The character is dragged into a 2020 group pet “shoes”, wearing it out of the street, the stars are


# 意 不 不 不 不 家 新 品 #

What is the most suitable for the summer, it is undoubtedly a variety of sandals. But everyone will often wear more casual slippers, especially

Human flutter is more popular

. The character is dragged into a 2020 group pet “shoes”, wearing it out of the street


The star is both. The general slippers style will only wear at home. If you go out, you will be replaced with a more exquisite sandals, but the flip-flop can be

Put the street with sex



History of flip-flops

Speaking of the history of the flip, but also dating back to Japan

Meiji period

. my country’s slippers history is the first appearance from the Han Dynasty, the earliest slippers are

Bamboo strip is prepared

. But the characters are dragged into the innovation models of slippers, and the initial characters are dragged most.

Animal skin

, Expose the toes, slowly add the sole to make the shoes become type. Now the flies have become a representative of lazy home style.

Fashion and refreshing

Characteristics of flip-flops

The biggest feature of human gra philaship is that it is

Style of the jaw toe design

This is also the largest design point for ordinary slippers. Because the straps on the shoes are very close to the word “people”, they are therefore named. The character is more like a slope of the style.

Lightweight and convenient, simple

And there are also very much style

Freely choose

Item recommendation

1, solid color flip

Solid color character dragging low adjustability,

Very simple

. Matching bright colors, splicing wide legs, wearing national wind

Elegant charm,

Soft and gentle


. The upper body is a super loose white short sleeve, and the print pattern is increased.

Vintage charm

The shoulder bag is a black leather printer, the whole set of styles have a lot of bright color block patterns, colorful color and trousers, echo, complete set

Very personal


2, bamboo word

Dragonflied by the bamboo



, With pure black, outstanding, short body, long line, ankle sexy curve

Especially charming

, Upper body white hate

Cool, gentle,

Sleeveless style highlights the beautiful line of the swan arm, the high horse tail type is showing full


, With pure black wafer sunglasses, highlight

Retro charm

Human flip dragging

1, character drag + ultra shorts

White cowboy ultra shorts

Certain, simple,

The waist is added to the gradient yellow, highlight

Personality creative style

. The upper body is a lavender BF wind shirt, which is distributed and gentle, with a human floss,


Lightweight and handsome cool

At the same time, it is easy to outline the leg fiber curve, and the black super ink mirror is embellished.


The upper body is a black white horizontal striped circle long sleeve shirt,



Metacity. With cowboy ultra short, sexy is not a pretty rhyme, black belt is a relatively thick design,


Quite outstanding. Feet on pure black flip, legs white curve


, Full set of modeling

Leisurely comfortable charm

Casual dark blue ultra short trout is soft, add fine white vertical lines,

Soft and elegant.


The upper body is a foggy blue sleeveless bottoming vest, the ultra short design style is relatively high, the shape of the belly is sexy curve.


. The stacked items are full of aesthetic style, gorgeous style and smart style are highlighted. Machine-shaped flip-flops,

Simple and soft

Full of holiday wind


The big gold chain is extraordinary, and combined with white casual, gold is more


. How to take a slim short, dark blue suit jacket, handsome cool wind rhyme, and

Skilling workplace

It is also quite obvious. Ultra-short jeans highlights the thigh

Sexy curve

Add a hole in the hole, add a few tide street styles. The character flops simple and idle, and it is easy to go out.

Ear earning

2, flip-flops + no trace pants

Deep purple pants

Domineering charm,

Printed style highlights


, With a pink man sweep, the color is used to use quite bold. The upper body is a leisure sleeveless vest, the medium and long design stretches the upper body curve, the print pattern is highlighted


At the same time, printing tones echoes no trace pants. With dark brown reflective sunglasses, complete sets



Wear gray V collar short-sleeved design charm is refreshing, self-cultivation


. With deep pink, no trace pants,


Rose red slippers are a very loose style, simple and fragile, and full of


. Cowboy jacket on the waist, cleverly integrates the warmth of the warmth and sprinkling, with black white shoulder bag,

Handsome cool

The lower body is a seven-point pure black, and the bilateral vertical stripe is dotted.

Stretching the lower body ratio

On the other hand, increase sports trend. Make up with bright silver people,

Simple and pleasant

, Upper body black sleeveless vest cool, handsome cool, complete set of black lines


, Holding sports wind baseball jacket, showing idle

Relaxed breath

Black shoulder bag on the back,

Low-key and steady

Light gray without trace rate is true, add obvious black vertical lines to create a high-order rhyme, and the elements can also draw their profile lines. The foot is a black flip-flop, black gray combined, rigorous and low-key


Very introvert

. The upper body is full of black

Simple wind

, Thin denim jacket

Gentle and elegant


It is very followed. Add some row lines in the shoulder bag, full of smart


3, flip-flops + casual pants

Black casual pants uses a seven-point design version, which is very suitable for summer wearing, bamboo writing people and combined with it.

Simple and true


. The upper body is a pure black long-sleeved shirt, printed letters are full

Tongyu romance,

Under the low round neck, clavicle lines



. The whole set of clothes version is cleverly highlighting the crotch curve, with black super inlaid mirror,


European and American style summer match, very much like to use sleeveless back this single product, sprinkle and cool, no lack of coolness


. The lower body is a eight-point design pure black casual pants, combined with the same color flip, highlights the white lines of ankle. Waist, light gray knit cardigan,

Simple and soft

And there are some

Spiritual wind

. Meatball hair cool, lazy low-key style

Go deep into people

Oversize loose short sleeve is soft and beautiful, black white lines are particularly

Minimory of low-key

, The lower body is pure black flip and casual pants combined with shape, simple and light

Very ground


. Pink leopard silk scarf is the most outstanding single product, which combines romantic girls and charming vintage style, and the river stream line, adding pleasant



. Blue frame sunglasses show personalities

Charming charm

, Cleverly highlight the cool trend street chic

4, flip-flops + dress


The deep blue dress is a short design model to the thigh, and sexy style is perfectly integrated with a playful. White black small flowers are dotted,

Romantic and soft

. With the black flip, the big red nail is clear, full of sultry


. Black ultra-sunglasses are combined with shawl, and they are elegant.

Beautiful and beautiful

This tube top dress is a pure purple design.

Romantic charm

It is quite highlighting with your own style. The skirt is used as a curved design.

Smart and follow


And put the legs


Long line

. Pleated elements increase the high-end design style, with a human word drag, simple and easy and easy. White leather handbag increases elegant soft Chic, laminated hand is chic

National customs

Black and white striped dress is a long design model of ankle,


And this version can highlight your body



. Deep V style

Sexy and cool

, Clavicle and arms of arms are quite eye-catching, high-opening stroke


, With the bamboo editors and flops, exudes Bohemian romantic charm

5, flip-flops + half length skirt

Han Xue’s lower part is a print white spool dress,

Romantic gentle



Stormy. The flip-flop is also a more beautiful design.

Yan Shu


The goddess is very prominent. Slim pure black short sleeves are refreshing and simple, with white shoulder bag, add some school atmosphere, complete set of LOOK is cool and playful,

Very aging

What shoes are best? This year, the most popular shoes are dragged,

Easy to wear 慵 lazy wind

Slippers is a home must prepare, but the flip-flopping may not be a human hand, and some sisters will feel that the character is not very comfortable. At this time, you can pick some comparisons.


Loose design

, Out of the street, don’t have to shift shoes for a large week.

Simple lazy breath and fashionable