High-quality minka to overcome, do winter elegant ornate women


Some people say that fur is a woman’s armor, because there will be no one piece to give women warm and confident like fur. In another year, the fur season, all kinds of epidemic trends have soared all the way, and all kinds of fashion elements have entered the world of fur, and the girls who love beauty can do not miss this trend!


If you have the impression of fur in the “soil” “Hao”, then you have to say that you are already outside the trend. In the season of chaling, it is better to keep the temperature again with this furry warm thing, and a variety of fashionable styles will definitely add flowers on the winter model. If you are also a noble and elegant beauty, then fur is really not missed.


A large-scale fashion mink coat is hot, soft and comfortable, warm as you, choose the whole tack, detachable design, bring you very comfortable experience, exquisite, no fear, refuse to bloated Enjoy the trend of fashion and noble bring you. Simple and elegant, high-profile and no demeanor.

Sweet, fashion keep warm

Khaki color, classic black, and temperament, a variety of colors. Fur has become a cutting tool for the cold streets. Break the dullness in the winter, put a bright scenery for the streets, so that the original light luxury fur can also be filled with Soft Meng’s street model.

Lace design, fashionable


The design of the unique big lapel neck, the fur is delicate and soft, the gloss quality is multiplied, the biggest advantage is very warm, let the shape and style are more diversified, the hair is full, delicate and smooth, color degree and gloss Very good, elegant is very energetic.

H version, slimming


The H version is designed, it looks slim, there will be no constraints when the arm is stretched, bringing more feelings. The inner side of the waist is designed, and it can be tightened after wearing it to play a better moral effect. The h version of the body is not picked up, the upper body appears to be slim, plus the V word collar and three-dimensional tailoring, will be more practicing the spirit. The position of the pocket has also been considered, and it is more in line with ergonomic design. It can also improve the proportion of waistline optimization, and it is very practical.


The liner can be disassembled, and it is another different feeling, and the clothes are wear, the clothes are cool Pike wind, the long version is particularly high, wearing the gas field immediately one meter Eight, it is also very eye-catching on the road.

Send a mink coat, you can choose the cashmere sweater in the bottom of the female, so that you can make your own returning rate if you take off your thick coat. Delicious legs, can be embellished with high heel boots, increased slitting long legs, reaching a significant purpose.