I can’t afford five digits, it can also be a competent enthusiast.


Everyone has the habit of listening to music, whether you like music, still don’t like it, as an indispensable element in life, music or less occupies a small proportion in your life. In fact, we have become more and more picky to many things, remember that they are still going to school, listen to the sound, whether the headphones are not a leakage, is it high-fidelity, is there a noise reduction effect, it is not considered I can listen to the taste of Jinjin.

Although we will occasionally miss those youthful, the pursuit of high quality music is also the greatest extent of musicians. After all, it is possible to show the music in front of our world, and the practice of condensed musicians and wisdom. So, from the ear earphone, slowly change the habit of listening to music, go to the entrance and selection of the headphones, wow, really experienced from pure white to not pure white, really One person listened to discovering the difference between sound quality and has higher pursuit.

买不起五位数的它 一千多也能做个称职的发烧友

Whether you listen to classics ~

买不起五位数的它 一千多也能做个称职的发烧友

Still modern classical ~

Or rock ~

Or then alternative points ~

买不起五位数的它 一千多也能做个称职的发烧友

No matter which music style, there is always one instant, you will be moved by music, or excited, or sad, or the happiness of the quiet.

In fact, the article is here, suddenly some small selfishness, although it is usually wearing a ear ear chance, but it is a unique moment of the headphones, after all, the big guy feels that there is a solid weight, there is Feel! And … hanging on the neck! (Many sweathers are also empty)

Start! Don’t question first! Come, look at two pictures together!

买不起五位数的它 一千多也能做个称职的发烧友

Come, tell me with sincerity eyes, which type of digital person is it?

The second is wrong? Although everyone does not encourage everyone to look at people, but the headset is a digital product, it is not only to meet the needs of people’s sound quality, but also a very cool ornament.

Cough, talk about it. In addition to usual, headset is very popular, in addition to usual, it is the most important. Previously, there was a Korean drama of the country, including the various headphones used by the Male No. 2, have become an object of many digital enthusiasts to compete. One of them is the top of the list of five-digit price!

买不起五位数的它 一千多也能做个称职的发烧友

Yes, this is this AKG N90Q! Adhering to the consistent design style of the Quinci Jones series, the appearance style can be said to be very cool. However, people are strength! As a headset that supports Trunote technology in the world, in the calibration of the sound, there is no need to add more and more, and the price will also make ordinary users so good to accept the price of five digits.

However, the pursuit of sound quality can not be given this, as a headset welcomed by Akg, Akg N60NC looks more light and low-key, and it is also easy to accept. The author found this headset in Amazon’s global purchase, 喏, is the following small title, the mouse will be able to see it.

买不起五位数的它 一千多也能做个称职的发烧友

AKG N60nc headset wireless noise reduction Bluetooth headset

As a digital noise reduction headset, as the name suggests, it feels clearer in the sound quality. The body also uses lightweight design, outer matt metal components, and cortical unit housing, while supplemented by AKG exclusive 3D-AXIS2 folding design, making the entire headset compact and easy to carry.

买不起五位数的它 一千多也能做个称职的发烧友

In addition, the battery life is also very considerable, and the charging can be charged for 30 hours of noise reduction effect. The small round holes distributed outside the headphones are not simple. The design is decorated, and after understanding, they know that It has been a result of the perfect noise reduction effect by collected an external sound effect.

Seeing this, is it suddenly long enough, you can experience the excellent sound quality effect!