I like Europe and the United States a woman’s wind to wear, try “sweater + coat”, mix the stack of trendy handsome


The European and American style is filled with a big woman’s gas field. There is no kind of small and exquisite beauty, and there is no beauty of ancient ancient quaint. Some is the fashionable and handsome, and chic single items that have been spent on the words, and the free mix and match is the most fashionable look.

If you are still with a sweater with a coat, then it must be a fashionable trend. Loose casual sweater, superficing coat, has already become the most popular model of Europe and America. This mix and match style is hipster, walking on the street is also particularly stripped.


Sweater and coat stack, break through heavy obstacles, becoming the fashion cutting edge. In fact, Europe and the United States aesthetic, or has a gap with domestic aesthetics. European and American winds are more biased towards wild and cool, and pursue is a more cool and casual attitude.

I rarely choose a single item that specially touched the slim, more of the single item, such as loose sweater, casual coat, not only more inclusive, but also handsome. Sweats are comfortable, coat loose fashion, let autumn and winter wear with more possible possibilities.

The European and American style is more seen in the superimposing of sweaters and coats. Although sweaters and coats need to choose loose version, but the color of color is mainly based on simple advanced. The more simple color matching, the easier it is to show the beauty of cool.


The match of sweater coats should be adhering to the three color principles. That is, the overall clothing color, can not exceed three. If the color type is too much, it is inevitable that it will be complicated, lack of the overall beauty. So in the matching of the clothes, color cooperation is also critical.

Autumn and winter clothes, try to be high-level classic color. Black and white gray, card, brown, caramel color, is a relatively high and advanced color. The brown coat of the grille element, more design than the solid color. The choice of the inner line is more complete.

Choosing a gray sweater set, and it is handsome at the same time. Even the superposition of the sweater and coat also needs to focus on the presence of the overall style. Thick Martin boots, handsome tensile, dark brown color is more handsome, and it is also a common European and American style.

If you want to highlight the advanced beauty of the European and American style, you can choose the colors of the whole one. For example, khaki coat, combined khaki sweater suit. This kind of matching is more likely to have advanced beauty. It is only used in the sides of the coat, and the embellishment of the black element is used to show a high-level fashion.


The matching of the same color is not easy to outline, this requires us to work hard in the version and looseness. Especially a little color matching can also play a crucial role. So even if it is a color match, it is also necessary to combine the embellishment of different advanced colors, showing advanced beauty.

The coats and sweaters are stacked, and each detail is very important. The choice of coat, the matching of sweater, the choice of trousers, the matching of shoes, can affect the beauty of the whole temperament. So in daily matching, more need to pay attention to color and style options.


Khaki-colored windbreaker, loose-pull version, exceeding the length of the calf, is a more handsome style. Like this handsome windbreaker, combined gray sweater, and hooded embellishment makes the overall shape more playful. With small black pants, high heels, the overall style is more abroad.

When we choose coats and sweaters, we need to match the superior classic colors. Black and white gray, khaki, brown, caramel color, ink green, dark blue, are classic and advanced color. Gray straight coat, version is full, combined with its color sweater set, more lively and handsome beauty. Such a match, agefields, more accumulated temperament.


How is the high-filled black coat? How to stack it will be more fluent? Combine a green sweater, elegant and atmospheric color matching, let people feel free. I have never seen a color match, so advanced exquisite. Black classic elegant, green lively and fresh, and complement is more beautiful. And under the concealment of the coat, just exposed a little bit of green, like a Bishui, a more light and fashion.


If you think that the European and American wind is too strong, the gas field is too powerful. Then we can also try the matching of the day, the daily mixture can also use coats and sweaters. Loose coat, hooded sweater, stacking a small high-necked sweater, literary and elegant breath. With straight jeans, cool and fashionable, such wearing extra gentle intellectuality, has a fresh and elegant day with daily shades.


European and American winds and daily governments are actually two distinctive style, even with the same costumes, there will be some changes in the details. European and American coats, more handsome tensile wind, and the version is also more relaxed. The sweater is wearing more simple atmosphere, rarely choosing some of the inner rides. Even the shoes of the shoes, the shape of the European and American style is also more handsome, with the thick Martin boots, Chelsea boots.


Ok, the above is the fashion information to share today. Now you know how to play the European and American winds to wear it? Every day, share the fashion trend of fashion trend, pay attention! (Text original, picture source network. If there is any infringement, please contact delete.)

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