Summer, good things: silk pajamas + whitening body milk + body matte, etc.!


Hello everyone, I am Sabrina, welcome to come back.

I have to share some summer good things today. Today, in addition to some whitening sunscreen, you will also share some other little things, you can help you over the hot summer day. If you are interested in today’s summer, then you will start.

First of all, I cut the hair, have you look more refreshing? The hair is relatively long, all down, every time you have a bath, there is no dry neck, you will be wet, so you will cut your hair in the next few days ago, the whole person is a lot of cool. If you have this little trouble like me, you may wish to change a hairstyle, and the mood will be much better.

You may ask the skirt, the original is ganni, but because it is too difficult to wait, I bought a piece imitation version in Taobao, but Taobao has chosen, I bought a relatively expensive and cheaper point comparison, expensive A lot, the words you like are linked here.


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PAPERBLANKS hand account

I don’t know if you will ask me this little book. The cover is the green color of my favorite, a little ginger, very retro Europe, the material is also very good. It is a very ordinary strip paper, and there is a small bag behind it.

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2. Shire Cool clothing cool spray

This is a cool dress spray in Xiaolin. This cool spray has the effect of cooling, the sprayed water is very fine, and there will be no big watermark on the clothes. This taste I bought is a bit like a meint sugar, and there are other tastes, and I am hobby.

I am a very fearless person. This sprayed into the clothes and then I feel that the whole person is cool, and it can last. I took a shower and had breakfast and then went out. After an hour, it was also able to keep the coolness of the clothes. If you feel very hot in the morning, it is very influential, you can buy a bottle of try, it will be very useful.


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3. Invisible bra cleaning agent


If you have a habit of Nubar, this thing must be bought. The underwear of silica gel is unclear with ordinary laundry liquid, and it is not easy to use next time, so it is necessary to prepare such a dedicated silica gel lotion.

In addition, it is recommended to buy the original NUBAR, probably more than two hundred yuan, don’t buy dozens of pieces. The chest needs very breathable comfort, if you use the material that is not very good, it is easier to bother.


So if you want to wear nubar in the summer, I remember to buy a good material, and then match this professional lotion to keep your clean, and you can reuse the number of times more times.

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4. SESDERMA whitening moisturizing body milk

This body milk is recommended by Fan Bingbing, it is really very easy to use, and I use a white body that has immediate effect. I personally use my body milk, I don’t like it very sticky, this is very good.


I have always said that I have to be new, but because the relationship between pearl powder is too long, I finally got the goods with my brand. I will give you a set price!


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5. Jingrun micron grade pure pearl powder

The body milk is equipped with pearl powder is the best choice, I am planting grass by Xiaohong. This pearl powder is also recommended to me, before I bought a pearl powder, I didn’t look at the brand. This price is not the kind of super low, so the quality is also guaranteed.

I am looking for a brand to get the goods. I thought this batch couldn’t catch up, and I got it today! They have two pearl powder,

This is pure pearl powder! For whitening!


Some, don’t read it wrong!


After opening, it is a small bag packaging, and it is also very convenient to carry. If you go to the island, I am afraid that I am black, I suggest it to play back every day, I will give myself a whole body whitening.

First, mix the whitening body milk and a bag of pearl powder, and then mix well, especially the thigh calm. After wiping, the arm is wrapped directly with the plastic film, and the plastic film can increase the body temperature of the body, so that the body milk and pearl powder are better. I will wait for two or three minutes after wrap it. It can be washed away.

The whitening effect of this is far exceeds the use of a body milk alone.

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6. La Bruket Sea salt body matte cream


This can I am now using, is a Swedish national treasure spa brand. Ye Rose is the most famous series of their family, very rich roses. My shower gel body breast body matte is used. Before I have a series of wild roses specializing in this brand. If you are interested, you can go see.

Inside the essential oil is very sufficient, the sense of use is very comfortable, and you can see a very broken rose petals, the sea salt inside is particularly fine. Body scrub is a very important tool for helping whitening body milk absorbed. Before whitening, the body is removed with a body grinding cream, and then uses a whitening body milk effect to be better.

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7. WPC sunscreen umbrella & banana capsule umbrella

WPC striped umbrella is in my store, pink banana is not in my store. It’s not that you must go to my store to buy this umbrella, just want to share my experience of the sole umbrella.


I bought a solar umbrella first, it is not a coating or appearance, but it is easy to carry it. Nowadays, there are many bags of summer girls, and they are hot, and they don’t want to bring a very sinking thing. If you buy the solar umbrella too much, you will be tired throughout the summer, so it is the first point for me.


WPC umbrella is no coating, the side is flat, the size is only the length of the palm, very small and very light. The disadvantage is that there is no coating, which is not a coating is very poor. It can also achieve 80% -90% of the protection; there is also a small shade area, only suitable for one person. But because it doesn’t have a coating, it is very very thin, and the volume of the colored will be very small. I used the small crossbody bag, only it can put it in.


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Next and everyone said that the pink banana capsule, its advantage is that there is a coating, and the coated umbrella generally has more than 90% of the protective effect, and the shade area is also relatively large. The disadvantage is that the volume is very large, not all packs can be slow; it is the capsule umbrella to be much more than the umbrella of WPC, so if you need to carry it every day, take into account the lightweight, this is compared.


This depends on your usual backpack and habit of carrying things to choose the product that suits you.

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8. Venus lab sakura hair removal cream

Everyone in the summer knows to get rid of hair, otherwise wearing a beautiful little skirt will be very embarrassed. My hair is not very dense, so I have been using hair removal cream. This is the hair removal cream of VL cherry blossoms, and ordinary hair removal cream on the market will be more pungent. This taste will be better.

The hair removal cream will be more exciting. Some people are sensitive to the skin, which is easy to red. This contains skin care ingredients. My skin is relatively sensitive, and the skin does not have any pan red discomfort after using it. But all brand hair removal creams suggest that everyone will try to attempt to a small range of arms, and confirm that it will not be allergically and then used.

General hair removal cream needs to be applied with hand, it will be dirty in the hand. This can be directly pushed with a sponge that can use the sponge. It is basically 5-10 minutes to take all hair. My hair is relatively fine, usually 7 minutes, if your hair is relatively thick, staying for 10 minutes.

If you want to find a skin care ingredient, hair removal, and it is not easy to allergically, you can try it.

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9. Short Sleeve Long Pants Real Filament Pajamas Set


I am a super pair of pajamas, and the various materials of pajamas at home are added to dozens of sets. My favorite material is a silkworm, even in the winter, I also like to wear silk pajamas. This set is very surprisingly ink green, and it is the most perfect trousers with short sleeves. However, this pajamas will be a bit faded when washing, so everyone will not be mixed with other clothes for the first time.

This green is too much, and the whole person is white, and it is cool to wear. I think a good pajamas is very worth investing in investment. It is no problem for more than two years, and then with the perfume laundry liquid recommended in your love supplies, it is really comfortable and fragrant. I don’t know if you are now now? This set is really great.


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10. Earriasis

Today, I will not mention a specific jewelry, just want to talk to you, the jewelry will play a very important embellishment in the summer. I have written an article before, I have to share my favorite Taobao shop, and there are very many Taobao jewelry 100 yuan sharing. I hope everyone can take the jewelry of my favorite, so that your summer looks more beautiful.

[My Taobao jewelry store shared, click here ~]

The above is all today’s content. The face of summer is will be shared after the face. If you have a very good summer facial matter, such as the liquid foundation sunscreen makeup spray, you can leave a message to tell me. I can share with you.

Thank you for watching today, I hope everyone can like today’s share, we will see you next time, please worship!