How to match the long dress


How to match the color clothes is not as good as a dress with color clothes, so what color is matched. Your dress is the ankle or the navel. Generally, it will be suitable for small people to grow to the ankle. Moreover, you can wear long clothes to wear taller, because many girls in short skirts will leak their thighs, but long skirts will be A lot of thighs. For example, exposing your waist, and as long as your thighs are not particularly thick, long skirts can cover your thighs, wearing long skirts, you don’t have to worry about being fat at all.

How to match the long dress

1. It depends on the length

That’s the navel, which is suitable for girls with bigger, because you are too long, it is easy to cover your stomach, as short as the ankle, it will appear taller, but it will also slightly show your legs.

2. It depends on the color

White, beige, yellow, orange, are all versatile, even if it is a long white skirt, it will be very colorful.

It also looks fresh and lively.

If your clothes are dark or light -colored, then white may be the most suitable and versatile.

To sum up, when you are matching the color, two directions, one is the color with low purity, such as black, gray, and softer colors, which are more suitable for your long skirt.

The second is the color with a high degree of brightness, such as orange, red, these high -saturated colors, which are more suitable for your short skirts. The clothes itself is brighter and it will be more suitable for you.

Third, it depends on the length

If your skirt grows in the middle of the thigh, it is best not to wear long skirts, and your legs will look shorter.

You can try straight skirts, with a small umbrella skirt in front, it will be more tall.

After answering, I just like a good answer, so do it.

How to match the long dress will look good. Let me share with you how to match it in the future.

One of the wide -leg pants with an Oversize sweater in the winter fashion, whether it is stacked or paired with nine -point wide -leg pants, I think it is a very good choice.

Seeing wisdom for thin aspects, after all, everyone’s figure is different. It is definitely right to match according to their own figure. Wide -leg pants themselves do not pick their bodies. Thin.

In short, every season is a major period of wearing. Women are most difficult to match, and they cherish them.

They use color to adjust the temperature, which makes popularity: • If the green single items are highlighted, the dress is slightly cold, it is recommended to use coral velvet or suede to increase warmth. Women’s delicate temperament • Colorful and color -colored dress is more suitable for commuting.

Super long dress summer

The thin wool fabric plus is not particularly exaggerated, as if it is a tulle wrapped inside.

The overall sense of integration is not strong, and the dress inside looks fine, and maybe it seems that women with small buttocks are not high.

Because it is all -in -one knitted fabrics, and it is not even on the shoulders, it looks relatively clean and tidy, and it is also a small jewelry full of youthful atmosphere.

For the buttons, the round neckless dress is a familiar V -shaped design. The opening of the shoulder side is decorated on the opening of the shoulder, which can add charming collarbone lines.

The waist design of the waist skirt will not only make it handsome, but also the metal decoration of the skirt can make it playful and simple.

The style of the umbrella skirt is stronger, the skirt is soft and elegant, and the belt or belt is fixed.

The shirt or T -shirt inside can be knotted directly in the buckle position, or the buttons of the shirt or T -shirt can be opened. It is easy to cover the shortcomings of the figure when the vertical skirt is tailored.

The style characteristics of the umbrella skirt are soft and beautiful, and a fashion degree is not high, but it will be very temperamental when choosing the right clothes. The overall is more coordinated with the dress. The body has a V -shaped design, and the neckline is directly opened to the navel.


The long dress has arrived in summer, and whether the bride has prepared for preparations.

How to choose a dress with moderate texture has become a new test.

A lace lotus chiffon skirt can not only highlight the advantages of the figure, but also show femininity.

The upper body comes with a “butterfly bone” dress, and the lower body is even more “horizontal” without seeing thinness.

Speaking of chiffon skirts, I believe that many brides will send out soul torture: So fairy, why not wear like a fairy skirt.

But when the chiffon skirt is combined with the spring and summer items, it is very good.

For example, like this wool dress, black is the main color tone with leopard decoration, which adds to the original bland skirt, the whole person seems to be immediately charming.

The high temperature and thickness of the dress effectively neutralize the women’s characteristics close to the skin color, which looks sweet and fresh, playful and cute.

Fashion has always been opposite to vulgar. Whether it is color, material, style, and details, it is conveying personalization and innovation spirit.

Especially trendy women can often find the most unique skirts in their dresses.

But we also need to pay attention to what taboos are there.

1. “Waiting” wear When our figure is not perfect, we have a lot of unsatisfactory items.

What to say to try to avoid is the “equal high” wear method.

A long dress with a long swing will occupy a large part of the lower body, and even visually extend the arms invisibly in order to show thinness, visually make the hips and thighs obese.

Therefore, whether it is too long or a short dress, be sure to pay attention to the proportion of the two parts of the shoulder straps and pants.

2. The combination of the sleeves of the sleeves usually pays attention to “mainly simplicity”. The material of the dress itself has off -shoulder design. For brides who are not perfect in figure, it will be good to choose off -the -shoulder effect, but other parts will be very good, but other parts will be very good, but other parts will be very good, but other parts will be very good, but other parts will be very good, but other parts will be good, but other parts will Can’t publicize it.

Like this dress, the hem is too long, and the arm part looks round.

The slightly fat and petite bride cannot reveal the shoulder and neck lines and perfect butterfly sleeves from the clothes. At this time, the best way is to spend some thoughts on the “up and down” of the clothing.

3. The dressed dress must also be part of the clothing series. Now that the little fairy will always go out of various new products and change it, but no matter what style, you can wear different clothing at will.

In summer fashion wearing casual wear in the wardrobe, and other casual wear will appear in the wardrobe, and the dress cannot be given up.

Of course, dresses are also a single product that requires taste. Good clothes can wear different charm.

Below our Mengte You collected various popular brands in the 17 -year dress series, let’s take a look. -Monte Youyou series has continuously developed the design team from Chloe in recent years, and launched more ultra -retro and retro products to fashion enthusiasts.


Today, especially in spring and summer, printed dresses have become necessary. This versatile and beautiful colors can easily control both men and women.


Whether it is a stripe or a plaid, you can wear a different feeling. Let me count it for you. What classic styles do these brands have?

The top of the dress with a single color system and symmetrical letter can be a half -body skirt, suspender skirt or A -line skirt, and small black skirts can also be paired with small black single west.

But if the top of the match is the same as the lower body, the matching method is similar to the matching monochrome. The matching of the dress is generally 3 inner or 3 pants 1 monochrome top with a long skirt 2 suspender A -line skirt with a sleeveless shirt with a sleeveless shirt 3 Symmetric letters with long skirts with length to ankles. The proportion of tight long skirts is more fashionable to reference.