Mao Xiaotong found his own style. He wore a puffy sleeve dress and reducing his age and exquisite.


When many young mature girls choose to wear, they value age reduction. Many times you are young, but lack of refinement and a bit too tender.

In fact, Mao Xiaotong once had this stage, and now he has changed his dress style. Still sweet and cute, the sense of exquisite has also improved a lot, and the temperament of the whole person has changed a lot.

Mao Xiaotong found his own style. He wore a puffy sleeve dress and reducing his age and exquisite. Where is 33 years old? I hope that girls who have a sense of age but have a taste can learn more about her way of dressing.


In the design elements with a sense of girlishness, lotus leaf edges and puff sleeves are indispensable.

But for girls with light mature age, they hope that wearing exquisiteness must choose a simple design and clear lines. I hope that there is a girl but a decent effect, the panton sleeves are a good choice.

Mao Xiaotong denim jackets have a sense of age reduction from the material, and the thick and stiff materials and versions, the lines of lines are strong and naturally have a clear sense of exquisiteness.


Mao Xiaotong can wear it after getting angry. A age -reducing dress is so exquisite. It is not like 33 years old.

The deep color will be more mature, and the design of the puff sleeves can have a neutral effect. Using very young elements and dark combinations, it is very young and young. Mao Xiaotong belongs to the small skeleton body, so the design of the panton sleeves can make the shoulders look slightly wider, make the advantages of thin waist more prominent, and help extend the length of the lower body.

No matter how old it is in the style, it can’t escape the problem of dullness. Use some very eye -catching elements to brighten, to enhance the exquisiteness and can get rid of the problem of old qi.

The design of Mao Xiaotong’s skirt buttons is very chic. The upper body uses a golden button to embellish the skirt well. The texture of the metal can effectively enhance the sense of advanced. And the buttons of different colors will also be divided up and down, increasing the waist line to optimize the body proportion.

The design of the short skirt shows slender beautiful legs, and tall and slender is also very good. The panton sleeves make the upper body look wider and prone to the problem of light head and feet. The matching of the black Martin boots is balanced, and at the same time, the lines of the calves are lengthened, and the whole person looks taller.

The petite girl choosing this shape is also very temperamental. Girls with slightly fat shoulders choose Puff sleeves. Remember not to choose too exaggerated cuffs. At the same time, it is also necessary to combine proper skin skin skills. The problem of balancing shoulders too wide will be very thin.

Although many women with black mature age like it, they are also worried that they will wear old -fashioned problems. In fact, many times you choose the appropriate style, and the sense of age reduction can also improve the gas field.


The tightly wrapped style will show a sense of dullness, exposing the skin of the arms and chest, and using the bright color of the skin to weaken the dullness. Not only is the styling a lot refreshing, but also because of weakening the thickness of the upper body and vitality.


You can also choose elements with dark flowers like Mao Xiaotong, which is not obviously bright and glittering effect, but also makes black to some texture. The irregular skirt also enhanced the sense of fashion. Mao Xiaotong wearing a black skirt was still a little girl.

Dark green is fair -skinned, and because of bright colors, it is more energetic. The design of the sweater is sexy and charming, and the slit design of the hem of the sweater is more highlighted. The lines formed by the color formation of the inside play a high -end stretching role. The matching of the belt shows a slender waist, and the effect of the high waistline is particularly long.

Exposing the legs is very leg shape, and high -heeled shoes have strengthened the advantages of long legs. If the small girl does not like to wear high shoes, as long as they can expose their feet and the shoe shape is more elegant, they can also show their legs visually.

The petite girl is very suitable for wearing white clothes. She cuts the simple skirt with a simple style. The lines are very fresh and delicate and white. The hair edge design on the skirt makes the skirt more three -dimensional. The furry feeling is cute and gentle. With a visual swelling, Mao Xiaotong, which is thinner, looks more round and well -proportioned.