There are also many people on the streets of New York wearing “fur”. The matching method is very casual. The aura is quite atmospheric.


There are many warm jackets in winter. Cotton clothes and down jackets are the most common. When the weather is not cold, there are still people wearing coats, but after the weather is cold, it is not appropriate to wear a coat. In fact, you can try it. Fur “, but it is recommended for artificial fur, that is,

, More colors, richer styles, cheap prices can also protect animals.

Many people also wear “fur” on the streets of New York,

The matching method is very casual,

The aura is quite atmospheric, and the high -level effect is high but there is no sense of age. New York streets are wearing and sharing. They are also wearing “fur”, and they are high -level with methods.

Cool brown environmentally friendly fur ◁

Recommend everyone to choose

Environmentally friendly fur

There are also more colors of environmentally friendly fur, and the reasons why you can make a variety of different patterns. The brown fur with white elements and black elements will make the temperament more “wild” beauty. The temperament is very temperamental. Have

Courage and high -level sense.

Especially the long environmentally friendly fur jacket, it is made very well

Cool color

The gas field will be even more atmospheric, the dark color is large, and it will not be fat. Nevertheless, with a thick environmentally friendly fur jacket, you must choose a thin way of wear. You must pay special attention to long models. It is best to choose. It is best to choose

Black bottom socks,

It’s refreshing or bloated

The short ones are different,


Although the short gas field is atmospheric

, But it will not look bloated, and the temperament is a bit casual. It is suitable for pants with all kinds of casual style. It is best to choose

Choose light -colored pants


The effect of preventing yourself from being worn will be old.

For example, blue jeans, beige wide -leg pants, with dark brown jackets are pretty good, the more lively with the color, the more lively.


The younger the gas field is.

When it comes to brown fur, you have to mention leopard and tiger patterns. These two textures are very popular among different clothing styles. Leopard patterns are well known.

Wild beauty

When you wear a clothing, you will think of wearing a leopard clothing.

The combination of simple sweaters and jeans has no characteristics, with leopard print

After fur jacket

The gas field has become cooler, not low -key at all.

It is just that the general people are still difficult to control after wearing leopard clothing. You can’t choose the clothing inside

Pink, white and brown

, Either can’t stand it, or feel like it is smooth.

Plush coat ◁

The coat made of rabbit hair is a short -handed short velvet, very comfortable and cute, and environmentally friendly fur can be perfectly restored. There are even more different.


Pure black short plush jacket, not only

Can warm and gentle

There is also a good lean effect, because the texture of the fluff is very unique, so that the black

Light -absorbing effect

It’s better, don’t worry about the effect of wearing fat at all.

The lower body is thinner

Black clothing


Of course, it is better to be thin, and you can also use the atmospheric clothing such as wide -leg pants.

It can be obviously found that the black fluffy jacket is much thinner than the gray plush jacket, but on the cool air field, the gray short plush jacket is more obvious, and even the matching is matched with it. When cool and casual clothes,

It will be better to choose gray



When wearing more retro clothing, it is recommended to choose


The short plush environmentally friendly fur, and in the snowy season, wearing white is more cute, and a sense of girly,

There is no problem with skirts.

In fact, it is not only a light -colored short plush jacket that can be matched with

Casual clothing,

As long as the black short plush environmentally friendly fur style design is rounded, it can also be matched with casual clothing, and


, Sexy mature clothing and cute clothing perfect

Blend together.

However, this kind of fur is best to choose short models, and you must choose environmentally friendly fur similar to rabbit velvet, long hair, long models, you can’t do such casual


Both the effect of atmosphere.

Lamb hair jacket ◁

The lamb hairy jacket is also different from the rabbit velvet. It feels a bit curled, making the gas field more refreshing and cute. Many fur coats will choose

Lamb hair design


Those who like cute style, or are used to match with colorful skirts, remember to choose a white lamb hair jacket, worry that you can wear it if you are fat


Just lining and collar and lamb hair design.

Those who wear black clothing daily can be paired with a gray lamb hair jacket.



Fur collar ◁

Can replace


There are so many fur clothing,

Why fur is still very popular, it is because the temperament and texture of the fur is very unique, even if it is only in

Down jacket’s hat

With a circle on the edge, the aura of clothing will become different.

After changing the collar of the coat to environmentally friendly fur, the effects that can be displayed are all


It is very high -level atmosphere, and it has the effect of suits.

However, the larger the collar jacket and the fur design, the more fat, so it is matched with the matching

Lamous clothing


It is also a collar made of environmentally friendly fur. Choose

Short velvete collar

, Obviously more cute, suitable for matching white wide -leg pants and small skirts, can also be regarded as

Dress -reduced clothing.

Although the atmosphere is not as good as long hair, the short velvet fur is obviously more popular with young girls.