Can Douyin sell for 10 pounds in a seal -selling shark pants?


Hi little fairy is good at night ~ Recently, Budon found a “good thing” when brushing a certain sound! Can let you

“Thin leg artifacts” with chopstick legs in one second



That’s right! that is

Shark pants

~ Don’t be too hot recently! Look at this

Before and after comparison

, Evil calves are like being sucked into the black hole, XIU ~ The one is gone? Intersection

Not to mention netizens, even the buds and even one second and eight pieces of eight pieces will be worn in a second, wearing it

Don’t take off all year round

But reason is questioning me


“There are really such good things in the world?”

I was seriously found that it was not shark pants but black that was actually thin ….. sisters looked at me

Drawing part

Just know it ~

Because shark pants are too hot now, it is a black leggings that they are all said that they are shark pants.

Shark pants are the most prominent 2 major features


Essence The first is reflective, relatively ordinary cotton leggings, shark pants are known as


Use light refraction to shape the leg curve? Intersection

You are afraid of being a fool! If the reflective fabric is thin, Deng Ziqi will not be ridiculed to wear leather pants?

Picture from: Tang Shi

The second is that the shark pants on the market are made of nylon. The outstanding advantages of nylon are actually wear -resistant.

There is no “weight loss” effect

Essence And when you match, you use star wearing as a template, which is actually very tested! after all

The stars are real legs, not the trousers are displayed

, So don’t be deceived again!


The leg shape is not very good -looking

Or thick legs

MM, if you want to rely on your lower part of the autumn and winter, if you are thinner, or

Avoid this 360 ° close -up pants

Bar ~ Bud buds recommend 4 thinner pants type!

Of course, the most friendly one is the first one is still

High waist wide leg pants

The MMs that are always worried about the mm of their legs that can’t be worn with thick legs, they should have 10 high -waisted wide -leg pants!


Advantages of high waist wide leg pants

It is, it highlights and improves your small waist, and it will use it at the same time

The wide trousers hid the meat of the legs

Essence So if you are


Small, thighs and calves thick


Girls will be particularly suitable!

What if you are

Thick legs and big buttocks

Girls, it is best to choose when choosing

The hip starts to expand A -character

Pants type. if you


Thick legs but good hip shapes

You can choose

Start with the root of the thigh


The style ~

Of course, although it is wide -leg pants

It does not mean that the wider the better

If you are a small girl, it is recommended to choose



The style is enough to hide the meat. Otherwise, there will be a suspicion of pressing a child ~


There are many materials that can be selected for wide -leg pants. In addition to common versatile jeans, you can choose in autumn and winter.


Mao Woo and other materials of wide -leg pants

, Greek temperature grasping!


Autumn and winter loose straight love denim trousers women’s high waist is thin and casual wide legs

Reference price: ¥ 169

Tao password: 1 ¥ RJ8ZCORZUWF ¥/

High -waisted wide -leg pants female vertical feeling autumn dark blue jeans


Reference price: ¥ 69


Tao password: 1 ¥ ysbfcoizbca ¥/

Human character pattern woolen pants, children wearing autumn and winter, thin, high waist wide leg pants

Reference price: ¥ 49

Tao password: 1 w 8WWGCOI0T63 ¥/


Wide -legged pants female high waist vertical sensation, thin straight mopped pants Hong Kong taste loose

Tao password: 1 ¥ OOG1coizsmu ¥/

High -waisted denim pants women’s looseness, thin, dark blue wide -leg mopped pants


Tao password: 1 ¥ DCBCCOIZN5A ¥/

In addition to wide -leg pants, straight pants are also extremely friendly to rough legs, especially

Slightly slightly fat or thin upper body, pear -shaped lower body

Girls are very suitable for hiding meat with straight pants.

Different from the A -line model of wide -leg pants, straight pants are walking away

H route

, Wrap the waist tightly, starting from the hips to show a loose straight line, so

It’s thin and very straight at the same time

There are two types of straight pants we common in daily life,

One is the type of small and relatively self -cultivation of the cylinder


, Suitable for girls who are not thick but not perfect.


Another type of cylinder is large and more loose as a whole

, Very suitable for girls with wide and thick legs ~

Because the version of the straight tube is too friendly ~ Now no matter what the material is to combine with the straight tube, in addition to jeans, you can also choose

Cotton, corduroy

Don’t be too suitable for autumn and winter.

And straight pants


Super invincible wild

, Autumn can be paired with sweaters and knitted sweaters. There is no pressure to appear with various coats and coats in winter. It is definitely necessary for fashion people!

High -waisted denim trousers, women’s straight pork looseness, thin, and high all -round pants

Reference price: ¥ 159

Tao password: 1 ¥ xjwjcoibn8t ¥/

Black woolen nine -point pants women’s high waist and thin straight pants woolen

Tao password: 1 ¥ nbhxcoibf4j ¥/

Loose waist oblique pattern straight trousers loose wide leg pants high waist casual trousers

Reference price: ¥ 103


Tao password: 1 ¥ n4yacoiydyi ¥/

Add velvet jeans female Korean version of loose black black and thin waist straight pants

Tao password: 1 ¥ WLHGCOIY4WV ¥/

Mao Wa pants loose straight pants casual thin smoke pants cropped pants

Reference price: ¥ 89.9

Tao password: 1 k dyk4coiycxd ¥/

If you don’t like pants that are too casual, Jimei can also consider


Suit pants

Essence Not only is the ability to hide meat 100%, but also


The daily life of the workplace is not wrong



The reason why the wide -leg pants and straight pants are thin are winning in pants, and the most prominent advantage of suit pants is it

Unique perfect sense!

Winning invisible, wearing suit pants, you feel that the pants tube is empty, and the legs are super fine ~

And many suit pants also like to make special designs on the waist of the pants,

Use the details such as lace


Make suit pants more design and hierarchy,

Highlight the focus of waist details


Tao password: 1 f qyfxcoi1vzd ¥/ Reference price: ¥ 116

In the past, everyone used suit pants

Inherent impression is that it feels too serious


There is no fashion at all! But it ’s been 2020, can the suit pants have long changed? Especially this year, you must buy a few colors of good -looking suit pants to sweep the street ~


Sisters in the workplace can consider


Haze blue, gray, apricot color


Wait, if you want to be more eye -catching and fashionable, you can choose the more bright one

Pink, taro purple, yellow

and many more.

High -waist vertical sensation, thin loose suit pants straight mop long pants

Reference price: ¥ 59

Tao password: 1 ¥ y2stcoi1b0m ¥/

Korean version of the haze blue showed thin vertical straight pants suit pants mopped trousers long pants

Reference price: ¥ 74.1


Tao password: 1 ¥ 9mjgcoix8zb ¥/

Suit pants women’s straight tube loose and high waist, thin autumn and winter fall, drooping thick trousers

Reference price: ¥ 88.99

Tao password: 1 ¥ 4CXECOIC9NG ¥/

High -waist suit pants women’s vertical tube pants show thin legs casual pants

Reference price: ¥ 129

Tao password: 1 ¥ TQCRCOIXS0K ¥/

White wide -leg pants female high waist vertical feeling autumn ice silk suit pants mopped trousers

Reference price: ¥ 79

Tao password: 1 ¥ 3mamcoixaxf ¥/


Like daily like

Cool style


In the little fairy, Geya suggests that you must arrange a pair of work pants!

Don’t be too hot this year’s work pants ~ especially it’s here

Autumn and winter with various boots

, The lethality is really high!

High -waist version with loose trousers legs


, Legs are two meters long from eight meters ~

Common workpieces on the left and right knees up and down


Usually there are big pockets

, Make trousers

Beam design

It looks cool and superb.


If you don’t like beam or feel that your legs are pressed, it is recommended that you choose this

Comes with the adjustment of the tape rope design or choose the big trouser tube directly

Intersection Convenient and concave shape ~

Autumn and winter with various

Short coat, plush jacket, leather jacket, locomotive jacket


They are super suitable ~ comfortable to wear can also hide meat and handsome! Are you sure you won’t come?


Worker pants women’s thin waist beam casual guard pants plus velvet in autumn and winter

Reference price: ¥ 39.8

Tao password: 1 ¥ ktuxcoi20n66 ¥/

In autumn and winter plus velvet thickened high waist, thin gray gray loose foot leisure sports

Reference price: ¥ 89


Tao password: 1 ¥ mqhjcoixqgm ¥/


Pumping rope beam workers pants loose autumn and winter black and white, thin waist and frying street

Reference price: ¥ 158

Tao password: 1 ¥ 9ZBHCOIDUSR ¥/

Plel of velvet worker trousers handsome loose beam foot leisure black and white grid

Reference price: ¥ 119

Tao password: 1 ¥ H3CBCOID3VO ¥/


Gray Sports Pants Women’s Loose Beam Fit Slimous Workers Pants

Tao password: 1 ¥ qpnhcoiwk7i ¥/


Okay today

Slimpole pants guidelines

That’s it ~

What else do you want to read items?

Come and leave a message to tell me!

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Don’t gain weight this autumn and winter!






Reference price: ¥ 169


Reference price: ¥ 169

Reference price: ¥ 69


Reference price: ¥ 69


Reference price: ¥ 159