Trend | men put a bra, this is?


As a woman, I have always thought that the milk is a bleeding, just like Sun Wukong’s tag, you can’t wear what you want, clearly take off, and there is no place. In recent years, the men have also begun to popularize “male bra”, gradually feel that they are really in the blessing !!

潮流 | 男人们穿起胸罩了,这是?

And these men’s underwear is really evolutionary, so that Xiaobian can’t help but worry about it, it is possible to be replaced by men. In fact, in Japan, men wear bras are no longer novelty, especially those who need to wear white every day. The office worker in the shirt is more necessary. In fact, it is just a multi-function underwear, don’t be so sensitive and bad.

潮流 | 男人们穿起胸罩了,这是?

You see [necessary] The word is so big, don’t you come?

A few days ago, some media reported that Japanese men love to wear “bra”, and the picture is “the feeling of being guarded”. According to Recordjapan websites, men’s phenomenon is very popular among the world. So why do men like to wear a bra? Xiaobian is a summary of everyone ~

潮流 | 男人们穿起胸罩了,这是?

1. “I feel that there is a kind of guardian feeling, very peaceful” (British male)

2, “Support for the chest and back, feel very comfortable” (Italian male)

潮流 | 男人们穿起胸罩了,这是?

3, “Don’t wear it, I don’t feel wrong” (American male)

Perhaps, it is popular, and the market has a certain demand for men’s bra. Some big underwear companies have also launched the corresponding products.

潮流 | 男人们穿起胸罩了,这是?

There are 4 benefits of boys and children.

1. Prevent it from baking out of the outer shirt is a dew point

Men who take sexy route should like this feeling ~

潮流 | 男人们穿起胸罩了,这是?

Cute and a bit of sexy style

潮流 | 男人们穿起胸罩了,这是?

2. Shape the chest muscle lines

What? These are not with your style? Then, with the sexy and wild charm, you also have the style of launching this only shackles! PS: Frankly, is there a cloth in the panties?

Bra is no longer a female exclusive

3. Anti-exhaust

If it is not a big Men’s on the picture, it is reasonable to be completely wanted to go straight ~

潮流 | 男人们穿起胸罩了,这是?

There are also girl youthful feelings.

4. Packing sexy sexy

潮流 | 男人们穿起胸罩了,这是?

As flies improves, the design styles of men’s underwear have also become very style. From simple black or white solid color, to the current lace water drill, luxurious fresh and unveiled scenes.

潮流 | 男人们穿起胸罩了,这是?

hateful! If you are all men, I really want to come.

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