This shirt is planted by the fashioned scholar n times, and the summer is cool, and it is cool to create a temperament.


To say that the most common shirt in summer, the “t-shirt” must have a name, but we wear T-shirts. It is not too short to lack new, but I don’t know what it can choose, I can work with T-shirt. daily.

In fact, there is a summer seat, not only T-shirt, “shirt” is also a very good choice, not only hundreds, but also wear wear and plasticity, can control any style.

This year, the popular shirt is different from previous years, using cool “half-sleeved design”, not only brought a breathable and refreshing feeling for hot summer, but also adds more design, reducing the shirt too seriously The properties, the summer will not feel hot in summer.

What is more worth noting is that this half-sleeve shirt can be said to be treated by the fashion bloggers. At the same time, while cooling, you can build a temperament, and you will come to get this “half sleeves” Trendy Wear!

What few aspects can you see when picking “half-sleeve shirt”?

Tips1: Neck


Half sleeve shirt,

The most common-founded “sharp collar” style, it is the strongest, it is a top jacket with certain official sense

. The shirt of the V word neckline is most thin.

Special fit for a round face

Because there is an effect of elongated face type.

Similar to it

Little lapel “half-sleeve shirt can also play a thin effect

It seems that the upper body is more decent,

Sisters who are very suitable for skeleton big sisters

It is better to highlight the beauty of bones. In addition, the “small lapel” neckline will have a slight retro style, and it is better to look at the woman’s sense of women when they look at clothes.

TIPS2: Cuffs

In addition to the collar, many half-sleeved shirts are also designed on the cuffs, different lengths and styles also make the style of the half-sleeve shirt diverse.


The most common length is half the elbow, the most classic and most casual feelings.


The length of the five-point sleeves must be a lady.

, But also a little bit of short, and the sisters who have long’s sleeplers will look at it.

Bubble sleeves and palace sleeves, these slightly fashionable design

It can enhance the style of half-sleeve shirts, usually with retro, precise, trendy and other style. But the shirt itself is still a classic class, and the design added to the shirt is sometimes too much, so do you choose to choose more to choose more.

TIPS3: pattern

In addition to the version, we are paying attention to the pattern of clothes, and the solid color half-sleeve shirt is also super-tolerant. If there is no special design, you will choose a special color, so you can also bring some highlights.

There is a pattern of patterns to two, and a class is a small pattern.

, Such as small floral small dots, etc.

This kind of shirt style is more reflected in new teenagers, suitable for sweet sisters with sweet temperament.

Again is a big type of pattern, such as abstract large-scale patterns, OR color gorgeous patterns, etc.


And this kind of shirt is more intense.

Suitable for your own temperament, the unique type (cold or cold)

. If you feel that your temperament is not obvious, Hold can’t live, you can wear, but other items will not be “eye-catching” when you match.

Half sleeve shirt

Tips 1: What are the different styles of different shirts

Regarding the version, color fabric, and some small designs make the style of the clothes change, we want to match more well, then inevitably analyze these small details.


The solid color base shirt is the strongest, open when wearing a casual style

Single to dress into the clothes, it is enough to look at the temperament

Some small laces, or the design of the court sleeve bubble sleeves are especially suitable for half skirts.

, Showing gentle temperament style. In fact, the shirt is also very suitable for girls who like literary style, with solid colored semi skirts or trousers, in suit shorts, all have a Japanese girl’s literary sense.

Tips 2: Short section OR long stuffed

What is the difference between long shirts and short shirts? Two have a slight difference between the two skirts, and the fit is different.

Putting the shirt is more suitable for the waist fine, no small belly.


Choose a short half-sleeved shirt directly, just a little girl

And the requirements for the waist are not high. Because the shirt is slightly three-dimensional, it will not collapse on the belly, which can modify the waist, and the short section comes with the effect of improving the waistline.

Match with demonstration

LOOK1: Half Sleeve Shirt + Skirt

Half sleeve shirt plus half skirt is a very good set of shirts and art temperament. The most basic thing is to choose a solid color skirt, which is the easiest but not so easy to look, because

If the color is fade, if you need a better version and fabric to support the exquisiteness

Conversely, take


With a special half skirt, it is better to take some

, Because the inclusiveness of the half-sleeve shirt is large enough, the single item with some small people will not feel strange. For example, this time, this is a blue-on-screen printing half dress to match the mint green half sleeve shirt, and it will not feel exaggerated and more beautiful. It also has a color echo on the top and accessories, and the whole is also more Have some points.

LOOK2: Half Sleeve Shirt + Pants

Half sleeve shirt plus pants, there is a boy,

It is suitable for creating a commuter, and is also very suitable for the older sisters to create a teenager.

Zhang Zi Feng likes this match.


Such two piece items are easy to find, but they want to have a better look, pay attention to the application of the accessories.


You can use a fine leather to emphasize the waistline.

There is more fashionable feeling. This set of matches suitably add some cortical accessories, such as bag belt, leather shoes, can make the match becomes less leisure, more seriously.


LOOK3: Half Sleeve Shirt + Denim Jump

Semi-sleeved shirt plus denim trousers is also very good, it is a set of special daily and well-looking, and is the most uncomfortable. Summer,

We can choose to match the light-colored department, look more Feel,

This purple half-sleeved shirt on the image is a colorful example of color. Summer is the highest in summer, you can try some special colors, bringing some fresh feelings to our own.

Summer is always wearing T-shirts, not as good as this “half-sleeve shirt”, which can make your summer shape cool and cool, but also wear temperament, hipster fine, get Get, get up ~