Coat + high collar sweater, is the most fashionable half of the winter, learn from the owners, really advanced


Audrey Hepburn once said, “I have a dream, I can have a big wardrobe, which is covered with cashmere sweaters.” Winter wear sweaters and bottoming shirts are not just simple warmth, because keep warm and hipster At the opposite side, try the combination of coat + high collar sweater, the wind and temperature are simultaneously taken.

Coat + high collar sweater is the most fashionable half of the winter, and learn to wear the bloggers like this, really advanced. The combination of coats and high collar sweaters still need to dress up, avoiding misunderstanding and correct matching to wear trendy feelings. The cat sister in this period summarizes the misunderstanding, and the matching skills of wearing bloggers.

First, coat + high collar sweater

1: High collar sweater is not bigger, the better

I want to put the coat fashion, the essence is to match, “coat + high collar sweater” is really advanced. This match is an embodiment of superimposing and focusing on layer. The sweater emphasizes the neck to protect the neck skin, and the outline of the outline, plus the level between the coat, and cut noble and elegant temperament. It is a warm and fashionable wearing.

There may be some people who will be in the eyes of warm or deepening, they will choose thick and loose large amounts of sweaters. In fact, the thick effect will be bloated, so it is actually a high collar sweater is not a measure, the greater the better.

Correct demonstration

On the contrary, it is more recommended that the version is properly slim, the fabric is thinner sweater, and it is easy to avoid heavy and bloated when mixing the coat, and the contour of the coat can also help is slim. It is more delicate and elegant in style and the air intimate.

Some girls have not so much neck, and the face is also biased toward round, too high high-level exposure. So in length, it is recommended to return to the selection of half-high collar, showing a little skin to the neckline to increase the decadency, and temperament will be more prominent.


2: The loose neckline is not necessarily suitable for everyone

If a high-necked sweater is too tight, there will be uncomfortable, so you want to choose a relaxed neckline. Although this neck has no binding sense, it can also show a gentle and casual temperament, but not everyone is suitable, in fact it has a higher difficulty.

If the neck is not enough, the people who have long slender are blindly selected. It not only does not wear the ideal fashion effect, but also dragging, even if it is a swaying coat, there is no bloated feeling. The neck enough girls can of course try to try, highlight different lazy temperament.


The more concurrently harmonious, the more simple, if you are afraid, then you will choose the smooth and smooth neckline. The garment of the coat and the handling of the door is simple enough, and it can also be the rest of the neckline, highlighting the atmosphere.

Coats can also continue to have a simple style. The H version of the coat line is clear than the O-shaped coat, further demonstrating the exercise, exempting the drag. Moreover, it can also be vertically modified, helping to be slim.


Second, how to wear a blogger with coat + high collar sweater


1: Tongzhao, simple and elegant

In fact, the stack between coats and high-necked sweaters is to pay attention to skills, because the stack is not equal to worrying, I don’t want to match the colorful spending or fearful woman suggest that the colors are mixed.


Single product selection color, reduce the use of colorful color, and the shape is integrated, more simple and advanced, like the overall shape, select the same color, minimalist style is full.


The overall shape is only one color, and there is also a monotonous risk. If you want to seek a more unique shape, you will choose two items.


The upper and lower colors can be more prominent, and the high collar sweater and the matching pants are selected, while the coat selection other colors, and the lift the eye is sufficiently advanced.


2: with shirts, further increase layers

The trendy refined refinement will further improve the level of shape, add an intermediate layer between high collar sweaters and coats. Common is the bottom shirt of the shirt or low collar, and the three-layer single-layer layer is clearly made to the senior atmosphere.


Especially in the shirt, unpacking two buttons in the neckline, showing the high collar sweater to show the sense of layering. Similarly, the simplicity of the fell is very fit, let the high level of the model more than the upper floor.

More items join, leading to the wearing, the cat sister suggests that “sandwich” match is like a sandwich, the innermost high-end sweater and the outermost coat choose the same color, and the middle Layer shirt selection other colors.

Even the shirts can choose to have a very large color, visually intuitively highlight the level of layering, and avoid the generation of the tightness. The three-layer single product is clear, and the superimposed senior feeling is performed.

Ok, this issue about coat + high-neck sweaters will come here, do you like it?

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Correct demonstration