Small fragrance pearl buckle, slim sweater, warm and temperament!


The classic style is very simple. It is mainly to see its version of the simple atmospheric rabbit.


Autumn and winter must! Slim Korean version of the down jacket, integrated into a slim, style design with strong stitching and comfortable fabrics, expressing the generous and casual life attitude, comfortable with Zhang Yang! The front and back is the design of the stitching, the trend is bursting ~

Striped elements, famous classic, simple knitting is also mm autumn and winter intimate clothes, fine stripe pattern, good look, youthful, four shots ~ Very good wear knitted shirt, hand soft skin now go out Wear TA, because it is very convenient to match simple jeans enough to taste ~ The design of the temperament small collar is very special with a long coat.

Essential basic paragraph! It will not remove the skin, it will not get hair, more textured than cotton, very simple, very simple knit very hundreds of slim, very slim! Korean version of the autumn and winter new cute cartoon character pattern sweater, hundreds of thin and delicious taste, autumn and winter, the new product, the cartoon pattern is fine, the upper body is very sweet college wind full. Slim version of the short bottom knit sweater, the elastic force is very large, the long-sleeved joint is basic, the texture is comfortable

Korean version of the lady cute hooded sandwich cotton woolen coat cloak coat


The profile design of one breath, the generous millennium, the thickness, the stylish letter print design, highlighting the single product. This thickness is also very beautiful in the coat, the alphabet pattern classic, the classic black and white two colors are more likely not chasing the color. There is no age limit, and the different age layers can wear their respective tastes. ! I like a sweater ~ fabric and patterns are very good!

Ocean is white! The veteran model, really don’t pick your body, no matter how much your height can control the upper body effect is absolutely good, the goddess fan! Without a perfect person, fat, thin, you can’t be your unmethabited excuse, only to choose the clothes, it will easily achieve your beauty. Minimalian suits are designed, generous fashion, fence with type fashion, early spring, winter, winter, three seasons can wear ~


Wearing a very foreign thin super huge luxury hair lead super warm waist cotton clothes You must have to enter the sister of the south or the north of the sister, the quality is a mess, the color is not a general cotton coat, version realistic ~ good-looking Many thin millet.



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