

The price of 2950 yuan is not said, the price is very high, and, and,,,,,,, of which,,, it,,,,,,,,

The seller himself replaced the Kefu 8G 3200*2 memory bar, with an invoice.

Before the delivery, the seller had been taken to take a test video (displayed the host serial number) to ensure that there was no problem with the computer before shipping.

Actual delivery weight 13.5kg

, Very heavy.

When receiving the goods, check the inspection and check the appearance of the machine. Because there is a foam, in fact, it is well protected. It is a good buyer if you do n’t test it without testing. I am a good buyer.

But the story always needs an episode.

Go home, plug in the power supply-> plug the graphics card-> plug DP-> Press the boot,

No light, the motherboard has no response, the fan does not turn, and it looks like an indispensable look.

Repair, apply for the motherboard and power supply after describing the problem.


After two days, I came to the door after sale, check

The power supply was not bad, and the new motherboard was changed.

Successfully lit the power, then brush the sequence number, the unknown reason during transportation damage the motherboard, it is really difficult to understand. Here, Lenovo will like it. Lenovo’s on -site after -sales is really good.

Details of the whole machine

Lenovo custom B550M motherboard structure


Lenovo B550M

Ax200 wireless network card

Kefu 3200 8G *2 + PNY 2666 16G *2


Samsung PM981 512G

Metal chassis (front panel breathing light, thick glass side, 13.5kg box weight)

Former RGB fan X2 (adjustable color) after RGB fan X1 (adjustable color) with a RGB light controller on the back



USB X4, Type-C X1

, Audio port, net port,

Front: USB X2


, Audio


Power 550W Hangjia, all said that it is 650W OEM

Main board reserved

2 3.5 -inch hard disks


The power line and the SATA cable have been reserved in advance, and the point direction is correct.

2 M2 solid -state hard disks


The chassis with a graphics card




Big surprise: 8G 3200 Key memory, mixed with 16G 2666 PNY memory, can be lit.

PNY 2666 16G memory device is purchased at the Zhongzheng family. Of course, I guide the memory to reduce frequency, but I pursue large memory and save money, so I don’t care. Insert order is as follows

Kefu 3200 8G

PNG 2666 16G

A 2T hard disk is added. The hard disk is very good.

overall evaluation

The cost -effectiveness is high, but because my motherboard is broken once, I doubt the quality of the motherboard. Perhaps it should be more appropriate if you do not move often.

Motherboard/radiator/RGB controller/chassis, these four suggestions are recommended to be sold and sold

Lazy people have nothing to worry about between the warranty period, and the performance is sufficient. The full 5800 comparison 5800X is only a bit weaker, but the lowest power consumption is 65W. For me who does not pursue extreme performance, it is very suitable for me, which is very suitable Essence

It is recommended to mention it in the same city

Finally, make up a little photo, ok, Ruisai

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seafood market

Lenovo custom B550M motherboard structure



Main board reserved


Kefu 3200 8G

PNG 2666 16G