6 pairs of trendy women standing, do you have a few pairs? Comfortable, every pair is practical


The exquisite woman is in the details of the details.


The eyebrows, the tidy of makeup, and the garment.

I spent too much time on the clothing, but I ignored the shoes.


A delicious shoe can take you to a better future.

One of the women’s necessary shoes: small white shoes

Little white shoes are all the general name, comfortable, wild, light, aged.

I can wear four seasons a year, the most basic, women’s shoes must be used.

The popular white shoes is that it can accommodate all possible.

With a trousers, a skirt, no one is poor. Men and women are available.

Small white shoes for sports wind, lively, playful, comfortable, wild.

Middle-aged women put it on it, and I have been young in an instant.

A pair of bright middle stockings, blooming at the ankle.

It is also the most fashionable, and exquisite way.

Woman must-have shoes 2: Chelsea boots

From the UK Victorian equestrian boots, this era once again prevalent.

Chelsea boots are stripped, and it is a more delicious boots.

The side tightening boots, wearing a more free, sufficiently stylish.

Chelsea boots have already become trendy women, human-handed items.

The beauty of Chelsea boots lies in it.


The smooth three-dimensional tailor, the contour clear boots, and there is a delicious.

Especially in line with women’s aesthetics, both high elegant, handsome tensile, and elegant.

A pair of red brown Chelsea boots, with retro exquisite, blooming endless style.

Woman must-have shoes three: Laofu shoes

A more lightweight shoe, a flat or low-spirited shoe in the lace.

The biggest advantage is to wear easy and can include multiple legs.


Laofu shoes, more friendly women, more friendly.

Avoiding the foot, the possibility of squeezing, and the comfort is greatly improved.

In winter, it is still a special place, just the color of the shoes needs to be more rich.

Sugar fried chestnuts, roasted sweet potato, rock sugar, gourd, rich and ambient.

Laoff shoes, weighing and elegant. Take nine pants, handsome fashion.


Lefu shoes style is the choice of clothing items.

Woman must-have shoes four: old shoes

The so-called old shoes refers to the shoes of the people of Dad.

The same retro wind shoes like a tourism shoes, the light is comfortable, it is also high, and it is not cumbersome.

Today’s old shoes, more fashionable, and the version of the shoes is also more smooth.


The foot is comfortable and generous, and the legs are long, and it is also very thin.

Although the old woman is a retro shoe, it is derived from a more trend of dressing.

During the daily match, you don’t pick people at all. With a trousers, skirts, you can.

Low old wad shoes, romantic gentle.


Color clear old shoes, tapped trousers full of legs.

Woman must-have shoes 5: fisherman shoes

Fisherman shoes, refers to the shoes of the fisherman who is getting a fish, more of the grass elements.

Lightweight, comfortable, farmland of grass, is a kind of fisherman shoes.

It has both comfortable and fashionable, but also the item necessary for Spring and Autumn Summer.

The garment of the braided element is not like a leather, so hard, more gentle and sweet.

Woven elements of shoes, although beautiful and delicate, not so easy to manage.

In daily or more human cortical elements, exquisite and playful.


Of course, the leather fish is two style.

Like sweet, literary, Sen launched, or need to choose a fisherman shoes for woven elements.

Woman must-have shoes six: Mary Shoes

Mary’s shoes are collectively referred to. With low heel, round, ankle buckle strap is mainly characterized.

This shoe is more refined, with a playful and sweet.

More focused on the presentation of the detail element.

Pointer, round head, solid color, grit, contrast, multiple style.

The simple color of simple wind Mary is easier to play with the ancient wind.

A pair of jujube red, or warm orange Mary Shoes.

It’s like crossing time.


Wash the blue jeans, literary retro.


Do you have a few pairs of these six shoes you must have?

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