Dry goods: 3 sentences, “0” foundation can also make authentic Lanzhou beef noodles


Dry goods: 3 sentences, the “0” foundation can also make authentic Lanzhou beef noodles. Hi everybody, I’m

Food translators.

Speaking of food,

What I want to eat now is Lanzhou beef noodles. In retrospect, I have never eaten Lanzhou beef noodles for 5 to 6 years. During the period, Lanzhou ramen in other places was also tried, as if it was said on the Internet, it was different from the authentic Lanzhou beef noodles. Authentic Lanzhou beef noodles pay attention to

“One Qing, two white, three red four greens and five yellows”

One Qing is Tang Qing, Erbai is radish white, three red pepper oil red, four green coriander and garlic seedlings, and five yellow are yellow noodles, and beef noodles have

“The soup mirror is clear, the flesh is fragrant, and the fine face is fine.”

Unique flavor.

Zhang Yan, a poet in the Qing Dynasty, wrote: “The rain passed the Jincheng Pass, and the white horse slipped back. The Yellow River water several times, the road flowing the road was poor. The ramen was fragrant, but the horse family. Through the true scriptures, the twilight falls the white tower empty. Burning incense sighs, only looking forward to beef noodles. Entering the mountains and not Wuquan, nourishing the heart must be cleaned.

It is Lanzhou beef noodles.

Well, miss, still can’t solve the worms in the stomach. so

, Food Translator Passing


Repeatedly compare


Torrential, I finally found a copy of the Lanzhou beef noodles with a simple taste, and then made a bowl of delicate beef ramen for myself. Of course

The favorite flavor) finally soothed the maggots in the stomach.

Today, I will share this approach with your friends. I hope everyone can make this food at home.


Before the introduction, first announce a rare beef noodle ingredients

Secret recipe

My approach is to basically refer to this secret recipe.

This secret recipe is a poem from Chen Weijian, who was sorted by the “Thirteen World” in the family members of the Guozi Supervisor of the Qing Dynasty, left a poem left to his descendants. Exhausted,


Go far away.


Nian Huahe, strong rest

“hundred times”

. Spring wind

“Mu Xiang”, “Angelica”


Huaiqingfu. New green desire,


First open, flower

“Fragrant leaves”



Ripple, Bailin

“Grass Fruit”



. Luyuan is difficult to do, high


what? Wait for avoid


And return to Suzhai.

“Front of the car”

Wing Jifu Mask

“Red Robe”

, Night stay

“star anise”


Lou, morning drink


soup. horse

“Liang Jiang”


Thousands of miles



When the flowers arrive, Si Biyu Shu’s water seats respect each other

, “Moon Ginger”



Bean, cook

“Meat buckle”


“Gui Lao”

Busy, horizontal


kitchen. In this poem, Chen Weijian incorporated the 23 seasonings of the beef noodles. Later, Chen Weijian’s son Chen Bianlin also referred to his father’s method to embed the formula of braised beef into a poem:


The branches are tilted, Cuizhu Suzhai is around

. “Octagon”, “Dahongpao”,



“Spring Sand”

Yingjie green,

The stream jumps.


In August, riding a donkey sigh

“Lao Guo”.

The first step, living noodles, wake -up and ramen

raw material:

500g high -gluten flour / 250g water / edible salt 3g / edible alkali 3g

Production steps:

Put the edible alkaline noodles in water, and let it open to form alkaline water

Put the flour on the chopping board, add salt and stir well

Knead the noodles into a cylindrical shape, cut into the size of the palm size, brush a layer of oil on the surface, cover the plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator for more than 4 hours

When ramen, hold both ends of your hands, and the arms are evenly stretched out, then the two ends are folded, the two ends are placed in the fingertips of one hand at the same time, and the middle finger of the other hand hooks down the other end. , Make the noodles formed a twisted cable, while pulling both hands on both sides. After the noodles are stretched, put one end holding the right hand on the left finger, and the right hand continues to hook the other end.

Tips 1: “Water temperature for living noodles: warm winter in summer, cool in summer, spring and autumn temperature”

This means that in winter, use hot water and cold water in summer. The purpose is to keep the temperature of the dough at 30 ° C, because at this time, the protein in the flour is the highest water absorption, which can reach 150%. At this time, the extension and elasticity of the flour are the best, and the best should be pulled. More than 30 ° C, it will also reduce the generation of gluten,

Recruitment 2, “Three times the water, three times ash, kneading in 1981”

The “gray” here refers to the edible alkaline surface, that is, after the temperature of the edible alkali noodles is opened with warm water, the noodles are divided into 3 times, so that the noodles that live in this way are more vigorous. Noodles must be fully kneaded to form high -quality gluten.

The second step, boil the original soup

1 large piece of beef bone / beef tendon meat 800g

Fast: 4 to 5 tablets / cinnamon 3 to 4 tablets / pepper 8 to 10 capsules / lilac 2 to 3 capsules

7-8 / ginger slices 4 to 5 pieces / cooking wine / soy sauce 2 spoon

The beef bone is smashed, put in the water until the boiling, and then skimme the foam

Wash the bone, add a high -pressure cooker, add beef tendon meat and spices, add onion ginger, cook wine to fish, and then add soy sauce

After boiling for about 1 hour, skim the floating foam, remove all the ingredients and ingredients, and the original soup is made

The third step, make red oil

1 bowl of edible oil /

Ginger slices 10g / green onion segment 10g / onion 20g, 1 piece / carrot, sliced ​​/ coriander small handle

Horiko 5G / Cinnamon 5g / Fragrant Leaf 5g / Pepper 5g / Cumin 5g

A little bit of garlic / a little sugar / a little sesame, fried

Heat the oil to 130 ° C in medium heat, add onion ginger, onion, carrots and coriander, fry until yellow

Put in octagonal, cinnamon, fragrant leaves, peppercorns and cumin, after 3 minutes of fire, all of them are removed

Heat the oil to 220 ° C, turn off the heat, let it cool and wait for

Prepare the pepper noodles, pour the cooling oil into it, stir after the dry oil, add garlic and sugar, and stir well

Finally put in cooked sesame seeds, you can

Recruitment 3: “5 kinds of vegetables and 5 kinds of vegetables, add garlic and sugar, fry the sesame seeds and make it into spicy oil for you to taste.”

Finally, the hot noodles are flushed into the bowl, pour into the clear beef bone original soup, put on the sinking white radish slices, pour a spoonful of red translucent pepper oil, and sprinkle with emerald green. Onion and coriander, a bowl of your authentic beef ramen is ready. After smelling, the aroma was tangy, and a sip, the hot beef soup slowly followed the esophagus, brought the essence of the beef soup into your stomach, chewed a sip of noodles, stunned teeth, and sucked gently. This noodles quickly slide into your mouth, with the sweetness of radish, the fragrance of coriander, and the spicy spicy of chili red oil. This feeling is really cool!


Introduce the authentic Lanzhou beef noodles to the friends, I hope everyone can like it. If you like this article, I hope the friends will forward and share, and follow

thank you all! Intersection

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raw material:

raw material:

Production steps:

Production steps: