Beautiful in the hinterland of Europe, the “mouse line” to the weapon


Reference Message Network on March 26

(Text / Zhang Zhang)

After the 2011 Gaddafi regime was overthrown, the United States handed a large number of Libyan Arms Turkey to Syrian anti-government armed. This route that secretly transported weapons was investigated by the United States, and the Pully award winner Simo Hash said “mouse line.” Today, the United States has opened another “mouse line” in the hinterland of the Europe, providing weapons and equipment for the Ukrainian government. This will not only give the intensive Russian conflict, but also make conflicts further upgrade.

Poland Turvus into the starting point of “mouse line”

Given that the Russian army destroyed most of the major airports in Ukraine and almost mastered absolute hollow rights, weapons to Ukraine will be more difficult to provide weapons to Ukraine. Therefore, the US and its ally plans to transport weapons to the southeast city of Poland, then transported to Ukraine through land.

Both countries have a border line for more than 530 kilometers. The US military has military airports and military bases in the southeastern Poland. In Hungary refused a deadly weapon and Romania, Slovakia has the only choice to the Ukrainian transport line in the case of the Carpathian mountain barrier.

Tulf is adjacent to Ukraine, the provincial capital provincial capital, the Southeast of Poland, Carpathians, next to the A4 Expressway, is about 100 kilometers from the Bangui border, from the airport along the A4 high-speed driving an hour. You can reach the border. The airport is only about 800,000 passengers throughput, but there is a direct flight from New Jersey Airport, New Jersey, USA, which makes people feel unusual relationships between this airport and the United States.

The reporter visited the airport that was not seen before, and. When driving arrived, the traffic of the airport near the airport is not large, which is a civil airport that is generally a Pin Tong and is not busy. When the reporter tried to surrounded by a tape board on the roadside, it seems that the entrance of the exhibition center in the unfinished convention, a US soldier in a van after the iron board quickly got off the bus, when I saw the reporter just finished, this The soldiers visited the driver of the reporter. After the iron plate, the US military armored vehicles and other military vehicles were parked, from time to time, there were US military vehicles and American embassy diplomats.

Leaving the Tulf Airport, the reporter drives the car to Tugufei’s 50 kilometers of Merlitz Airport. Reaching near the airport, first seeing the black eagle helicopter with low altitude flight. Before the airport, the roadside queues parked more than 10 tank cars, indicating that the fuel consumption is great. Next to the airport is the US military soldier who lives in the livelios, and there are several black eagle helicopters and “Qido” helicopters in the airport visual range.

According to a number of media reports, the NATO countries headed by the United States through these two airports, and weapons are transported to Ukraine. While the United States said that he would not send the US military to Ukraine and the Russian army, refused to fire the fire; continuously providing military assistance to Ukraine, across the shore “Arch”.

Beauty and allies heavy gold armed Ukraine

Before the explosion of Russia, the NATO countries headed by the United States have provided a large number of weapons and equipment for Ukraine. According to reports, in February, the United States provided the total amount of 1,500 tons of weapon ammunition to Ukraine, including hundreds of “gun” anti-tank missiles, “poison” air missiles, etc .; British air transported 2,000 NLAW in Kyiv Tank missile.

On the 25th of the conflict, the British Defense Minister Ben Wallace convened a “donation conference” participating in more than 20 countries. The United States and NATO, EU countries continue to increase the output of Wu Weapon: US program allocation of 10 billion US dollars for addressing Russian prias; British considerations provide “starlight” air defense missile; EU decided to provide 450 million euros air defense system, anti-tank weapon ammunition Waiting for weapons and equipment, while starting a military aid financing tool with a maximum of 5 billion euros; in addition, Germany broke through the war ban, providing 1,000 anti-tank weapons and 500 “poison” missiles.

A few days ago, the US Cable News Network (CNN) quoted US Department of Defense officials said that the United States and its allies have provided more than 170,000 anti-tank weapons, 2000 “poison” air defense missiles. There are many of these to be implemented by land.

Shooting the fire will cause conflict upgrade

In the article “Red Wire and Mouse”, in 2014, Simo Hes disclosed the “mouse line” of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to the Syrian transport weapon. In this Russian, the United States took the medicine, and another “mouse line” was opened between Poland and Ukraine.

The Syrian crisis can no longer continue, and should not be repeated in Europe. Hes said that the US intelligence agency clearly knows that many Syrian anti-government arms that accept weapons is the banner with the base organization, even the branch of the base organization, such as the terrorist organization “Nusra Front” (reamer known ” Conquer the Syrian Front “), but still output weapons.

Today, Syrian Civil War enters the 12th year, this war has caused 500,000 deaths, 11 million people have disappeared, and more than 13 million people need humanitarian assistance, and the economic loss exceeds $ 400 billion.

Russia against the United States and Western weapons, saying that these weapons may become the prey of New Nazi, terrorists and plunders. Today, Ukraine is still able to order the President of the government and the army Ze Linski, and once the situation has changed, the unresnary of the dragons plus the individual and organization of the weapons, and the in-laws in China is difficult to expect.

A European Division said that the main cities of Russian military occupation do not mean that the story is over, because Ukraine will be resistant to the whole people. This is unfounded that Ukraine will not be Syrian or Afghanistan in Europe.

In addition, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has warned that any country and individuals are transported by Ukraine, which requires the consequences of their behavior. If Russia regards this behavior as a threat or even war, it is not only unfavorable to resolve, but may lead to quickly upgrade.

Mark Fino, Mark Fino, expert Mark Fanni, said that if the Western transport team is hit by the Russian army, whether in terms of NATO NATO, it is also over the border to enter Ukraine, will upgrade the situation.

Arnold, researcher, the Royal Institute of Royal Third Army, believes that the Russian army may also choose from the southwest of Belarus to intercept the weapons and equipment that transported to the east. Such actions will cut off the link between the east and the western border, causing humanitarian channels.

Source: Reference Message Network