8 men’s trousers brand recommendation, buy the season


The fan is said: You don’t know the secret of a pants.


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For men, the pants play a vital role in the daily match, and if they don’t care, they will accidentally fall into the trap of pants.

The fan is talking to you today, and how to wear a pants.

Wear pants, mine, please avoid:

First, the pants and the length must be combined. The pants will be very long, too short, accidentally revealing socks ~ Many big gods in the early days, they also put a lot of horse on trousers. For example, the trousers of the trousers is too long, and the Lei Jun, who is 2/3, and the length of the trousers that grow to the ground.


Second, the color of the colors of the pants is reasonable. When you use pants, I remember whether the color matches the color of their tops and shoes. For example, Lei Jun’s light pants with black leather shoes (at this time, there is a high-end black rush); there is also Ma Yun, Meeting with Thai prime minister actually chose a trousers that are completely ran with the upper color, the fan is also honey Puzzled…

△ Leg short leg is not wrong, it is really embarrassing with the wrong choice ~


After reading the failure cases of these big men, how to choose a perfect trousers that suits you, the Fan Lord is in the red scarf today ~


☆ Principles of pants:

The fan is summed up: Choosing pants must pay attention to the four principles of pants, not necessarily the most popular style but must choose the most suitable for you.


Principles of Pants: Fabric & Version & Style & Color


Choosing the pants must be comfortable, so it is only possible to win (to accommodate) (exclusive) (extension). Like male Fang Friends who are often traveling. For example, choose a breathable linen trousers, etc. in summer. Winter will choose some warmth, such as hair, etc.


No matter how good the leg shape is, the version of the trousers will be greatly reduced. The length of the trousers, the tightness of the trousers, whether the traces of the trousers are neat, these are the details that cannot be ignored (the wrong version is easy to wear before weight loss)


Choosing pants should also choose styles, and the choice of styles must lead to avoid weakness. The star with the same paragraph and the big-name explosion are not necessarily suitable. In combination with your own body, you can choose the perfect trousers that suits you (avoiding the small shorts of one meter a few big legs) ~




Most of the trousers in autumn and winter season are basically dark. Black, dark blue is the most classic. Brown deep gray second ~ Other colors require Fan Friends to match it carefully.

☆ Eight trousers brand recommendation:


Autumn and winter season men’s wardrobe essential trousers: Leisure Sports & Jeans & Pattern. Fan is a picture of 8 brands to recommend a wave of Fan Friends ~

Series Recommended: Suit & Casual Pants & Jeans & Sports Pants

Suit series:

⚝incotex is a famous Italian trousers brand, in the field of trousers, incotex can be described as a protectup. Many business people (especially Europeans) are very loved on this brand, like Bentley’s global brand communication supervisor Andrew Roberts, etc.


The INCOTEX home’s trousers is the most outstanding (no wonder to help BURBERRY to work!). The pants type is characterized by slimming body. The following classic trousers explains the INCOTEX’s trousers. If there is a thin Fang Friends (the long legs Obamami see ~) can choose oh ~ price is about $ 300 ~

The trousers of their family are not lack of leisure, and there is no one-glance, like a wool-made trousers of this picture, and the shoes or leather shoes look very harmonious.

Usually, you need to have a prepared Fan Friends, you may wish to consider incotex ~

CANALI: Low-profile Condylo brand main men custom suit, their pants are mainly pants.

Connell’s product selection and workmanship is its most colorful. For example, its checkered pattern weapon pants is made from 100% pure wool in its own production and processing of Italy. Moreover, the design is also novel and fashionable, and there is a button in the waist, avoiding the foot of the inner waist.

Western pants cloth color selection, not only choosing a single color adjustment such as pure black, like two striped pattern trousers and checkered pattern trousers, two models are fashionable and more atmospheric ~


Leisure Series:

Brooks Brothers is one of the oldest brand of clothing. The branches of the previous US President Kennedy, Bush, etc. have Bark Brothers (so many presidents, no loss is “President Royal”). Book brothers’ trousers are dominated by trousers and casual pants. Among them, there are five trousers, which is the most suitable of Asian male body as Clark and Milano.

Clark is a standard men’s straight pants, and heights are at 176cm body weights around 80kg. The latest latest model is BRUSHED TWILL with Stretch chinos, made from 97% cotton + 3% spandex. And this color is selective, dark and light, priced for $ 118.

△ The most expensive thing is that this can be washed ~


And Milano is a representative of low-waist straight pants. Compared to Clark, it is more trendy, which can be matched with this model, but the color is relatively limited, a total of two kinds, the picture is the Navy Blue, and there is also a thousand birds. . Price is around $ 100 ~

The Milano series has also had a lamp heart velvet standard straight pants. The biggest feature is rich in color, and the warmth of autumn and winter is also very good. And the lamp is very wear resistant, the quality is good, and the pricing is also reasonable, between $ 65- $ 108.

I don’t know if Fans have a wooden discovery, the pants of Bak brothers are short, so I will add more than the size of the size ~

Margaret Howell from the nature is from one of the simple clothing brands from the UK. Its clothes are mainly black and white, so that they are also known as “non-printing products” in the UK. Very suitable for literary young people ~

Margaret Howell’s men’s trousers walks low-key but maintains a personality route. Its MHL casual pants series is the most comfortable and simple, on the basis of good fabrics, the style is strong, and the waist has a tight lace design. Men not have a cautious hurde, you can highlight your personality. The price is about 200 euros ~

Margaret Howell’s loose men’s trousers, also have a wide-leg pants. The wide legs have played a lot of roles for body lines. Coupled with the comfortable fabrics of Margaret Howell home, sometimes in a suit can also feel this “unfained” wearing in the formal occasion.

Jeans series:

⚝ When you mention cowboy, the fan is the first thing to think is Diesel. Although it is just a “small meat” of 20 years old, it can be alone in a little bit of “old bacon” Li Vis, which is “old bacon” in cowboy.

Diesel’s cowboy is based on street fashionable men. The version is good, it is the most significant feature, not only can be modified, but also work very detailed. Diesel’s designers are also very careful. There is a classification for different heighing longs, no matter whether it is low, no concern ~

Diesel’s jeans has a variety of types, and there will be updates every year. The most classic trouser type is Viker low waist slim straight casual pants, very wild. There is a crumpled irregular ripple on the pants cylinder, which is slightly fashionable. If you like low-spirited, Fang Friends don’t let go ~

△ American Youth Actor Chad Michael Murray is a Viker series.

Secondly, LARKEE: Standard Mid-Direct Men’s Jeans. This cowboy is more flexible, and it is also a comparison of Diesel home comparison of high-end series. This will be more relaxed, so wearing the effect without Viker. Suitable for non-detained bars to go to European American Rough STYLE:


△ Movie The actor Gerard Butler wears this is this.

Diesel’s jeans is very detailed, there are a variety of tight jeans, such as Thanaz, Thavar, SHOONER, etc. Fan Friends who like cowboy can try it ~

As a men’s brand, ⚝J BRAND DENIM CO, although the starting of the deceased, but their home’s denim is quite good, it is very comfortable and beautiful.

The best selling is the best, the fan is recommended by the classic KANE straight jeans. This jeans is very soft, and the trousers are somewhat crumpled, specializing in making men who love traditional jeans. At present, this official website has only launched a color, Novaris deep blue, more thin.


△ is priced as a jeans of $ 228, you can consider ha ~


Most of J BRAND Denim Co’s jeans is a slim style. In addition to the above, the fan is recommended to a Tyler slim taper jeans. This is the most suitable pants-shaped trousers, which can achieve the visual effect of smart covering the thighs ~

Sports pants series:

⚝ US Brand John Elliott has always been based on street style. Men’s trousers are sports trousers (do you sound a feeling of being a kind of feelings ?!).


John Elliott’s sports trousers style bid farewell to the past, only simple fat, more suitable for the legs of the legs. Like the escobar series is a tight STYLE sports trousers, 100% cotton won’t feel tightless, and the cone pants is very suitable for male friends who have long slender. The price is about 1300 soft girls ~

BTW, except for sports pants, their own sweater is also good ~


I said that my sports pants had to mention another street brand Gosha Rubchinskly. The sports pants are very simple to simsest with the A & F style that we usually familiar with. The most classic is its logo sports pants, the pants legs of the closet + is printed on the trouser legs. Very simple logo is both comfortable and duty, not to pick up the leg. The price is around 1500 soft girl.


The latest whistle of their sports pants is LOGO printed sportswear. Compared to classic models, I only printed a row of markers on the trouser leg. I don’t carefully read it will be mistaken. I am a colonial school uniform pants wow ~ wear cotton materials, autumn with sweat shirt is also a good choice, the price is cheap than classic One lost, about 1400 soft girls left ~

△ has a kind of “school uniform” in the US university ~


If you usually love sports pants, don’t hesitate.

—- I am dividing line —-

Ok, today Fan Master recommended eight brands の men’s trousers, Fan Friends are ready to buy bought?

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