Wei Wei with the same paragraph DISSONA small fragrant rings chain package! Early European and American fashion


In recent years, the small bags are popular in the fashion circle.

Because small and delicate, the movie is also very eye-catching products.

Every time I see those small and exquisite packets, I always control the strength of the wild, the beauty is a big factor, and the price is very cute.

Among the many small bags, there is a small square package of four or four, very three-dimensional shapes with a future.

In addition to clothes, the bag can also be practiced with the gas field. It is necessary to refresh the street to be more handsome, and it is right.

Retro small square bag simple, size moderate, fashionable and practical, can be shoulder, obliquely or hand mention, various occasions, various patterns, cooperate with various mood, how to be beautiful, and how can it be love What about it?


Let’s know the small square bag first.

► It is an art taste that can never be abroad with a small as a boutique.


► Small body is beautiful and noble, highlighting the elegance of the nobles.

► The breath of the art is in the body, and the body is surrounded by the beautiful temperament.

► Take a cool out of the street to have trendy fun.


► Small square bag, chain colamented bag, Korean version of mini bags, are all tall minimalist atmosphere.

► Shallow gold hardware buckle with durable, the bag is designed with round metal holes, convenient for the slip, exquisite and beautiful and beautiful atmosphere, leading the forefront of fashion.


► Multi-cash process is plated, not only color is beautiful, but it is very wear-resistant.


► Taking cartoon as a creative inspiration, engraving it out of the cute image of it, printing graffiti these elements are swimming inside, very sweet girl’s child, is a small bag of age and fashion.

► Wearing the design of printing, it looks very fashionable, 3D digital replica, look very realistic picture, no discoloration!

► There is a centralized back method, which can be shocked by the shoulder, but also portable.

► Simple and no personality, break the gripping pattern, together to welcome the warm spring flowers.


► Meng fallen a whale is always so playful, and it is two zipper open design, which can accommodate a lot.

►Pu skin material, it is very soft, feel comfortable.

► Pink sweet, college style cartoon image, youthful vitality four shots.

So about the small square bag, is it more than the imagination?


Today we are mainly recommended is the “small fragrant rhombage chain bag” that is introduced, which belongs to the ultraviovascularity!

► Tranquame, with elegance, shaping multi-grid.

► Do not be arrested in one place, only chasing the true heart.

► Take the soul of fashion aesthetic collision personality, the elegant moment is open.

► Captain bag, highlight the vitality posture, interpretation of its own urban elegant wearing.


► Linger and knitted elegance encounter, lit today’s trendy inspiration.

✦ ✦ 格 包 介✦ ✦


► Brand: DISSONA


► Time to market: 2019 autumn

► texture: cowhide

► Leather material: cow leather

► Closed method: lock


► Pattern: solid color

► Style: Europe and the United States

► Shape: horizontal square

► Popular Elements: Linger

► Backpack: Shoulder, Messenger, Portable


► Retor material: polyester fiber / cow leather

► Shoulder strap style: single root

► Bag hardness: soft

► Structure: 2 open inside bags

► Contrast to iPhoneX / iPhoneXs can be placed.


✦ ✦ 格 包 detail

► Head layer leather, skin gloss natural, flexible and comfortable, interpretation of unique fashion arguments.


► The car flowers, the precision car suture, neatly interlaced, pass a meticulous craftsman.

► Turbid gold processes, calmly wipe it repeatedly.

► Cross twinning, open and convenient, smooth use.


► Disassemble the metal spectacles, give more imagination space.


► Exquisite inner, flood material, soft and comfortable.

✦ ✦ 格 包 color display ✦

✦ ✦ 薇 同 ✦ ✦




Although it is three basic colors, the color is super bright, super full!


I have to start worry about my pouch. . .

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