Winter that is accompanied by the velvet


The flush said: I feel very good, I can’t stop it when I feel it; Mao said: It is very good, and I can’t take it off when I put it on. Just after the winter solstice, the aroma of pickled waxy products gradually overflowed from the window sill of the household. The Christmas atmosphere after shopping is replaced by the New Year’s Day, and the velvet is in the same way.


Candy -colored hair collar down jacket

01 deserves a stunning mood, and how long the fingers are still counting their fingers silently from the first holiday in 2015. The expectation mood is like the sweetness of the candy on the down jacket. The big hair collar swayed with the small wind and jumped in the sunny weather.


Petal collar woolen dress

02 With the most beautiful wishes like a girl, it is considered that the upcoming year should be surprising and proud of the current herself. Maybe it is not a change that can be seen at a glance, such as a low -key striped stitching on the woolen woolen. But at least, there will be small results like petals.


Golden Silk Embroidery Stitching Set

03 The dressing after the early autumn and the winter solstice is probably just the coat is not there. There will be such a logic on the basis of a warm basis. Golden Silk embroidery is full of gorgeousness and beauty like the court feast. The skirts that are separated up and down are very suitable for their new shapes.

Round -neck color matching dress

The 04 dress repeated the main point of One Piece, but expanded it to an unimaginable vast territory. The fluff and how are you galloping on the Pingye of thoughts, exquisite arc color matching and slightly bud -shaped hip style? It was probably just the front line of inspiration.


Xiaoli Lingbao buckle woolen coat

05 Each piece of hair is like a micro -movie. The green and green orchids of ancient porcelain are combined together, mostly about the water village that tells light and fog. Everything is extremely elegant. The folds are plain hands, and the round buckle is properly packed.

Pinsell grid woolen skirt


06 With leather pants, I rarely consider whether they can wear extra matching if they can wear them outside. The full memories of the boots are still in your heart. Scotland’s color -fighting grid is suitable whether it is bold light legs or inside a cotton and velvet base, which is very suitable.

Lace embroidery bottom shirt

07 is soft, lace is really true. The shoulder sleeves are all interpreted by the lace, and the colorful blooming in all colors is as slender as jade. It looks really cold, but take off the coat in a heating room, isn’t it a shuddering scenery?

Half -neck diamond jelly sweater

What is the relationship between 08 knitwear and collar? Is it probably the first impression similar to the value of the face value? The colors are bright, the blooming flowers are scattered like peacock feathers, and the drilling lights are shining. The half -neck base shirt ignores the age, and the mother and daughter dress has no sense of disobedience.


Net yarn printed plus velvet bottom shirt

09 It was not particularly long before, and the large flower print was almost equivalent to rustic at a specific time period. After thirty years of Hedong, the romantic color matching brought it to the rolling. It has nothing to do with vulgar and vulgar, and it is very quiet to enjoy the warmth brought by the bottom shirt.


Add velvet denim pants

10 plus velvet thickness, cotton, PU, ​​and down materials squeezed the denim fabric into the corner of few people in winter. However, it is actually great with a large sweater jacket. Although the fashion of wide -leg pants is gradually scratching, it is not easy for the habit of stuffing pants into short boots.

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