This kind of oolong tea is a wonderful flower, although there is not much yield, it is a rare early spring tea in Fujian.


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Speaking of the early spring variety of Minnan Oolong Tea may not be familiar with many people, this is not surprising, compared with Tieguanyin, such a variety of Wulong Tea, Golden Lau, is indeed the authentic small tea.

However, the niche does not mean “tea is not as good as people.”

Sometimes, there is a wall in the wall in the wall.

Many tea friends may be inexplicably strange, put so many oannong tea varieties do not say, biasing monopolizes this small Chinese tea says that Yifangjun is your heart!

In fact, many people have some people who have some things that the spring river water warmer is the “Duck” in the Wuhan Tea, and even the Fujian Oolong Tea – this tea is the earliest of Many varieties of Minnan Wulong tea. And it is still one of the four major people in Minnan Wulong Tea, which is mainly produced in Anxi County.

You! A few days ago, Yi Fangjun was gone, and there was a turn of the mountain. , Explore the head to play for spring!

Take this look, it is estimated that it will be almost ten days, that is, you will have early adopters before and after the Ching Ming Festival! No wonder there is a “Mingqi Tea” in Oolong Tea, and it is not surprising! Speaking here, I should beat those brains that only recognize “Mingqi Tea only have a green tea”, I can’t think of Oolong Tea, there is a bright tea!



Ok, let’s say it back. Is this Huang Gui long? What is the characteristic that people are refreshing?

In fact, don’t say, it’s really! Don’t say how it grows like Yingchun, seeing spring, everyone, but it is also a beautiful beauty.

The blade of the golden sauce is relatively thin, the leaves are yellow. Looking far, it is a bright yellow-green ocean, which has a very obvious identification in the surrounding tea garden.

Huang Jingui, this name is “Huang Dang” or “Huang Wei”, but also praised as “Scented Scented”.

Tea is named, we may wish to meet the golden laurel tea from the name of Hua Gui.

Let me talk about Huang Dang (Huang Wei).

This name is only the name of Golden Gui. The famous tea is generally a beautiful historical legend, and the golden Gui is no exception.

About Huang Dang, there are two interesting legends: “Wei Zhen said” and “Wang said”.


“Wei Zhen said” is that the tea farmers will meet a tea tree on a day, and it is very quite strange. Looking back in a crowd, it is brought back to the front of themselves, and I didn’t want this tea. Leaves yellow green, there is Huang Du’s name.

And “Wang said” is integrated into the ancient customs of Minnan marriage. “Falling roots”, reproduction of children. The gift prepared by the mother is two tea seedlings. I didn’t expect this to be two kinds of neutral tea seedlings. The quality of tea is special, and the “Wang” and “Huang” in Minnan dialect are similar to “黄” voice. .

These two legend probably originated in the Xianfeng year of the Qing Dynasty, so far, there has been a hundred years, so on the production history of Huang Gui, in fact, the boss is not small, open the number of heads, and has experienced a hundred years of wind.

Speaking of this, many people must feel very strange: in the history of this hundred years, is there a wave of waves in this tea market?

In fact, the origin of “Golden Gui” this is the “activated stone” of Huang Dang tea in the Southeast Asian market.

It is said that before and after the 1940s, Huang Due tea as a separate class of Southeast Asia. In addition, the tea merchants at the time were prosperous, and they discussed a good color head, and they were renamed “Golden Gui”, and later “Golden Gui” The word is the word, with the influence of the influence, “Gangui” these three words are also water to the stream.


However, Huangjingui lays the four major people in Wusong Tea in Minnan Province, but the status of Hua Dan is more than just with its market, but the real quality endowment is rely on the real quality endowment.


This can be seen in the “Sweet Sweight” from the beautiful tea people who like the gold, Gui.

Despite the long-term living in Tieguanyin, sometimes it is necessary to blame the big brother, act as the lower facade, but this does not hinder its unique existence, and special quality.

The Pick of Golden Gui follows the standard of “two leaves” standards in Minnan Oolong Tea, and uses the process of Warong tea in Minnan, and the finished tea is generally fragrant and rich.


However, it is necessary to pay attention to refining gold, because the tea of ​​the gods is fine, the leaves are relatively thin, when making it in the sun, shake, killing, etc., it is gentle, so as not to ferment, loss The nature of golden tea.

And the most favorite tea people in Golden Liga lies in its fragrance.

The aroma of high quality golden is pure, like a clear, Ya Ya’s orchid, and it seems like a smell of osmanthus fragrant, falling from the sky, dying from the sky, in the Wulong tea department, which is overbearing, really “did not drink Its tea, and the heart is incense.

And the tea soup into the cup, the soup is yellow and green, and the warmth is like a spring breeze; the details are refreshing, and a fresh taste is in the early spring.

This situation is, it should also be in spring in a cup of tea!

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However, after all, the tea is not like Tieguanyin, but it looks fine and thin, so although it is still based on the oolong tea bubble technique, in order to avoid it, it is easy to live up to the color of the color of the color, brewed. There are also a few full-scale points to say fine.

The first is the first choice for the tea maker, which is the unique shape of the bowl. It has the effect of wrap the cup, and the cup can perceive the type of fragrance, thick, strong, exactly bumps the high incents of golden.

Second, the soup time should be slightly shorter than the iron guanyin. The characteristics of the scent of the scent of golden lyrics are fine and delicate, in short, it is that it is very tender, soaking time is too long, but it is appropriate.

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