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February 14 Valentine’s Day


coming soon,

Are you ready for your gift?

Originally, Osaka Sauce intended to write a Valentine’s Day.

Inventory a wave of 2022 Valentine’s Day series of large brands.

I don’t know how to write it.


……. (bitter)

Which is a heart,

It’s a good level of heartbeat! ! !


On the brands of cut leaves


Everyone will know it.

Gucci 2022 Valentine’s Day series

Special heart-shaped handbag

Reference price: RMB 9500 yuan

Three-dimensional heart-shaped design




Double G old pattern pattern

It is very simple and stunned above.


Love and love four letters

The degree of eye-catching in this red font is not never left with the red “danger” on the crash building …

咱 就 就 说 这 这 这 单 单 单 单 单 单 网 网 网 网 网 网 网 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为

Amount … This is more difficult, Osaka Sauce DISS has no mouth. Does Gucci have you had any questions, is it a “mad” method? !

Samantha Thavasa 2022 Valentine’s Day Series

Heart-shaped lock shoulder bag


Reference price: 16500 yen (tax entry)


Flip shoulder bag style

Designed to design the finishing pen

Little love lock in mosaiced drill and pearls

Long shoulder strap can be disassembled

Can be used as a small bag, or a shoulder bag back. The bag is set to set multiple interlayers, and the capacity space inside is sufficient.

The lining is a rushing the theme of Cupid arrows and love patterns



Light pink and red


A package of mid-ruled moments, the overall design is the 2010 style, and I will not think there is anything wrong.

Cartridge phone case


Reference price: 8800 yen (tax entry)

The phone case is a graffiti style, and there is an arrow to wear a style ~

Attached with a detachable + adjustable leather strap

This can directly take the phone directly.


There are not many mobile phone models, only

IPHONE12, 12PRO, 13 and 13PRO four

Osaka sauce will have a small partner will leave a message: Is a baby not fragrant? It’s better to see it!


Heart shaped quilted bag

Reference price: 11000 yen (tax entry)

Love shape + heart shaped suture + silk belt, fully stack the Japanese Kawaii stacked.

The pocket is not big,

Suitable for the key, lipstick, hand cream and other small pieces




In addition to this

Wallets, card packs, links, keychains, etc.

This is not only one here. Interested partners can go to their official website to see oh ~

Charles Keith 2022 Valentine’s Day Series

Women’s love shoulder diagonal bag

Reference price: RMB 399 yuan

This year, everyone really loves the shaped bag ~ This is not, the Singapore brand small CK with a wide price is better than the 2022 Valentine’s Day series.

Love on the bag,

Designed like a love greeting card

It is possible to “turn off” ~ then you will see

“Love Configue”

Black, white, powder three color selection


A bag comment

Two different lengths of detachable shoulder straps

So you can use a pack of two ~

Women’s love handbank shoulder bag

Reference price: RMB 539


A loveless buckle of love wind.



Design of handle

, Use the rough rope and coil elements.

Attached to a long shoulder strap, the storage capacity is moderate. Some netizens spit this series is Ai Lian’s local princess, how do you think?

Tucalye is over,

Here is the aesthetic online

Three Valentine’s Day

Dior2022 Valentine’s Day series


Small book Tote handbag

Reference price: RMB 28,000

White red is the main color match, the above is printed

Wings, squid

. The overall painting is like an ancient Greek murals.


Let the entire bag will not be too heavy.

Quietly say, it is estimated that many people will use the Muji home canvas bag COPY out of the way.

Medium Lady D-Lite Handbag

Reference price: RMB 41,000 yuan

Valentine’s Day canvas wear bag, which is more than the leather, and the feeling of coolness.

As the model example, it is equipped with sweaters, and it is still very good.

CELINE 2022 Valentine’s Day series

Printing leather heart shaped handbag

Reference price: RMB 18,500 yuan

This year’s Valentine’s Day Celine has launched a series of fun heart-shaped money. The first is this

Classic old flower printing MINI shoulder bag

In addition to the special shape, the past old flower bag with their home is poor.

So I am afraid that the young sister is carrying old, I can get this ~

Bowl leather heart shaped handbag

Reference price: RMB 22,000 yuan

The package is exactly the same as the previous package.

Shading is replaced from old flower to cute milk walrow

, “Temperament” has a playful life.

Fluffy sheep leather heart shaped handbag


Reference price: RMB 15,500 yuan

The surface of the bag is Hi this fluffy texture, looks at very good RUA,

Quite autumn and winter clothing.


Roger Vivier 2022 Valentine’s Day Series

Vanity Bag Drill Handbag

Reference price: RMB 15900

Rough Cowboy Fabric × Gorgeous Crystal Diamond

, Bring different elements collision, tailor-made salt sweetest contemporary urban girls ~

The drill handbag is

Inspired by Western Antique Cosmetics


And practical simultaneous fashion!


After the bidirectional zip is opened,


The entire flip can be fully opened, so that you can take items


There are two complete different STYLE

. Pull out the chain shoulder strap is a casual shoulder bag. When the chain is completely collected, it is another delicate and elegant small bag.

Heart shaped buckle skin sneakers

Reference price: RMB 10900 yuan

Little white shoes are a must-have fashion item in these years, very wild. RV This double white shoes are the whole is a simple white-shoe,


Square buckles, love diamonds and shoes red stitching

Let the overall design will not be too bored.

Different thick bottom design,

Have a certain “increase” effect


, Pull the legs from the visual


Love Strass Metal Earrings

Reference price: RMB 4600 yuan


This diamond earrings are simply rich in people!


Worried about the farewell small partners, you can refer to the model of the model.


With a simple black dress, simple hairstyle and light makeup

And thousands of money valves are naturally tapeed ~

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Special heart-shaped handbag

Reference price: RMB 9500 yuan